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  1. I think Gucci goes to 41 EU only in womens heels - I think that is like a US 9/10 ?
  2. looking around that site - these are more my style... not too weird looking but still pretty. I don't think I could do those 'mens' new styles. cheers NZF
  3. Gidday recently I've been wearing a few corsets - started from a sore back and I wore a brace and thought I would try a corset for a bit and the effect was similar. Now from a fashion perspective I am liking the styling and the silhouette I have with a corset. I do feel it is very edgy a look - but I also really like it and have worn these corsets quite a few times out. They are not really restrictive unless you had the wrong size and wore them too tight - but they do help posture a lot !! heres a pic
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