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  1. That is not a bad idea thank you for the suggestion.
  2. Nice, I am very happy to have some people near. That was my thinking too. Silent but nice looking its just hard to find good looking ones for cheap. Sadly i am somewhat still scared to order online -> do live with parents and also I am still figuring out the best size but i think i am getting close. Thanks a lot I cannot wait to start it.
  3. Krystof

    Best Heels for Your Foot Type

    Good plan! This also wouldn't change me it is just interesting to see such perspectives and tips. This is information that can be useful to some.
  4. Hi HellHeels, I do like Prague after it's cultural side. Also seems to be one of the few cities not "infected" by people from syria or so. (Nothing against them but it affects people decision). But I personally have to say that I hate czech language as it is way too hard for such a small country. If you ever visit by all means let me know we can meet up.
  5. Krystof

    Best Heels for Your Foot Type

    That is quite an interesting read. I assume that following this I should wear tie-up open toe shoes around 4 inches high heel. I mean I like it. Although I am not too sure about it. I do have narrow feet that I know already. And from the description of high arches I think I do have those too. Tend to fall inside slightly while walking (u can see it in me walking in men shoes). And I seem to have wide feet in the front. Although that just could be my wild mind at its work. I would to see what others have to say
  6. Do not worry Jeremy, I am not here to judge, everyone should wear what they like no matter from where it came. And you are not wrong about the wedge problem. As I am quite new I do have some confidence problems as well as living with parents. They accepted my change. But they do not exactly support me in it. For that reason I would like wedges. I am trying to find some sneaker wedges, probably in black colour but so far no luck. I need size eu 43 which is very hard to come by. Also czech republic is not the most change liking country in the world. Soooo its somewhat hard for me to get it out. I am planning on doing college starting september 2019 and only wearing high heels to the school. Lets see if I can keep my promise.
  7. Krystof

    Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    I would personally liked it more without the platform but they are something I would like to have in my closet. Not sure how they would look taken outside, but I guess with skirt or dress they could go amazingly well.
  8. :I have recently found some heels that I would like to buy around january. I think they would be a good fit for outside walk. I did walk in heels in past and wearing anything below 60mm feels like not having a heel to me. So that is like the bottom of what I would get. But I do have experience even in higher. This is what I had in mind atleast for now. Cannot find any other boots I like with wedges that are not too expensive. (Atleast for now).
  9. Thank you for the nice words. And Percent we can definitely get some stories going or maybe even meet. Depends where u live :-)
  10. Krystof

    Shops that one should visit.

    Hello everyone, I am strugling to find myself a store that would have shoes/boots of my size (eu 41-43, depending on style) in my country (Czech Republic). I would like to use this discussion as a place where I could get some help but also as a place where we can share some shops or websites where we shop often as a recommendation. I am quite young still so I have a lot to explore but I was looking for some tips that some more experienced can share with me. So far I am just going out in normal clothes sometimes with thighs and I wear heels at home. Not too often as I still live parents so its little harder but that is story for another time :-).
  11. Hi everyone, I am looking for someone located within Czech Republic, Prague more directly. That i could meet up with and enjoy some time together with someone sharing the same interestest. I am trying to build up my courage and this is probably the best way how to do so. Is there anyone out here who would like to find a new person to their lives
  12. Hi, I am Kryštof from Czech republic and I am quite young with a long life ahead of me. I have been interested in high heels shoes for few years now and slowly I am building up courage to go outside with them on. I do enjoy wearing high heels, stockings, and I love dresses but i do not wear them for courage problems :-) I am mostly looking for souls that have the same interestest possibly located within czech republic. I am kind of strugling to even find areas which i would like to visit to build up my confidence as I do not have friends from czech republic. Thank you for the chance to present myself here.

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