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  1. soulmate thinks its rubbish, nuthin will keep her off heels, nor me....
  2. 4 1/2" nine west canvas heels, cream for dogwalking, now black at home, size 6, nice !
  3. right now, white canvas mary jane style wedges, 4".. ebay, new, £3.70....
  4. round shops, 4"... home or going out, 5" or 6" ...
  5. i dont like wearing socks at all, kneehighs possibly, tights if the colours rite, jeggings a lot, bare smooth legs on anyone is nice - subject to girth obviously !!!
  6. Was on the way back on the train. Was on the phone as the train went into a tunnel. Of course, the line died, but i kept on talking. Guy opposite said, "what phone's that, mate, wkd reception in a tunnel !" I said, "Yeah, i know, it's brilliant, my mate's deaf anyway, he cant hear the noise of the tunnel..." Guy opposite got up and went..... dunno y....
  7. JohnCinheels has two extra prosthetic legs so he can wear two pairs of heels at the same time. It makes the daily dilemma of 'what heels should wear today?' a lot easier, as the choice is reduced by 50%. He's still at an early stage however, and hasnt fully grasped the idea that a pair of 4" heels and a pair of 6" heels worn at the same time can cause stability problems akin to being at sea in a howling gail (i used to know a howling gail once, nice she was too).
  8. The funniest thing, people admire my nails daily, and nearly all say, "did you paint them yourself?" it seems doing a good job of nailpainting is a women's exclusive... we often have a good chat about chipped nails etc, a good icebreaker with clients, surprising to say.. try it, never had any negs...
  9. had mine cut today, short sides and back, top long enough to be spiked uo, front long, straitened and pushed to one side to start covering one eye... think this will be my style for some time now.. dark brown with blonde sections, its still 'summer'. purple lowlites when autumn comes...
  10. go look, theyre leggins printed to look like jeans with seam and pocket effects, including stonewash etc (the best)... as size 8 /10, i'm ok to wear them and look good....
  11. primark always make up small, i mean i had to buy a size EIGHT !!
  12. my mate asked an american lady on the phone 'are you a lady who is at home during the day' when trying to book an appointment to visit during the day. she apparently took great exception to be called a lady. new on one me, is this a derogatory term over there ?
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