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  1. Thanks. You have seen right. The sneakers have a wedge of 6 cm ( ~2.4 inch) so they appears quite normal; I pick these sneakers because the wedge is internal and almost unnoticeable. I agree that they are not high as the boots (11 cm) or the pump (12 cm) or the sandals (13 cm with a plateau 1 cm ), but I choose them as more matching the sport style of running mini skirt. Yesterday I strolled in the crowed city center for some hours with sandals and the black mini skirt. Quite tired at the end, but happy.
  2. I was missing for some time, but I have a new set a photos, all public outdoor, with different shoes /skirts. Tell which of this looks do you like
  3. Usually I wear jeggings (skinny jeans appearance) and not this type of leggings. But thanks to the positive feedback that I received here, I get confidence to go out in public with them, so yesterday I went out (getting a lot of attention of course ). Attached I have taken a selfie of my public outfit (sorry for the photo orientation) Thanks Sydheel, These ankle boots are my favorites. They are a special (limited) edition made two years ago by local shoes shop chain (called Pittarello) exclusively for their shops. Unfortunately they are no longer available. Regards Tullio
  4. After a while some new photos with different shoes and poses. Bye
  5. There are already a lot of nice legs and heels. Let me try. I start with these photos. Other will come later...
  6. After a pause I'm back to HHplace

  7. Without heels I stand 170 cm = 5' 7".
  8. Gorgeous collection of boots especially cowboyboots you have

  9. I voted "Man in Heels" as that is what I am. I simply enjoy wearing the shoes. I tried, in the past, to dress as a girl (skirt, stocking). It felt somehow good, but it wasn't for me, I don't feel my look better in them. Normally I wear long jeans and t-shirts, with heels boot.
  10. Almost all my heels are 4 inches (boot and chunky heel), and I wear them regularly in public, although under long jeans. When trying my 5" stilettos, my walking is drawing to much attention.
  11. I think that acceptance for men wearing high heeled shoes (freedom to wear what everyone wants) is different from a masculine high heel style (fashion which is attractive to women). Women wear a lot of of accessories and different styles to be attractive and seductive, and it work very well because men are attracted by this fashion (sometimes at least for curiosity, or also because they are impractical). Masculine or not is a gender attribute which involves biology mechanism at attraction. It will be very interesting to know which high heel style for men are considered masculine and attractive by women looking those men. Although I like to wear stiletto high heel (it is funny), I don't expect that women will found them masculine and attractive. Girl comments are really welcome
  12. I voted "subdued", although I usually wear in public both 1.5" / 2" men shoes and also 3" / 4" women boots shoes (chunk heels only). However in the second case I prefer to avoid comment, so I prefer to use long jeans to cover heels, to keep incognito appearance about the heels. Nevertheless I get some attention without comment (90% by women), but I'm still trying to understand if and what can increase my seductiveness (taller appearance, longer legs, walk) for women. For sure it is need to walk in a very confident and trained way to avoid to be ridiculous. In imaginary man has to be strong and protective, so it seems to be conflicting with high heel (but nowadays is not really true). For now I don't think that men in stiletto heels are attractive for women (at least I have not checked it directly); may be in the future.
  13. I get all of them directly at the store shelf, but I have to look at many woman boots before found something which was discreet and I like to wear. I had never get comment/attention for the 3" boots, while I get some attention for 4" boot. To reduce the heel clack, normally I replace the plastic bottom (very common) of the heel with a rubber layer which is more quiet. This can be accomplish easily with chunk heels, but is not feasible with thin/stiletto heels. The clack of 4" boot is little bit louder, but it is acceptable in both case; the pointing toe is still the details which is getting attention. I have also found this boot at the store http://i551.photobucket.com/albums/ii467/hh4m/Shoe%20shot/P1000181b.jpg http://i551.photobucket.com/albums/ii467/hh4m/Shoe%20shot/P1000182b.jpg which is a boot with 11 cm (4.5") heel and rounded toe, but I don't walk very well on them, although I get less attention.
  14. This is my usual 3" heel boot, that I use everywhere (home, office, public), and which is not recognized as female shoe (although at the shoe store it is) http://i551.photobucket.com/albums/ii467/hh4m/Shoe%20shot/P1000186b.jpg This is my favorite 4" heel boot (cowboy chunk heel) http://i551.photobucket.com/albums/ii467/hh4m/Shoe%20shot/P1000178b.jpg http://i551.photobucket.com/albums/ii467/hh4m/Shoe%20shot/P1000179b.jpg Sometime it is considered female not for the heel, but for the pointing toe. I'm looking for high heel which could be attractive for girl, while keeping/enhance my male appearance.
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