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  1. Yes she is totally fine with my heel habit. She's a shoe freak herself with over 100 pairs of shoes so that may be a help things a bit. We actually have a few identidal pairs and we've worn them together on a few occasions...She thought that was a riot. We've been together for 20 years and my high heel thing has always been out there in our relationship.
  2. Would any one in Florida care to meet up again.

    Although I live in eastern PA I get to Florida pretty often ..I'd like to meet for cocktails and conversation in heels. Where in FL are you located?
  3. Anyone Too Scared To Wear Heels Outside?

    Yeah Steve... I know I am lucky ..she's totally cool with my heel habit ..even a little bit encouraging at times ... Jut wish i were a little braver when she's not with me Guess I should be happy with it as is
  4. Anyone Too Scared To Wear Heels Outside?

    This is going to sound kookie but if I am with my lady friend ( who is totally OK with my heels habit ) I am braver and will wear any of my heels in public even in shorts. Not sure why this is, but it is so. If I am alone I am more timid and will wear HH boots but wilth longer jeans. Go figure that out ...I can't Sapoa
  5. Hey SF .. I get to the Bay area 5 or 6 times a year ...a high heel happy hour sounds like fun ...I'll IM you when I'm heading west again
  6. See you tonight, 7pm Hotel Indigo, Club Blu - Lobby Level, 127 W 28th St 10pm - Paddles - 250 W 26th St David

  7. philly meet?

    Too late notice for me to make arrangements. Some weeknite with a little advance otice and I'll try tojon ya
  8. Hey Celeste ... I will private message you next time I travel to Pittsburgh...might be in March? Maybe we can go heeling over dinner.

  9. Christmas Heel Meet Near Pittsburgh PA

    Christmas season won't work for me ..at least not this year. I do get to Pitts occasionally ..usually mid week but on short notice... Will that work for you??
  10. philly meet?

    What do you all think about a January evening Heel Meet in PHL ...south PHL is fine with me, Thoughts??
  11. philly meet?

    Gary Do you have a place in mind ..sounds like 3 are interested???
  12. philly meet?

    It's tough pulling a meet in Phila area together.. Maybe just like hump day ( wednesday) for cocktails ?? It's boots or pumps weather now! Any interest?
  13. philly meet?

    Sorry but I missed you post .. maybe another time?
  14. Atlantic City Trip

    wish I could join u in AC ..schedule prevents that ...sorry
  15. philly meet?

    RX That week won't work for me ..maybe sometime in October in the Greater PHL area??