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  1. Dillards had several Jessica Simpson ankle boots with very high platform heels. They also had several platform clogs with about 5" heels. There were some over knee boots in leopard print. More animal prints this season all through the shoe department.
  2. I just came from Northpark Mall in Dallas. The current selection of fall styles in all the stores there is for the most part dismal at best. They have not received the bulk of their merchandise. One manager told me that corporate office has it stashed in their warehouses and won't release it until the "covid issue" is resolved. Macy's has a small few styles out, most of their shoe department looks like it did in July, but with a lot of empty displays. Nordstrom has a few but not much either. Aldo had a few as did Steve Madden. Madden didn't let me in because they only allow five in the
  3. I just bought a pair of Vince Camuto booties in size 10 (Fall 2019 left overs at Dillard's Clearance Center in Lewisville). Usually that brand runs somewhat small and I used to get 11 most of the time. This time though I found the 10's running more like the old 11's, quite roomy but not too loose. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just limited to some styles? These were snakeskin booties with 4.75" block heels. Did the change come in 2019 or the year prior? I bought some riding boots two years prior in 10 and had to stretch them.
  4. They finally showed up this evening.
  5. I never had any trouble either, until now. 6pm still shows my order as "processing" and blames the coronavirus . I just got a computer from Ohio, another item I ordered yesterday shipped from Ohio and is scheduled to arrive Friday. 6pm is part of Zappos and both have always been extremely fast before, often overnight even when getting economy/free shipping.
  6. I have had three bad experiences with buying boots online. The first time was ebay, I won an auction for Zara OTK boots, the seller never contacted me nor did I get any notification of shipping. I paid within five minutes of auction close. Then I got a message from her five days later saying she was out of town with a sick relative. I replied OK, I could wait until she got back. Then in a few days she wrote and said she was cancelling the auction because she didn't know when she would get home. Again I replied that I could wait a while more, not a problem. She then cancels with ebay sen
  7. I just ordered the last pair of size 10 from 6pm. Marc Fisher Unella in croco print brown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvjvBmXyBxA Still a bit much but I have had my eye on this style since last fall and they dropped in price. They had the black for $40 less but I really like this color and have too many black boots.
  8. One of the few places we are allowed to go out to is the grocery store. So this morning we set out to Trader Joe's only to find the line outside was 50 people long. They at least will allow the two of us inside. It must be Easter as it's been a lot shorter. The related store Aldi on the other hand only allows one shopper inside, so I got to sit in the car for half an hour. At least the line was only two people. I had on my Freebird boots for nobody to see. We can go get take out food though so I wore them this evening to a local family owned restaurant we frequent. We went inside to pi
  9. Lately I have noticed a lot of young Hispanic males wearing their jeans tucked into western boots around Oak Cliff. I'm even seeing construction guys doing it and we all know how bad they can tease/harass each other. It's just coming around again. In old times it was not uncommon but the practice ended after WWII, briefly seen in the 70's, but not really seen until today. Skinny jeans are so common now and work great for this look since they don't bunch up above the boot tops.
  10. There is no labeling on them whatsoever. I think they were ordered by somebody off of Aliexpress. They were listed as size 10 by the seller. It was a risk but at $16 worth taking but they fit like a glove.
  11. I just got these boots off Poshmark for $16. They are brand new! 25" shaft and 5" block heels.
  12. Yeah, all dressed up and no place to go now. All restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, churches, etc. are now closed (except take out) in Dallas. Last night we went out to eat for the last time, El Tizancito for tacos and horchata (one of few places that give free refills) and last margarita for my wife. I wore my new Timberland knee highs with the 4 inch block heels, skinny jeans, and a leather jacket. The place was empty except one who was just leaving. Supermarket in the same strip mall was overrun with shoppers though.
  13. These waist high types are pretty common on Aliexpress. Here's one of their newer designs:
  14. You might give 10 a try in the store as I have another pair of Luckys that are 10 and they fit without stretching. Sometimes Macy's has 11 when nobody else does, even the manufacturer's website doesn't list them.
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