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  1. Just received these from Poshmark. They are brand new but sat in a box for a number of years. Still had the tags stuck to the soles. The heels are close to 5". These are the thinnest heels to date. I wore them to church this morning, walking a good distance from the far end of the parking lot on a grade. They are more challenging than the thicker heels but not unmanageable. The picture is from a Poshmark listing for the same boots. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone but couldn't get them all in from arm's length. I have some similar boots by Guess with a thick 5" heel with a mirror like heel on one side. Those are a few inches shorter. I really like the shape of these heels. They are a size 10 and fit perfectly, not too tight.
  2. I admit this is an experiment. Never done anything like this and may not again. I saw them in the store and thought about trying the look. They were twice the price there. If it doesn't work out then out they go. I tried another fashion item for the first time, culottes. They didn't work for me so they are going to the thrift store. If we never try something then we will never really know.
  3. I just ordered these from Dillards, on sale for $58.80 with sizes up to 11. I saw them in the store this morning and they were still $99 there. I bought my wife some shoes then left. I checked on line this afternoon and found they were marked down. Heel is 4.65" and the style is called "Meliney".
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