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  1. Hi, 5inchwedge seen ur post about wedges u bought , love wedges have plenty wedge shoes n boots..

  2. I personally always shop in Bakers ,the staff is great I know a few guys that shop there for themselves.
  3. Looks like you had a great time out with your fam,those boots are cute,i like them.thanks for sharing you day out...
  4. Thank you for your great note. Enjoyed it too and was awesome to meet you. Great time and great laughs! David

    1. iloveboots


      back in NYC at the end of October...should head out heeling?

  5. Hi David, just wanted to say it was a true pleasure meeting you,Spikesmike,Crotchboots and Booted,an evening I wont forget thank you and the guys,hope to hang with you guys again..

    1. iloveboots


      back in NYC at the end of October...should head out heeling?

  6. See you tonight, 7pm Hotel Indigo, Club Blu - Lobby Level, 127 W 28th St 10pm - Paddles - 250 W 26th St David

  7. a couple of us (HHPlace members) will be getting together friday afternoon before the actual heel/boot meet; want to join us? David

  8. That is fantastic that you will be joining us at the NYC Heel/Boot meet. Have you added your name to "yes" in the poll at "real life meetings"? Also, the agenda that we have to date is posted int he thread on "real life meetings" under 3rd Annual North America Heel/Boot Meet. We have the saturday day event; after dinner/social club location for both nights all looked after. Talking with a couple of restaurants and hope to have finalized soon. David

  9. Hi,David im from nyc and would love to attend both days , just need time and location.definatly there, look foward to it , thanks..

  10. Thanks,had a look at some of your pictures.Youve got a few good looking heels too.Nice taste in heels.

  11. hey ,just wanted to say i love your heels and your outfit ,you look great..

  12. Hi,just stoped by to say love the shoes in your avatar..

  13. Hello, Many thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them! Jeff

  14. Thank you so much Jeff for you kind comments , you have a wonderful album i like the different outfits..

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