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  1. The lady supervisor of circuit board assembly wears very high heels often (usually over 4"). The other day I heard the sound in the hall (yes I had to peek) and she had platform heels over 5", maybe 5.5". The HR manager also wears high heels, though not as high as this lady does. This company does not allow athletic shoes in office portion except on Friday.
  2. I revisited Dallas Northpark Mall Sunday afternoon Nov 1. Things have improved some but Macy's still has little selection compared to what's on their website. Nordstrom has some boots but not up to previous years. Aldo store has a scant few boots, looks like what you'd see in about April. Went into Sam Edelman store, the lady there admired the ones I had on, said she wished they had that type of style but didn't get anything like them "Indigo". Customers have been asking for them. They had a few knee and ankle boots but nothing like last year. Only Dillards has a great selection and the
  3. Interesting thing happened Saturday. Usually I donate items to thrift stores but this time I went with a group distributing clothing to a poor apartment complex in South Dallas. The ladies there went crazy over the heeled boots but some very nice riding boots with low heels didn't get any interest and couldn't be given away.
  4. Dillards had several Jessica Simpson ankle boots with very high platform heels. They also had several platform clogs with about 5" heels. There were some over knee boots in leopard print. More animal prints this season all through the shoe department.
  5. I just came from Northpark Mall in Dallas. The current selection of fall styles in all the stores there is for the most part dismal at best. They have not received the bulk of their merchandise. One manager told me that corporate office has it stashed in their warehouses and won't release it until the "covid issue" is resolved. Macy's has a small few styles out, most of their shoe department looks like it did in July, but with a lot of empty displays. Nordstrom has a few but not much either. Aldo had a few as did Steve Madden. Madden didn't let me in because they only allow five in the
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