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  1. Hi everyone... I haven't been here for a long long time... sorry. Now I'm back and yes it would be great a HH Meeting in Germany on next months. Berlin for example... What do you think?
  2. Great looking avitar.

  3. Hi, I'll be there on friday evening and saturday.
  4. For Friday evening: What about watching England-Algeria in a pub, and everyone in high heels?
  5. what model of high heels are you going to wear? about me, only models with 12-15 cm heel without platform
  6. I'm sure about coming to WHM. Booked flight and hotel. What about Friday evening?
  7. Actually I'm hesitating between those hotels: Berkeley Square Hotel Premier Apartments Bristol Any suggestions??
  8. I'm on way to book my flight. Coming Fri 18th, leaving Mon 21st. I just would like to know about the program: Where are the event having place? I want to choose an hotel not to far from center city and not to far away from high heels meetings... Thanks for a fast answer...
  9. Could you tell me the adress of Davina's? Where would it be better to book the hotel? Close to where? Thank you...
  10. What ever the program will be, it has to be with a lot of TG... I heard about Bristol is the place to be for TG... Just a question, how can I fastly get a train in London to Bristol (landing in London-City)?
  11. a TG party, that would be great to take part of it... with men in heels... in which area is it good to stay in hotel?? how many people coming??
  12. I heard about Bristol, that there are many TS and TG. It'd be a pleasure to meet some of them. Does anybody has contact about it? Thanks
  13. How many attendees are actually for Bristol June 19th?
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