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  1. Hi candy, love your posts! I'm looking for hh chat/stories if you are interested? Xx Pamella

  2. Mike I wish I could go out with you in my 6"ers
  3. OMG I love them both. Very walkable heels especially for you I would think~!
  4. Hi Candy Can't have enough friends. I am sure we have not met in person. Maybe some day we will have a chance to meet and share high heel storys. Thankyou for choosing me to be one of your friends. I don't know of your videos but I intend to investigate. Keep in touch. Spikesmike

  5. Allow me to post the link of Xtreme heels walking in the white pumps so very beautifully http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8mRS9DsRsw I am personally dying to see the silver ones as well...I love silver and gold high heel pumps!
  6. Hi Candy Happy Birthday

  7. I am sure youu will see from possible youtube vids that this person walks extremely well in ultra high heels!
  8. Hi Candy, just wanted to say that ive enjoyed your videos on YouTube,and your legs and heels are amazing ,its a pleasure to meet you ..

  9. hi Candy, just wanted to say i love your heels and watched you on YouTube ,your legs are heels are amazing its a pleasure ..thank you

  10. Did I anger you? You left so suddenly? Sorry

  11. Thank you for adding me. Those stiletto pumps are gorgeous on you*HUGS*

  12. Love your shoes and your look. Absolutely stunning!

  13. Finally:) I have always wanted a pair of Dorsay stilettos. The heels are 6" and they fit perfectly.
  14. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for the new photos of you. You are so beautiful.

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