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  1. This is a very true statement.
  2. Happy Anniversary!Thanks for your great contributions!
  3. I absolutely love the looks and he discussion. I recently wore a fully feminine outfit and it was exhilarating. I can only suggest to those who have yet to try, DO IT. Wear that skirt, dress, heels, blouse, or whatever you are drawn to. The only way the world will accept it, is if you do it. The fashion world is ready. Take advantage of the times!!
  4. I don't really have a descriptor for how I feel. I really feel natural... I feel powerful. I just feel great when I wear heels. People just need words to organize their feelings. If you're caring, endearing, kind, and welcoming, these seem like feminine traits, but as a man, I embody all of those. I think I can still be manly in heels, and not feminine, but rather, I just feel like it's an extension of me.
  5. I too would like to know of the results here in the U.S. Seems very interesting!
  6. To echo many here, I suggest you go ahead and tell her. Find a way to bring it up in conversation. Talk about a Halloween drag show or rock stars in heels or some tv show that has men in heels, then ask her for her thoughts until eventually you ask her if she thinks you could pull off heels for halloween. From there you can tell her that you've always been interested in heels in your own way. She'll ask the standard questions: Are you gay? Does your family know? Do you wear them out? Do you wear other womens clothes? Be prepared for this. In the future, the earlier you discuss this topic the relationship the better. If she doesn't feel comfortable with it there's less stuff to go through. Good luck!
  7. I think I identify as gender fluid as well. I have a feminine side that craves expression and creativity. I don't identify as a cross dresser though, as I mix men's and women's clothing. I have on men's boots, shirt and blazer, but womens jeans. I frequently dress this way. Just a thought.
  8. Great points on religion. I grew up the son of a pastor, in a strictly religious household. I hated it. I don't wish forced religious beliefs on anyone. It is very restrictive and ignorant. I have since begun to move away from church and religion, and move toward a more spiritual and mentally uplifting approach to spiritual growth. This has enhanced my well being tremendously, but it makes me question society's rules even more, which is a whole other situation in itself. This topic is pretty awesome though. Keep the great points coming.
  9. The last few sentences of Histiletto's post really ring true. It's sad that ppl just do not think for themselves and must rely on others validations to make it through life. I like me, and I like items from the women's section. I'm going to buy and wear what I want.
  10. I agree with Pebbles, as the gender/sexuality spectrum is incredibly vast. Gender is defined (from my experience) as what you feel like you identify as... a man or woman, or something in between. Sexuality is who you're attracted to, as in if you like men or if you like women. These two traits can be totally unrelated. Society wants them to be clear cut, but they aren't at all. You can be a dress and heel wearing man, but still adore the touch of a woman, as many of us here are. A big burly stereotypical man's man can also enjoy being with a man sexually. A woman who dresses as a man can still fall in love with a guy who also dresses like a standard man. I've seen it all in my lifetime. It continually gets better as I go along! I hope this helps!
  11. Ah, so many good perspectives! For my wife, the Orange is the New Black situation with Laverne Cox is what scared her the most. She can be closed minded, but she does try. We had a major talk yesterday and she revealed more about how she felt. She has been around a certain kind of guy all her life... the macho, thuggish man who does stupid hood things, but means well. So me being an intelligent, creative, and sensitive person attracts her , yet with creativity comes my attunement to clothing from the women's department, which turns her off and scares her. It's tough, because I do love her. I think I'll keep trying with her for a while longer. If it gets worse, we'll cut our losses at the proper time. Kilty, I'm very sorry for your situation. West Indian people are very homophobic and unforgiving toward anything defying gender norms. My wife is from up north and has islander in her family so I believe that's where alot of her stereotyping and fears come from. Batty Man is a supremely offensive name to be called, especially in front of kids. I wish you luck throughout your times with those people. I've learned that you must simply be yourself. There will come a person who will accept you for who you are. I will hold out for a while longer with this one. Please continue the conversation and share experiences. Your insight may help someone else. Pebbles, I definitely don't plan on giving up heels. That's just going to go with me until I move to the next plane of existence!
  12. I thought the pink really stood out sharply as well. Perhaps a different shade of pink could be helpful. Salmon, or try darker with a Rose of some sort.
  13. I don't mind this being moved to the "for everyone" section at all. I just asked the guys initially because this happens to be the forum that I spend the most time in. All perspectives are welcome. I am strongly leaning toward divorce at this point. My intuition is telling me that there may be another person in this situation, but I'm not sure how intimate it has gotten. I noticed small subtle differences in her actions at one point that led me to believe that she's had another person, but the fling is over, if that makes sense. She pulled away form my touch one day, almost as if she were in disgust, and she stopped calling my name during sex, which used to be an automatic staple, for 3 consecutive sessions. We started having sex again recently and now she's calling my name again. All this happened around a time where I started wearing womens clothes and shoes a bit more. Sorry to get so graphic but I'm just getting it out. Ladies responses are welcome.
  14. Great advice from everyone. Thanks very much.
  15. Hi everyone. I'm having a tough time in my marriage at the moment and a continuous theme is around my wearing heels and being somewhat feminine. I have upheld the household for the entire year and a half that we've been married, even when she had no job/ brought in low income, helped her get a car, helped her get back into school, and all around improved her life. I feel like she has not improved my life and criticizes everything I do. Again, the shoes and feminine things cause an attitude. This is just a small piece of the issue, and obviously my side only. I thought she was fine with the shoes, but time changes people's ideas and perceptions. I told her about them from the beginning. I've noticed quite a few "ex-wife" stories here on the board, and I was wondering if these divorces stemmed from shoes or was it from other problems. Any insight is appreciated as I know it's a touchy subject. Thanks in advance
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