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  1. Hi @nzfreestyler. Oh my this is so much information. Thank you that is incredibly helpfull for me. Definetly will make sure i read it again once it becomes more relevant. Right now just sticking to heels. I mean as long as I will live with my family. But thank you. Keep up the tips I really appreciate that.
  2. Hi @WenHH for sure I am. Thanks for the tip I will remember it for the future, most likely will not go for dresses/skirts untill I live alone but its good to know what other people do. Does it hurt a lot or is it another one of those myths same as that heels hurt like hell? Which is very wrong. I live in Úvaly which is located just east of Prague. Sadly quite the distance between us. I am quite intrigued into dresses as I absolutely love coats and dresses are the closest to that for other then winter times. Also not a big fan of trousers period :-(. Dresses look so much better. Hope that world would decide its better to let man dress however they wont without judging them. I guess the heels are closing in on that. I am back again so as I said today earlier, these wedges sandals I am wearing at home every day. Right now it is with stockings due to cold weather but during summer I think I will wear then on skin.
  3. Hey dear heeling friends. I have been to the practice lessons for the uni entrance exams. And it was with the wedges that are up there. Still waiting for my new pair of sneakers, too excited. I also did get new wedged sandals for home shoes purpose and I will get a foto of them once I get home. However about my time out. Well I do not think anything interesting happened. Nobody noticed or paid attention as far as being out loud goes. I think most of them (there was 16) of us noticed at some point but nothing said. We did however had an interesting experience getting into the building. They have a door that can only be opened by card or by ring (where you ring someone and they can open the door). Yet the ring was not working and nobody had a card that could open it. So like 8 of us was stuck in front of the door waiting. Our lecturer did walk downstairs to get us in the end but it did take a while. In the end I enjoyed my time in heels and I know that I will be sticking to it for the entire uni. Also I think that thanks to heels I will learn to walk with my back straight. Still unsure what to do during the summer as I am not completely confident going out in sandals yet. Also what are your tips about shaving legs and so. I know I should do it if I want to be ever wearing heels with shorter trousers or shorts (skirt and dresses). I just can not make myself to do it.
  4. Hello everyone, sorry for the small delay, had other things on my mind. I did decide to go to work in the wedges seen at the beggining on saturday again. This time however our new member was with me and she did not even noticed the fact i am taller. It felt so good to be in heels the entire time and people not even paying attention to it. I am starting to get used to not carring at all even if they do notice. That is a nice improvement if i say so myself. This saturday i have a lesson from school for learning on enter exams for uni. I might get my new wedges on Friday but if I do not have them I will wear them ones at the top. So excited about this.
  5. Hello and welcome, This is very true indeed, sadly enough many people do not actually see this as a thing. They are stuck in their head. That is why we must show the world that we have different desires. Have fun heeling around. PS: Realy nice heels, I love them sadly enough was not able to find my size yet.
  6. Thank you. I wear tights as it looks better and goes well with heels. Also I use it as a cover too. I got these wedged shoes from czech e-shop called "pošta zdarma". Sadly enough I doubt I will ever make us get bigger then eu 42 sizes. Also I am slightly scared saying or showing anything to my workmates as they are conservative and unless I get to somehow get to it by random activity I will not be wearing heels with me not being alone here.
  7. Thank you everyone, Although I did wear heels into the store I only did it cause I was there alone with no other workmates. (I do not think their reaction would be the best but if I ever get a chance to change that I will try it.) Otherwise I just wear normal shoes. I do plan from October when my university should start only going out in heels. Need to find some that are not so warm for the autumm but it is a plan of mine that I am sticking to. However I do love working in a shop likes this as I was able to find my correct size, try on some stuff and so on. (all done when I was alone) and I did find a few that I wanted but we did not have the right size :-(. I would love to inspire people to wear more heels. And to the question why have I not done it sooner? Well did not have anything to walk in back here in czech republic. It is hard to find eu 42 size and even harder to find 43. I need 43 closed and I can have 42 but only sandals. If I would be able to get some more I will do so real fast :-). And yes I am currently in Czech Republic. I may move to england I may not. Depends mostly on my potentional S.O. As I am writing this I am wearing the wedges at home. Keep up the good heeling lads.
  8. Hey everyone! I got interested in heels quite a while ago and i never had a chance to take them out. I only wore them inside when nobody was there to see me. Last year I have travelled to England to study there but after a year I have returned to take a break from studying. Back on topic tho. I did wear heels there but I never had the confidence to take them to school or anything along those lines. This year I finally forced myself to change that. I went out on saturday to work in heels (seen below) and stayed in them the entire day. To be honest it was only for 3 hours and I was alone there (working at a shoe shop) so it wasn't that scary but I was so excited that I walked in them all the way to work and back. I have to say that I always said to myself that people do not care but you never actually believe it untill you go out. Nobody noticed who cared enough to say something and people that did notice did not say anything. I am so happy that through this I gained the courage to go out in them. I will keep you updated at what is happening but it will not be too often. (have only 1 from 3 saturdays in a row).
  9. That is not a bad idea thank you for the suggestion.
  10. Nice, I am very happy to have some people near. That was my thinking too. Silent but nice looking its just hard to find good looking ones for cheap. Sadly i am somewhat still scared to order online -> do live with parents and also I am still figuring out the best size but i think i am getting close. Thanks a lot I cannot wait to start it.
  11. Good plan! This also wouldn't change me it is just interesting to see such perspectives and tips. This is information that can be useful to some.
  12. Hi HellHeels, I do like Prague after it's cultural side. Also seems to be one of the few cities not "infected" by people from syria or so. (Nothing against them but it affects people decision). But I personally have to say that I hate czech language as it is way too hard for such a small country. If you ever visit by all means let me know we can meet up.
  13. That is quite an interesting read. I assume that following this I should wear tie-up open toe shoes around 4 inches high heel. I mean I like it. Although I am not too sure about it. I do have narrow feet that I know already. And from the description of high arches I think I do have those too. Tend to fall inside slightly while walking (u can see it in me walking in men shoes). And I seem to have wide feet in the front. Although that just could be my wild mind at its work. I would to see what others have to say
  14. Do not worry Jeremy, I am not here to judge, everyone should wear what they like no matter from where it came. And you are not wrong about the wedge problem. As I am quite new I do have some confidence problems as well as living with parents. They accepted my change. But they do not exactly support me in it. For that reason I would like wedges. I am trying to find some sneaker wedges, probably in black colour but so far no luck. I need size eu 43 which is very hard to come by. Also czech republic is not the most change liking country in the world. Soooo its somewhat hard for me to get it out. I am planning on doing college starting september 2019 and only wearing high heels to the school. Lets see if I can keep my promise.
  15. I would personally liked it more without the platform but they are something I would like to have in my closet. Not sure how they would look taken outside, but I guess with skirt or dress they could go amazingly well.
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