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    Normal guy stuff. Just a lover of high heels and am curious about wearing a pair myself.
  1. Onlymaker

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience buying the "Onlymaker" brand off of Amazon? I think they are out of China so I've been a bit skeptical. I've had my eye on these for awhile. https://www.amazon.ca/Women-Animal-Print-Platform-leopard/dp/B01MDM5UN3/ref=sr_1_65?s=shoes&ie=UTF8&qid=1492354087&sr=1-65&nodeID=8604915011&psd=1
  2. Professional Pedicure

    Both times I've gone, were Sunday evening just before close. I was mortified someone might come in or even worse, someone I knew. But ti never happened. They were both very exciting experiences for me.
  3. Decisions

    Still be a test for me to walk in I think.
  4. Decisions

    I have worn 5" but never 6" in a single sole heel. Looks like the general consensus is that strappy sandals.
  5. Decisions

    For now probably just around the house. I do like the elegance of the sandals.
  6. Decisions

    The sandals are sexy and I've been wanting to try walking in 6" heels for awhile now
  7. Decisions

    I might be leaning that way. We'll see what others think.
  8. Decisions

    What do you think? These http://www.shoefreaks.ca/pleaser-kiss-209-sandals or these? http://www.shoefreaks.ca/devious-domina-108-sandals
  9. French Pedicure

    Got the courage up to get my first french pedicure today. Was so much fun. Pictures to follow.
  10. Suggestions Anyone

    Well I'm Canadian so I use shoefreaks.ca. Shipping is free in Canada and no duty or anything for crossing the border.
  11. Suggestions Anyone

    There is another sale at http://shoefreaks.ca. I'd love to have some suggestions, maybe have the forum pick out something for me to buy so I can take some pictures in them Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Professional Pedicure

    I'm really happy with how it went and I also love the color. I really can't wait to try it in a nice pair of heels.
  13. 6" heels

    Anyone have any experience walking in 6" heels? http://shoefreaks.ca is having and I've been eying these http://www.shoefreaks.ca/devious-domina-108-sandals Not sure if I would be able to walk in them but I love the look.
  14. Professional Pedicure

    I feel like at least through the winter months I'll want to have them done.
  15. Professional Pedicure

    Little snapshot of the finished product