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  1. Took a couple tries as the rock shifted on me and blew the first photo.
  2. Hotbed some skinny jeans at a Levi outlet, thigh boots seem to go well with them
  3. Someone here got forced out of their business over wearing stockings, if I am not mistaken, while others have been accepted. Weigh the risk level you are willing to accept.
  4. Enjoy the journey, as usual make sure she is enjoying this as much as you are
  5. I suspect I could get a bulk price on a hundred plus pairs Or, 150mm heels from Italian Heels
  6. If I ever win Powerball I'll buy everyone a pair of 130mm Louboutins
  7. Earlier in the vid she said her pair was 38.5, so unless he wears a men's 5 I suspect they ordered a pair for him to try. The sole protectors are still on so they could return the pair.
  8. To be fair, at least he knew to keep his knee's locked when standing
  9. First 5:45 of this video is a review of the Hot Chick, but the last 1:30 is her husband trying on a pair and taking a couple steps. I wish she had a wider shot.
  10. First Fetish Factory party we went to one of the employee's manning the coat rack said as the night goes on more and more people drop off their heels for him to watch over. "Altitude and alcohol do not mix".
  11. I thought of you when reading this post.
  12. Trying jeans instead of these pants for pumps, not a great photo, but a better combo?
  13. My first outing in these was to have lunch with a friend in Wilton Manors. They are attention getters. Might need to dress a bit flashier with these
  14. a 1/4" of snow shuts down Atlanta, God forbid Miami gets snow. Yikes.
  15. Hehehe, well, it's 5.5" with about a 1" platform, but the base is wide enough it should be stable on anything except pure ice. I figure they will go well with ski/snow pants and be pretty hidden. Already have a friend wanting me to visit MN in winter, so I expect they will get a bit of use there.