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  1. This is a short clip that is looped but this person did a great job to make the boots look like they are walking on their own.
  2. I didn't think of that. I should posted before I went down! Thanks for the support!
  3. Last week I was down in Jacksonville visiting my friend who got me into heels back in college. I decided that this trip will be my last time I wear heels in public. I done everything from wearing them in front of my friend, trying them on in stores, and I have gone out in heels by my self. Only thing I wanted to do was go out with my friend in public then I would call it quits for now. I have lost my drive for them somewhat. So back to my story. I went to her house to pick her up and I only had my Vince Camuto Elvin booties . She had a pair of bcbg wedge booties! So we went to the mall and it
  4. Last week was the first time I actually faced my fears and went to the mall in high heel wedges. I know I got some looks but it really wasn't bad at all. I think what helped is that the heels I had were quiet and black. I wish I my good friend who knows was with me then I would have been a little easier but I still had a great time. I loved walking into the shoe stores trying on heels in heels.
  5. I will be gone on the 24th! I will be gone on the 24th!
  6. I will be in the Fort Lauderdale area week of April 24. Anyone around or know of good areas to do some public heeling
  7. I bought these at bcbg today and the lady is the best. She didn't care that I was a guy and she was wearing the same pair when I was there! I don't know how to post pictures on here. I can't wait to wear these out in Florida! http://www.bcbg.com/Vadans-Snake-Wedge-Bootie/VADANS-001,default,pd.html
  8. I was very happy that bakers came back to my mall! However the prices of the heels are crazy 160! I miss the 70 dollar or even the 30 dollar clearance rack which there clearance now is like 80 dollars! I don't wear heels enough to spend that kind of money! But ladies in there are great!
  9. I will be traveling to CT in a couple of weeks! Anyone know any good places to buy/shoppe/walk in heels?
  10. I am going down to west palm beach next month. Where are some good places to go out in heels? Also what stores have the best people who like men in heels? Thanks
  11. I can't wait to hear your next story
  12. What would you do if your partern made you choose wearing high heels or them?
  13. Same size foot so I can buy for "me"! I mean us!
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