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Wide mid-height heels in UK


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Hi all,

I've been away from HHPlace for a while (sorry) dealing with various things. I'm in need of some advice. I suspect that this question has come up before but I can't find the obvious answer using the search.

I'm after some smart heels t-strap/slingback/mary jane with a mid height of 2-3 inches that's comfortable for daily office wear with hosiery. The difficulty is that i've got a wide toe box but narrow heel. I tried the obvious retail store (Clarks) but although I could find some pumps that fitted the toe area, the heel kept slipping. If I went down a size (from my usual womens 8 ) the length ended up too short. This is why I'm now thinking of a strap to hold the heel and prevent slipping.

I would probably be happy with a heeled oxford or a block heel that would be more comfortable for my 5'10" height but I'm not sure where to try.


Thoughts anyone ?


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I had a pair of chunky heeled oxfords from Clarks last year.  They were probably the most comfortable heels I've ever had.  I also have a problem with the heels slipping off.  An oxford or maybe a mary jane style with an instep strap should help.

Not a great photo, but this as what I had.



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Try to find a pair of Clarks "Adya Clara" heeled mary janes. They won't slip off and the heels are non-slip rubber; quite silent if you prefer that quality. Plenty of room in the toe box, and not overly feminine.

I love mine! With boot cut jeans I wear them everywhere.



Clarks Adya Clara black.jpg

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As you are in the UK, I'm not sure if you will find the same range of footwear under the 'Clarks' label as our US members, but maybe worth another look.   You could see what ASOS has to offer (some shoes in wide fit) and there is always Evans, with various widths.

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I always fare well with shoes from Yours myself, I take a size 11 men's size, but their 10EEE fitting works for me, and they do wide fittings in smaller sizes too. Their range of styles is a bit limited, but for cheap shoes they're pretty well made and seem to put up with day to day use.

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