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  1. I guess it finally happened. I live in a neighborhood with two streets with similar names. The post office delivered my Poshmark purchase to another street, probably same house number. Poshmark assumes I'm lying so they went ahead and marked it delivered and paid the seller. I filed a case with the local post office but I have no idea if when they scan deliveries they are stamped with GPS data or not. If not then they will just assume I'm lying as well. I'm glad it was only $22 total, but it still hurts. I was outside watering at the time they said they delivered, no mail truck or delivery person seen at that time. I once came home for lunch to find a new exercise machine (boxed) in my driveway. The tag had the same house number but the similar sounding street. I loaded it on my pickup truck and drove it over to the house it belonged to. It's too bad somebody else didn't repay the favor though with a small package with jeans. Now I wonder if the post office does determine they messed up if they will refund the seller. I bet she just pockets the money and I will never hear about it.
  2. I now have driven the car in each of three pairs of Jessica Simpson platform clogs, plus a pair of Zara platform booties all six inch heels. Now I will NOT do so on my motorcycle. I did try five inch once and it was not fun or easy to shift up in gear. Four inch heels no such problems and did it all the time.
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