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  1. Which Costa do you visit maninboots? I'm in town on Saturday, might pop down myself...
  2. Lol, blessed it is then! Im not Edinburgh based btw, I get around most of the UK and Europe on a fairly regular basis though...
  3. Jura

    Shoe stretchers

    Thanks guys, some good pointers there
  4. Hi guys, I'm after buying some shoe stretchers and would like some help. Like many of you I'm sure, I've bought a few pairs of heels over the years that, with hindsight, were just a bit too small to wear comfortably. You know how it is, you fall in love with the style and convince yourself that even though they're only available in a size smaller than you usually take they'll 'bed in', and then they just don't and you hate yourself for spending the money? We've all been there. So ive been looking into getting a decent set of stretchers to help bail me out of my sometimes impulsive shopping, and here's where I hit a problem. Obviously I need stretchers that are suitable for high heeled shoes and boots, but all the ones I've seen only cater for a shoe size up to about 42EU, and I take a 45. There are stretchers for flat (men's) shoes in that size, but nothing aimed at larger heels that I can find. Does anyone have any pointers on this? Amazon or eBay are my usual go-to's, but I'm coming up dry...
  5. If you're lucky enough to fit an 8/9 UK ladies size then you can shop pretty much anywhere for heels over here (you jammy bugger!). If price is important then try Primark, New Look, or TK Max. Higher end in Edinburgh then Long Tall Sally are worth a look, though their heels don't go that high. As Cat said (and why didn't you say you were coming over Cat, could've shown you the sights!) Edinburgh is not very heel friendly, lots of cobbles and uneven pavements, and a even more hills, but take your time, maybe avoid stilettos and wear blocks, and you'll be fine. Edinburgh is a fairly liberal city, you'll get the occasional funny look, but no hostility unless you head for the drinking clubs. Hope you enjoy your visit
  6. Thanks guys, I was rather pleased with it too. Up top I just had a plain black t-shirt with an unbuttoned burgundy long sleeved shirt over that. Still fighting to loose the belly so I can show a trim waistline, but I'm getting there slowly...
  7. I always fare well with shoes from Yours myself, I take a size 11 men's size, but their 10EEE fitting works for me, and they do wide fittings in smaller sizes too. Their range of styles is a bit limited, but for cheap shoes they're pretty well made and seem to put up with day to day use.
  8. Like many others here I don't work in an office environment, and though I wear heels at work as much as I can, it isn't always possible. I drive rock bands on tour all over Europe in a sleeper bus and, much as you'd think that lifestyle would lead to a fairly open minded crowd where it comes to fashion choices, that sadly isn't the case most of the time. So my high heeling at work is limited to either when I have an empty bus, in which case I'm often in a skirt and heels, or when everyone has gone to bed (we travel overnight between shows mostly), in which case I'm limited to just shoes that I can change quickly if needs be. Wish that wasn't the case, but it's a small industry, and drivers who are known to be a bit 'odd' don't tend to get much work. Now I can and have driven my bus in some fairly extreme heels, 6" flat sole stilettos and higher with platforms, and it's perfectly safe and comfortable to do it due to the driving position on a bus, which sees you pushing down from above on the pedals, rather than down and along as you do in a car. But the discomfort comes not from the feet but from your backside, as your feet are sitting higher off the floor all of your body weight is taken by your arse, which on a long journey becomes pretty numb. So most of the time I stick to a 4" heel maximum, which makes me and my arse happy. Heres a pic of my 'go too' heels, I find myself wearing these a lot as theyre so comfortable and practice, plus they go with jeans or a skirt. They're from Yours in the UK, think they cost about £35.00, and I highly recommend them. I took the pic on the way to Amsterdam on the train today to visit one of my favourite shoe shops (Big Shoe) which was sadly closed. So I consoled myself with a good walk around seeing the sights in the sunshine and a decent lunch instead...
  9. Thanks Pierre, I'll give them a look
  10. Keep at it Krystof, onwards and upwards, literally
  11. So, I know I don't post here much, but I guess a few of you know that I like to wear skirts/shorts and heels a fair amount, which means I also wear hose/tights to go with them. For various reasons I can't really get away with shaving my legs very often and, much as I still love them, I also have a good amount of ink in my left leg, which doesn't work so well with sheer hose. I've found a couple of 'solutions' to this. One is to just wear opaque tights, usually black (is it just me or do brighter colours only work on a skinnier leg? I tried some yellow ones once and looked like Foghorn Leghorn!), and I find 80 denier upwards gives enough coverage to hid things from others, even though I can see the odd hair and all of the artwork myself. I do however, at least from my angle looking down, find that there's a bit of a 'shine' to them, whereas other people I see wearing similar look completely matte. The other thing that seems to work is to wear some 120 + denier nude hose, and then wear whatever colour hose over the top of those to give the shade I want. This works a treat, the thicker nude hose hiding the hairs and ink, and the top pair providing the shade. However these are even more shiny and, as you may have guessed by now, I'd rather have a matte look. So what to do? I'm thinking that option two is going to shine whatever I do, I guess that the combination of fibres just makes it like that. But why am I getting a shine with straight black opaques too? I notice a lot of pictures you see online of cross dressers (which I don't class myself as btw) seem to show a shiny rather than matte leg. Is this just down to photographic conditions, or is it how they really look? I'm happy to spend good money on good hosiery if that's what it takes, but I'm struggling to see how a £40 pair of Wolfords can be that much better than a £15 pair of Pretty Pollys? As always, any advice and comments gratefully received
  12. Pleeeeeease tell me where you got those awesome Oxfords, and I hope they're available in a 45!
  13. Unfortunately it looks like my work schedule and the weather are conspiring against me this weekend, don't fancy ruining my suede otks in the slush and muck of city streets! Hopefully get another chance soon though, she keep you all posted...
  14. So hey, I have a free weekend in London coming up. I'll be out and about around the shops, maybe stopping for a coffee, maybe taking in a museum, that kinda thing. So does anyone fancy joining me? If you're new to all this then tag along, I'll be in a dress, hose, and heels, so I guarantee I'll drag more attention than you do. It might be fun?
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