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  1. Jura

    London this weekend, 2/3rd Feb

    Unfortunately it looks like my work schedule and the weather are conspiring against me this weekend, don't fancy ruining my suede otks in the slush and muck of city streets! Hopefully get another chance soon though, she keep you all posted...
  2. So hey, I have a free weekend in London coming up. I'll be out and about around the shops, maybe stopping for a coffee, maybe taking in a museum, that kinda thing. So does anyone fancy joining me? If you're new to all this then tag along, I'll be in a dress, hose, and heels, so I guarantee I'll drag more attention than you do. It might be fun?
  3. Jura

    Wow look at this dude's moves

    I realise that a good portion of this forum are based in the US, but can I just say how unexcited, unimpressed, and, honestly, how farcical, those of us from more civilised nations find your obsession with guns? Wear what you like, fashion never hurt anything more than feelings
  4. Jura

    Larger sizes in uk

    I've got several pairs of shoes and boots from Yours, love shopping there. Most branches I've visited have really friendly staff who make you feel right at home, which is as it should be. I take a UK size 11 in men's shoes, but find most of their 10ee range fit me great. They have a great range of calf, knee, and otk boots too, though sadly (if obviously) they seem aimed squarely at plus-size ladies, so they fit too loosely on a more slender leg. Can't recommend them enough otherwise though. But mate, do some housekeeping and clean yours up eh?
  5. Jura

    Shopping in Phoenix AZ?

    Thanks, I'll give them a look
  6. Jura

    Shopping in Phoenix AZ?

    Do Dillard's do up to a size 12 in decent styles?
  7. Thanks Cat, your outings are a major inspiration to me, so your comment means a lot
  8. Had a pleasant morning out around the Westfield Mall in London the other day, just browsing the shops and stopped for a coffee. Got a couple of funny looks, but several compliments, including from a female police officer which was nice! Still trying to shed the pounds, but pretty happy with my outfit as a whole. I was wearing a black roll neck sweater, denim pinafore dress (both from Primark), 80 denier black opaque tights, and my gorgeous otk black suede boots that I found on ebay. They have about a 4" heel and they're super comfy, and a bargain at £40. I also had on a black winter coat (not pictured) which comes down to a couple of inches above the hem of the skirt. If I did it again I think I'd go for lighter coloured tights, just to give more of a contrast with the boots. But yeah, pretty happy myself, and thoroughly enjoyed my morning out. Looking forward to another day out in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, but I have another outfit in mind for that...
  9. Jura

    Shopping in Phoenix AZ?

    That's why I'm after some local knowledge, especially about Nordstrom stores, but thanks for the tips on Marmii...
  10. Jura

    A chance to be outdoor

    I've got a pair of those, very comfortable to wear. Have fun!
  11. Jura

    Shopping in Phoenix AZ?

    Hi all, long time no post! Anyone have any hot tips for shoe shopping in Phoenix AZ? I'm coming to the US for a holiday at Christmas, and hope to have a little time to shop for shoes, wife permitting. Had a quick Google and I see there's a few Payless stores, and a few Nordstrom Racks too, but which ones to hit? I take a size 12 US, so any pointers from those with local knowledge much appreciated ...
  12. Jura

    Multiple shoes for sale, sizes 11-12

    What size are the Lita's, and how much?
  13. Personally, I made an enquiry about sizing, and had a reply within 24hrs. I've not placed an order yet, but they were quick to respond...
  14. Jura

    Weight Loss & Fashion Freestyling

    That's a great result Jeff, well done! I was pushing 280lbs myself a couple of years ago, and I've dropped to around 250 now, and I'm trying hard to loose more. I'll be happy if I can get down to about 200, or maybe a bit less, so fingers crossed. Its funny with the freestyle fashion thing, how you really need to loose the belly to make things work. I look at how some larger girls get away with outfits that just won't work on a larger guy, and then you realise how much a little boob overhang can hide! Not that I feel the need for boobs myself, but they do seem to make things easier
  15. Jura

    UK Shoe shop

    If you're not ready to go in to a high street store and shop in person, then pretty much any online retailer will work for you. When you are ready then try Evans, Yours, Long Tall Saloy, and especially Deichman, all will have your size. You lucky bugger, I take a 45, so I'm more limited than you...

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