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  1. You might give 10 a try in the store as I have another pair of Luckys that are 10 and they fit without stretching. Sometimes Macy's has 11 when nobody else does, even the manufacturer's website doesn't list them.
  2. I scored these Lucky Brand Azoola knee highs (last pair) this afternoon at Macy's in Arlington. These were one of the only two styles I wanted this past fall season and I haven't seen them in my size anywhere. These are a size 10, (funny though they also are marked EUR 42 which is usually larger than a USA 10), 20" measured shaft height, 3.5" stacked leather heel. There is a stretch panel at the ankle instead of a zipper opening. There is no lining, just rough leather inside. The right boot had been tried on a few times and had scuffs, which I removed with a good polishing. The left one was pristine in the box and was tighter than heck to get on. Once on the left one was worn for about an hour. They are standing outside my closet now with shoe stretchers inside for the next few days. Here's a video from Zappos: Zappos Video of Lucky Boots
  3. I have bought a good number of boots from Macy's but not in over a year. They are rather good at stocking 10 and 11 size. The biggest shoe department I have ever seen is at Macy's NYC flagship store. There's a six floor DSW right down the street from there also.
  4. I participate in online forums such as this but only have one social media in my name, a twitter account that I rarely use and only for my techno-hobby stuff. I have never nor will ever have a facebook account. That is the first place HR types look when you apply for a job and regularly spy on you from then until they fire you and for a period after that. I don't give any of those types any satisfaction of finding me.
  5. I agree, so I generally try to avoid brands/styles I'm not familiar with their sizing online. I generally can get into size 10 for Sam Edelman but need an 11 for Vince Camuto. I bought stretchers from Bed Bath & Beyond so that makes it easier if they are a bit tight. The best thing about the stores I mentioned is they have everything out on shelves for you to try on with no help from any sales people. They lay out the shoes by size so 10's are in one row, 11's in the next.
  6. Some sellers on ebay are good. I've used Zappos and 6pm (Zappos owns them too). The past couple of years I've been finding bargains locally at Nordstrom Rack, Dillards Clearance Center, and Saks off Fifth stores. I've also found some at Bloomingdales outlets. I haven't been buying online as much since moving to Dallas. Also buying anything has been curtailed due to running out of closet space.
  7. I'm still looking. Lots of jobs around but the wrong time of the year to be interviewing. One more week and everything opens back up. For now though I'm all dressed up with no place to go!
  8. Leather is always best. Polyurethane is known to peel and crack just sitting in the closet after a while. Leather allows water vapor to escape so your feet and legs don't get soaking wet on even moderate days.
  9. Sam Edelman is one of my staples and I usually get a size 10 as 11 seems too big. I had a pair in 11 and had to give them away because my feet were sliding around. On the other hand Vince Camuto seem to run smaller though I do have two pairs in 10 but I had to stretch them.
  10. I have mostly three to four inch block heel boots. These are divided between ankle, knee, and over the knee styles. Most have a western style stacked heel, a few have a straight block. I have three pair about 4.5" and one lone ankle pair at 5" with a platform. I ran out of closet space so I let go of 1/4 my collection last Saturday to St. Vincent de Paul in Dallas. It took three days to decide which to part with and it wasn't easy. I needed to do this to keep peace in the family. Everything must fit into the closet. I had 60 pair so now closer to 40.
  11. During the early 70's a lot of homes in the USA had aluminum branch circuit wiring. This caused a lot of trouble because they were not terminated properly and this caused a lot of fires. Larger feeder and service conductors are fine (and still used) because proper terminations are used (compression connectors or mechanical connectors properly torqued). My house in Albuquerque, which I still own and have daughters living in, had such and I replaced it with metal clad (MC) copper conductor cable. I used metal clad instead of non-metallic cable because we also had mice chewing on the old cables and causing much grief. The silly mice couldn't chew through the metal clad cable so they all moved out (I'm serious). My last job was for an electrical manufacturer and I had to get their products listed by either UL or ETL (Intertek). The UL standard for wire connectors (especially for aluminum) require testing that costs around $60,000.00 and takes months to perform the temperature/current cycling.
  12. blueparrot

    Cali World

    The monthly cost of a train/bus pass for the Dallas area is $96.00. If you need to go farther to either Fort Worth or Denton it doubles that. Daily pass is $6.00. Before I was sacked my train trip was about 32 miles each way with a short bus ride at the work end. It isn't real fast, as it takes a long time stopping at many stations along the way. The freeways around here are jammed with traffic and one will need blood pressure medicine to cope with it, so finding a job that is near rail stations is a very good thing. Most higher paying jobs are on the North side of Dallas while the affordable housing is on the South side where I live. Dallas has one of the better rail systems in the USA. Most cities this size have only a few lines (Phoenix has only one and it is quite limited in where it goes) but here there are the Red, Orange, Green, and Blue lines going off in different directions. You can even ride from DFW Airport to downtown right from the terminal on the Orange Line. Some of the suburbs refuse to allow any rail or bus service into or through their cities. They cite crime as a reason but I suspect it is also economic/policital as they believe everyone should drive a car. Arlington (where the Cowboys play) and Grand Prairie and two west of here that don't allow it. The train to Fort Worth has to detour north to go around them. Cali, I have a pair of Michael Kors that look a lot like yours but without that strap. Same color and heel almost identical.
  13. Why is it I keep thinking this is Mike Holt's Code Forum?
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