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  1. Hello

    i have just discovered your pictures 

    that is exactly what I like. Very man style and wonferful shoes. 


  2. Superb! I lked your sandals a lot!

  3. Hi ,i love your album its wonderful..

  4. Your naturalness on high heels is great as usual!!!....Are these sandals from Fuss?...They look great as well .....Ooops Only know I realized you put the Brand of the shoes on the photo.......
  5. Great avatar (heels and leggings are perfect)

  6. Without any doubt girls have the advantage that can train on high hees everytime they want.....For guys is much more difficult!!! :-((....In any case are'nt so much women used to wear 6" heels!!....Well done!!!

  7. Great pics and heels man-pvt me any time to chat!

  8. Complimenti per i tuoi tacchi

  9. Hi there! Thanks for the nice comments i am glad you like my pictures!! Yes i can walk on them very well it just take lots of practice that's all!!! I do love my 6" high heel black pumps and i wear them every day even in the house!!

  10. Great tast in heels....The sandal of your avatar is great!!

  11. Unfortunately for us, I agree with you Jenny, even if it happens more often that some girls/woman make me a lot of compliments (just on internet;-) for my legs on heels, but at the same time I realize that if they should go out with a heeled man, it will be absolutely different!!!
  12. TY for the lovely comments :)

  13. I saw those great shoes on Marziali site yesterday........Have you already tried them? Could you walk easily on them?....Do you feel the heel stiff enough?
  14. Yes I Bought them from Marziali shoes.....I can say they are my favourite!! ;-)

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