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    High heels, 2.5 to 4 inches, with 0 to 3/4 inch platform; prefer clogs, sandals, pumps, boots, and loafers; usually wear with nylon hosiery in public, with long, bootcut jeans or slacks that cover the top part of the heel; always present myself as a confident, fashion forward male. My wife approves of my style and is very supportive.
  1. Jeff, I have a pink turtleneck I wear quite often and I've never had a comment or seen anyone stare at it. I think pink looks fine. Associating pink with feminine is all in our minds anyway. You look great in pink, too! Steve
  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a great trip! I like those heels! Steve
  3. "Break?" BAD word choice! "Rest" would have been better. Steve
  4. I'll drink to that! Looks like they have plenty of foam on top! Best beer in the world! Steve
  5. Unless they're in the brothel business. Steve
  6. HA HA! Good one, Shy! Steve
  7. Great story, W6! Thanks for sharing! She was obviously a "leg woman!" Steve
  8. Busy, open, well-lit places are best. Malls, busy parks, and railway stations are all good. Before you go anywhere, practice a lot so you're comfortable displaying good poise, balance, and expertise in walking. Walking in the house is not like walking outside. When you're comfortable with the image you display, then you can go anywhere. Most people are preoccupied with their lives and won't notice you (but teenage girls in packs will giggle - ignore them). Those who do notice will probably not say anything. I would caution you to stay away from dark places, like poorly lit streets and alleys, theaters, and bars, and especially late at night or early in the morning. The darkness may be attractive to you from the standpoint of stealth, but if you're caught, it's likely that whoever does the catching, will think you're ashamed, filled with guilt, etc. However, if you're in broad daylight in a busy place, that thought will never occur to anyone. Most women will see you as a confident male and you might even get a compliment! I know this advice seems opposite to what you think is comfortable, but if you want to succeed, stay in busy areas. If you don't, you might expect to find your name and photo in the newspaper - and not for a good reason. Steve
  9. If you focus on heels as the most important thing to you, she will probably walk away; why should she accept being second in importance? If you are casual about it, don't make a big deal of it, treat it as a fun hobby, and keep the focus on her, she will probably stick around and find you an interesting and confident companion. Women love confidence. It's sexy to them. If you wear your heels proudly, she'll get that message and (I hope) she can deal with it. If you are shy, embarrassed, or treat it like you're ashamed, she'll pick up on that, too, and probably drop you like a hot potato. So be confident, whatever you do. If the relationship was meant to be, great! If not, accept it and move on. There are lots of accepting women out there. Better to find out now than after you're married and have kids! Good luck. Let us know how it goes. Steve
  10. Nice boots, TBG! You might want to go back and edit your post to correct the URL of the web site. It should be I bought 6 new pairs of shoes from them a couple of weeks ago (for a total of $73!) but the only ones I kept were a pair of Drexlite "Shelby" shooties with a 3" tapered heel (pictured below). The selection online was good and the fit was ok on all six, but on the five I returned, either I just didn't like them as much on me as in the online illustration, or they weren't comfortable. I took them back to a retail store about 15 miles away yesterday and got a refund on the five pair which I returned, with no questions asked and no return fee or postage charge. I browsed in the retail store for a while but saw hardly anything in large sizes (11 or 12), so I left empty-footed. Steve
  11. Carol, You are right, of course. I should have thought about it before I posted. I apologize to s2005kz, and I have deleted my post. Steve
  12. Pointer7, Take baby steps that you're comfortable with, but don't stop pushing the envelope. I have been doing this for the past 7 or 8 years and I am amazed at what I've accomplished and how far I've come! I'm not trans, I am happy as a male, but I do wear heels, hosiery, women's jeans, women's tops, carry a purse, and wear nail polish. I do it openly and confidently, and people around me seem to be fine with it. I'm well accepted in the retirement community we live in, and life is good with the freedom I have. If you're worried about getting fired for wearing heels, and the urge to wear is strong, open up your own business, be your own boss, and make up your own dress code. I did that, and I've never regretted it. Look around. There must be a business you can start or buy. Google could be your friend. Steve
  13. Interesting photo, W6. I like the composition as well as the subject role reversal. Good job. I echo your wish for 2017 being as good a year! Happy Heeling! Steve
  14. I'm with you on sandals, Jeff. A few years ago I thought NO WAY! But I bough some anyway, and the more I wore them, the more I liked them, especially with a well-done pedicure. And I bought more! Now I can't wait till warm weather is here! Steve
  15. Excellent analysis, Kneehighs. Very well explained. It really takes a designer who is willing to push the concept (of heels for guys) with sufficient exposure, both in time and geography, so that the early adopters are widely seen and copied by the early majority, where the tipping point is. There need to be more suppliers waiting in the wings with competitive pricing to encourage more early adopters to adopt. Not every consumer who is so inclined is willing to fork over $1K for a pair of shoes. The price has to come down, the Chinese have to get interested and join the supply chain, and heels have to become more readily available cheaply to attract more early adopters. A limited few innovators just won't cut it. For the late majority and laggards who wait until it's safe out there for them to wear heels, they will wait a long time. Life is short. Why wait? I think a lot of heelers on this forum are more attracted by stiletto pumps than, say, thicker heeled boots. I contend that if the fashion for men in heels ever takes off again (like it started to in the 1970s), it won't be with stilettos. Those will probably always be identified with women and "artistic" men. That doesn't mean that guys can't wear stilettos in public (like you do so well), but it's not as likely to succeed as a fashion trend as thicker heeled boots could, in my opinion, because it's harder to get more early adopters to wear stiletto heels in public. Steve