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  1. Thanks for the comment on my pic. As for the vinyl, well, I have to have something to play on one of my 7 turntables (only 5 work but I can't bear to part with the other 2)

  2. Hi and welcome PaddyN I know just how you feel and what you mean, as I live in a small village in rural UK too.
  3. And thank you for your comments, still think the pictures of you in your heels and mini skirt are stunning, as for my pictures my album has been removed, think I'll need to get better pictures posted. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for your comments. If you are accepting friend requests then i would love to be a friend of yours

    1. pebblesf


      Yeah buddy, you look so powerful in those killer boots, dream of having a pair.  Don

  5. Hi Thanks for your comments. Got loads more pics, I guess i should add some more. Love the boots in the car pic of yours. Would love to see some more

  6. Just checked your album and the pictures are stunning, in particular I love the thigh high boots, very sexy, pretty good legs too.

  7. Hi Caroline. Welcome to hhplace. So refreshing that you are ok with guys in heels.

  8. Welcome Pamela from a fellow countryman. I'm sure you will love it in here just like the rest of us do
  9. Awesome heels.Very impressive

  10. Hi from the UK. Love those pumps in your picture. Most impressive. PS Happy Birthday for last week

  11. ok thanks. still doing as much heeling as i can. Xmas was good as wife was at work loads. was wearing at home 6 hours a day. loved it. see you are buying plenty of heels and outfits. looking good

  12. Hi, How life treating you? I don't go the other chat room much these days.

  13. HI heelsguy, Thank you for the nice comments on my picture. I sent you a friend request - I hope that you accept. Have a great weekend, Bernheels

  14. welcome. Where in UK are you from. Anywhere near Lincolnshire?

  15. I'm not far from Nottingham either. Could be fun
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