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  1. Woohoo! That looks fun, even if they are not great for hiking
  2. Not jeans, same Volcom pants as this pic. Cell phones stink for getting color balance right.
  3. Out for lunch on Miami's South Beach. Tourist season is always too crowded with tourists, took a while to get a pic.
  4. My first pair were 3" black pumps from Payless I think. Got them when I was first able to drive.
  5. Levi's Mile High Super Skinny, same pair from the thigh boot pic
  6. In the spirit of equality we have upheld the business right to mandate high heels, as long as all employees are obliged to wear them.
  7. They are a good shoe. Took a couple tries to get sizing right. 40 was too tight, 40.5 is snug but seems to break in. 41 had a gap in the back. I am sticking with 40.5, but.. oh noez, I need to wear them more and more to make sure they break in right
  8. 100 and 120. Here is a pic of the 120s.
  9. I have a couple pairs of the Minerva. Takes about a month
  10. Took a couple tries as the rock shifted on me and blew the first photo.
  11. Hotbed some skinny jeans at a Levi outlet, thigh boots seem to go well with them
  12. Someone here got forced out of their business over wearing stockings, if I am not mistaken, while others have been accepted. Weigh the risk level you are willing to accept.
  13. Enjoy the journey, as usual make sure she is enjoying this as much as you are
  14. I suspect I could get a bulk price on a hundred plus pairs Or, 150mm heels from Italian Heels
  15. If I ever win Powerball I'll buy everyone a pair of 130mm Louboutins