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  1. An interesting situation, I have not tried to get this done, but have done it DIY mode, I am sure the professionals do a much nicer job. I think there may be a place in my local town that would do it, I will investigate and let you know the results.. V
  2. Wow, a heel meet and no heel wearing, that's the main reason for a heel meet for me. Is this the normal situation?, were you not wearing any either? V
  3. Hi Roni, they are cheap enough to run and keep on the road and can save a lot on the car fuel bills... V
  4. Nice, mines an xt660r, heels may help me reach the ground when I stop V
  5. looks like I may have to do some business in Birmingham soon, maybe a possibility of a daytime meet up, I may just be wearing my heels for the visit, I will probably go by train, let m know if it is a possibility.
  6. may be a possibility, any more details about your plan?
  7. Just wondered what sort of job you do, is it office work ?
  8. Hi, well it could be a date for the diary, is it a public event?, I am sure I can take my heels for a trip out. Has the Bristol event taken over from this? Thanks for keeping us informed V
  9. vee6

    Socks or what?

    Hi, I am intersted to know what men like to wear with their heels, do you just wear mens cotton socks or do you prefer to wear womens knee high's, stockings, tights(pantyhose), or bare feet, does it depend on the type of heels, boots or courts? do you consider the colour of the garments with relation to your other clothing and foot wear? maybe you use fake tan for bare feet?, weather in the closet or in public. Look forward to your comments. V
  10. Hi, thanks for all the replies, I will send a pm to you all..
  11. Hi, probably be tempted, but probably wouldn't, I care for my feet and you never know what you can get, verucas are usually a problem unless you can ensure they are cleaned well. V
  12. Very nice, and finished off with a nice pair of pantyhose :-) Thanks V
  13. Nice, would look nice for you both the wear some stockings... you are very lucky to be able to enjoy this with your partner.. V :-)
  14. Hi, as there seems to be quite a few UK members here, I just wondered if there may be any other members in the Reading area that may be interested in meeting up, week day lunch time, I work near the centre of town, so I am sure we can find somewhere for a bite to eat/drink and a chat. I am happy to meet any gender or couples in public places, with or without your heels, so don't be shy. Vic Walker
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