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  1. Hi all, I've been away from HHPlace for a while (sorry) dealing with various things. I'm in need of some advice. I suspect that this question has come up before but I can't find the obvious answer using the search. I'm after some smart heels t-strap/slingback/mary jane with a mid height of 2-3 inches that's comfortable for daily office wear with hosiery. The difficulty is that i've got a wide toe box but narrow heel. I tried the obvious retail store (Clarks) but although I could find some pumps that fitted the toe area, the heel kept slipping. If I went down a size (from my usual womens 8 ) the length ended up too short. This is why I'm now thinking of a strap to hold the heel and prevent slipping. I would probably be happy with a heeled oxford or a block heel that would be more comfortable for my 5'10" height but I'm not sure where to try. Thoughts anyone ?
  2. Like mlroseplant, I didn't notice this thread either. I also like Oxford's for two reasons, I can get them to fit my odd feet and the block heels are easy to walk in. I just got another pair which I plan to wear to work
  3. If I had $750 on footwear I wouldn't spend it all on 1 pair, I'd get a selection of shoes/boots. Having said that and back to freestyle75's question, I prefer the one on the left, mainly as I'm not one for suede.
  4. For me it's 1. Wear more heels. I have a smallish collection but it's been difficult to get enough motivation to wear them in public along with skirts/leggings etc I do have a couple of pairs that I just got that I think are relatively work safe looking like male shoes from the front and block heels. 2. Get a pair of knee length boots. I'd like something a bit different and with a heel. May be something like:- http://newrockdirect.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/img_articulos/M.TR004-S1_2.jpg 3. As with JeffB I'd like to wear more skirts in public. Although I have a couple of dresses (from Long Tall Sally) I'm not sure about wearing them in public even though I think they look OK. I think the problem this year has been a combination of (lack of) confidence and embarrasesment. Maybe Ijust need to get on with things and just do what I feel like.
  5. When I bought my latest heels (www.hhplace.org/topic/7858-who-has-bought-some-new-shoes/page__st__4960#entry303721) I was served by a male assistant who spoke to me and didn't have a problem with what I was buying, even as I was not paying full price. Maybe HappyinHeels was just unlucky, maybe the assistants thought that given other retailers failures their jobs may be marginally safer but who knows ? The main issue is that if the attitude they showed is/becomes pervasive, all us heel lovers of whatever gender will loose out. For me that would be a big problem as shoes are one of the few things that can't be bought online; unless you have prefectly sized feet that match the makers' last.
  6. Wow! Can't say I'm not envious.....
  7. Another pair for work, not quite a stealth as the last ones but doable I think. And as they were in a sale I saved myself £30
  8. Given the problems I have with sizing I am feeling very smug in getting these which fit wonderfully and with a £30 discount
  9. I'd love to but... I'm useless with my hands and always seem to get them chipped...http://www.hhplace.org/topic/20336-salon-nails/#entry300482; my feet aren't that good either I'd want something wacky like...erm.. Confession:- I used to work with a colleague who regularly had different designs, some with crystals or glitter and I really had to focus on something else.....
  10. Not being a genetic girlie can you explain what these are, how long they are...what they look like how do I look after them ? The SWMBO who also didn't know thought that these would damage the nails as 'they glue stuff on'. Being a member of the forum I don't really care too much about going into a....salon (?)
  11. Wish I had; always seem to get mine in trouble and they're almost always badly chipped :-( Any hints ?
  12. Although I'm a UK 8 due to the shape of my foot, wide toes narrow heel, its difficult to find nice ones that fit. Bah genetics!
  13. Agreed; at 5'10" i have the same torso issue with waists not being in the right place - someone should tell them to move it a few inches lower
  14. It's been a long while since I went out in heels so a couple of weekends ago I went out to replace a pair of ankle boots that weren't fitting comfortable. Unfortunately due to the shape of my feet I find this very difficult so a lot of brands are out. To my surprise I found these ankle boots in M&S and they came in half sizes. With a 3.5" heel I found them really comfortable when I was out at the weekend.
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