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  1. @Schnubab awesome look!! All your shoes looks good, and good choice for your skinny jeans! I really like your outfits, Well done my friend !
  2. @Percent very nice choice I really like them, and congratulations for your first time out in them i can't give you advice like @Thighbootguy, because I'm like you at the first steps, but I'm sure he is completely right ! Enjoy
  3. @Cl0setheels awesome boots you have bought! Really like the look, the heels does not matter, the style is the most important very good choice
  4. Like @Thighbootguy my advice is to keep both! If I really need to choice a pair to keep, it should be the wide block pair for me, although the other is good looking too!
  5. It's look like Christmas before time for you!! very nice new boots you have purchased! They all looks great ( to be try with a blue or grey skinny jeans) for a casual day out
  6. Very nice look and enjoyable trip you have
  7. Very nice although they seems very high for long walk!
  8. Good looking boots and jeans! Have a good trip!
  9. Thanks for your advice
  10. Under bootcut jeans ...
  11. New boots from new look !! Great feel and easy to walk!! The only thing is the boot shaft circumference that is a bit too large ... i will post some new pictures under my bootcut jeans
  12. why not it could be nice trip !
  13. New purchase in one week!! As I really like New Look style and size, I ordered this boots. Pictures will follow as I will receive them!
  14. Thanks for your comments gj ! I think i need to be out of my town to have the courage for going out with this outfit, on a business trip or something like that! Moreover the heel height is higher than expected for a first outing with "real" heels ( I already went out few times with some wedges sneakers without problems as the heel is completely hidden)
  15. Some new pictures of my New Look ankle boots with some bootcut jeans. Maybe good for a first time out I find the courage....