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  1. At this point I am in ballet boots 90% of the time including going to work. What is the longest you have worn your ballet boots for? I stretch my feet daily so I’m not “stuck in heels”.
  2. Charlotte

    Latex socks

    Thanks… But my husband likes my toes to all be together
  3. Why not lol. My husband made me.
  4. I've shoveled snow and mowed lawn in ballet boots before.
  5. Charlotte


    I love wearing miniskirts and my legs are sexy. I do think girls should wear skirts instead of shorts though. No need to banish us to trousers tho. Ideally we should all wear skirts without underwear;)
  6. Charlotte

    The walking dead

    Ballet boots, but I bet that huge heel could stab them pretty well with a good kick
  7. Charlotte

    Latex socks

    Ive worn latex for hours. Yes it does get tight but that's the point. Unfortunately i just haven't found ankle socks, only higher socks.
  8. How long were they locked on your feet? What kind of heels?
  9. Wanted to get everyone input on a thread started in girls forum so I'm reposing here. Posted byMarch 15, 2016 Have you ever been forced to wear heels on some occasions? By your parents / bf / Girls / bets How hard was it?
  10. Charlotte

    Do you're feet hurt?

    They do if sized improperly or are really cheep. I can weAr quality heels a long time without them hurting. If they cause blisters they arnt fitting correctly. IMO if the shoe fits right there shouldn't be any movement on your foot. Now yes some extrame heels that bend your toes might ache a little, but you get used to it with regular stretching.
  11. Charlotte

    Is the world ready for flip-flops?

    I loved wearing flip flops before I was 18. Since then I've always been required by husband to wear shoes that cover my feet. I do however like the ide of heels flip flops and the sexy anckle strap. I'd love to show off my cute feet I then if allowed. Girls with foot problems shouldn't wear but I like seeing s girls bare feet if they are pretty.
  12. Charlotte

    Latex socks

    I didn't think asking about socks would be considered fetish. Tights, socks and other garments are asked about on this forum all the time. We don't want to wreck my nice boots when my feet sweat so latex will keep the boots dry. Not a fetish reason at all although given some of my other post I can see how once might think that though.
  13. Charlotte

    Latex socks

    My husband wants me to buy latex socks to wear under my high heel boots some times. He wants them to be "no-show" height. I can only find ones that are taller. Do any of you where latex socks and know where to purchase short ones? Thanks, Charlotte
  14. Charlotte

    Very high heel clogs

    That has a lip behind the heel that helps them stay on. It's no longer a clock if you add a strap
  15. Charlotte

    A special shoe

    I have a good job… I'm not really concerned with making it profitable… I'm more just want to make some fun toys to be used on me and people I know

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