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Don't try this at home!

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As if wearing ballet boots was not difficult enough, this You-tuber decided to add a tightrope (or perhaps a not-so-tightrope, or tape) ...


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14 hours ago, Shyheels said:

Kinda bizarre. She didn’t seem to walk any better on a wooden floor than she did on the slack line! 

Doesn't it look to you like somebody needs to hack about an inch off the heels to get them to sit right? See 0:42 - 0:46. The whole thing is somewhat impressive, but has zero visual appeal.

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Hi heelers: You said it - Weird. That is DISGUSTING. OH yea, I love weird and disgusting. I have two (2) pair of ballet high heels. I can stand in them, but I cannot walk in them. I think we should give her another inch just for the effort. Did you notice how funny she talks - She must be from West Virgena. Mike

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