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  1. Wore these to Books A Million and I had to say it felt great did not hear if anyone giving compliments or not because I had my headphones on and kept it moving. Trying to make a goal and do it more frequently so hey gotta start some where right!
  2. New photos....rarely seen shoes..........nothing fancy but just a shirt for people that love to hate and criticize!
  3. Dude that's awesome congratulations on that man I'm happy for you!!!!
  4. Here are some photos I took from Florida/ Georgia weekend like to know your thoughts
  5. Wow you are flashy. I see you definitely go big or go home very nice!!!!
  6. Nice!!!! those are going to look great in jeans!!!
  7. Looked more difficult to walk in with the lifts
  8. Thanks everyone my wife and I had found the shirt in Rue 21 a long time ago and figured this would be a good moment to put the message out
  9. Thanks Jeff B and CAT and Thighhighbootguy for the kind compliments for you all are the main ones I look up to!!!!
  10. Just thought I would show my somewhat artistic side. Critiques and compliments are welcome
  11. Awesome choices in shoes!!!
  12. Wow Cat you pull those off really well. You look really good. I'm usually not a fan of the skirts and things like that but you have officially made a fan out of me.
  13. Just went through all of your photos and what an amazing collection of heels and boots.  Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Wow that is an awesome story!!! Thank you for sharing that!!!