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  1. Tis the thought that matters. Thanks~
  2. At the last minute one time, I gained a few bids & sold for at least 10 bucks. I believe another time, I end up getting over 20$. I believe in last-minute luck, not so much these auctions, however. Especially since one doesn't have a single Watcher on it & might now sell for 99 cents
  3. Well...I ran out of options, for lack of better or more words. Been trying to sell my shoes for the past two weeks & I thought I had everything set up better with prices & whatnot. I have watchers on one shoe & a bid on another (though it's the starting bid of 99 cents). I also thought the usual sharing across social networks would have reeled in more customers, but no one seems to be biting the bait, dare I say, just yet. I hope I'm not doing wrong by posting it here...but I ran out of options. And my auctions & Buy-It-Nows end in about a day. That all said, swing by & take a look when you have time & see if they catch your fancy http://www.ebay.com/usr/auctioner009
  4. New Boy From Malaysia

    Might as well advise him to move out the country then, hue hue hue And not to America, either, where we're still figuring out what's even considered "free", but I strongly digress. Welcome to the forums, good sir! Hope you enjoy your stay, and you have a mighty fine sense of style, might I add. It beyond rivals mine, which merely consists of things paired with jeans, haha. I imagine you have wayy more than just jeans so kudos!~
  5. Platform Flip Flops

    Yeah, the forum can be a little...dare I say 'Nazi' about platforms of any kind. I mean, some have them (but haven't said yet) but most avoid 'em like a plague. Talking the people on the forums, by the way. Also, 'flatform' is the combination of 'platform' and 'flats' & 'flatforms' are just a play on those words together, especially when they Are really just flat sandals with big blocks attached...I probably just satisfied half the forum in stating it that way, haha. Me? As of a couple of days ago, I'm a tad bit hesitant on them, though I'm still on the search for some that are 3-4 inches high. Not trying to over-do the height for now. I found a seller on eBay, 'bostekshoes' I believe, who sells some as low as 4 inches, but I've been eyeing pairs I found on Bare Feet Shoes, though these appeared to have left the site. Sad days too, since they ran up to a very, Very rare size 12. Should have gotten a pair when I could.. :/
  6. Okay. Truth be told, as of a couple of hours ago, I have been very, VERY tempted on buying three pairs of shoes from eBay, and one "cosplay" item...it's a geek thing, sort of. The sad thing: I don't readily have the money for them. But every so often, eBay...er, I mean PayPal, sends me an email that reads in its title: "We have a special credit offer [just for] you!" The first time I saw this in my Inbox...truth be told, I almost went for it. I didn't go for it until the second or third email, to which I think I was denied? I never received an email saying if I was approved so I figured 'no harm done'. Especially since I had only made the account a week before!...I was oh-so young & immature to even understand the improtance of your "life" aka your Social Security. I digress. On to the topic, and it's an odd one for some & a simple answer for others, but the question is simple: For a pair or two pair of shoes of ever-high prices, not takling thousands...Would you take up the 'deal' of being given six months to pay off your shoes before you were credited? I mean, it seems easy enough to do, especially with the steady stream of nice-looking paychecks I've been getting from the job, and it would have easily been paid off, but for a couple of pairs of shoes totally over $100+? Is it even worth the time and money-management? And if you've been to Solestruck.com , you probably can see what I mean price-wise, although their styles get to teetering heights...but what am I saying? I dare the heights!
  7. Hey, all. I didn't know where else on the forums to post this, and I know it's been AGES since anything's been said from me but believe me. I have a very good reason for it. And one day, I'll update my personal blog with all the info you might want to know. For now... I'm hoping to get a potential buyer of my booties on eBay. I have a couple of bids in play already. Course, I think there could be a possible 'Buy-it-now' user somewhere here. They are some nice booties, size 11 that fits my size 12 feet, patterned brown spots, lace-up style, and only worn once, and only for around 15 minutes or so. But it's better to just show you the item in question, right? Well, VOILA!~ I'm selling for a multitude of reasons, one being that I already have a pair in a color I can better incorporate into my outfits. But someone else on here could probably put more work into them than I could, and I hope that's the case. That said, happy bidding!~
  8. Youtube. What A Resource!

    Someone might have run into this ages ago, even within this thread, but I thought it was worth a revive since I just came across it. I imagine most of you overseas might have seen this already.
  9. Back After A Break

    Thanks for this, kev, and thanks for doing a bit - in this case, a month - of good for a pretty good cause. It's given me the inspiration to try & start something for myself in that month as well. October is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness month, and since last year, I've always wanted to challenge myself to wear nothing but pink heels for the entire month. It wouldn't be limited to one pair like you're going for, but it would be a feat nonetheless. Now that you've presented something that is 1) do-able and 2) somewhat easy to come together with...I might need to send a few emails & see what I can do to get something initiated on my end! Good luck to you, good sir~
  10. A Record For The Books~

    Pretty sure he knows the dangers As do I. I knew what I was getting into with my first pair of 8-inchers. What I didn't know is what kind of kitchen floor I was standing on! Haha. I definitely want to merely try on a pair of 9- or 10-inchers. Walk, eh, I'll go a couple of steps for show. Purchase...I'll think about it.
  11. Scale Of Confidence

    I voted #1 and #2 but I'm settling with #2 now. I despise the town I live in. Too many relatives and chances of me running into them. I'm sure if I told them and I knew that they would be fine with my heeling, then as someone said, I'd feel much better and might be a #3 or a #4, even. For now, it's closet heeling for me. Though I have my days of saying 'eff it', gathering my self, and taking the plunge knowing I shouldn't run into anyone.
  12. Funny Thing Happened Last Sunday.

    Maybe I'm lucky to work at a job like Target then, haha! I'm stocking shelving into opening hours, usually no more than two hours past opening. Even then, I've had female guests come in wearing the nicest heels ever, although few and far in between. Sunday, I've noticed, seem to be the day ladies go all-out (for the man in the sky & his day of service). I say I'm "lucky" because I could probably let a compliment such as "You look very nice today, miss" & I imagine she'd accept it, no questions asked. I might be able to let a "Your heels look very nice today, miss" fly by & no double take, though a bit more risky. Actually, a curious question: If I were to say that & you were a woman, would you take it as a part of protocol (being nice to the guest, etc.) or would you see it as a creep using his job to his advantage?
  13. What Heels Go With...?

    My two cents: I don't recall what side of the sea you're from, but I know that Bare Feet Shoes are getting in some eye-catching knee-high boots in stock. i tried them on at the store today & found them to be mighty nice, probably better in a skirt than my work pants, haha. I don't know how high you're looking, especially with a platform, but I'd suggest checking the site for an idea on what you might be going for. They pretty much have the stiletto boots & the thicker heeled boots so choose your fancy & let things fall in place~
  14. I'm going to get straight to the point of this topic: Have you ever second-guessed a pair of heels that you thought you were for certain you wanted, but backed out on getting for the time being? I Just did that a few hours ago at Payless. I'm looking hard at some clogs for work, and am pretty set on some heels to attend a H.S. play this week, opening night. They're doing their BOGO sale again & I was hoping to go in, get both pairs of shoes, and walk out. Alas....*Sigh* I'm mainly worried about the acceptance I'd receive for them at work. A reviewer on the Payless site stated he had gotten them for his job, but his job & mine - stocker at a big-name company - are two totally different jobs, & people might not always see eye-to-eye with you. Or, if you're lucky, they won't even bat an eye. Safe to say I'm hoping for the latter. I also have not bought a pair of heels in quite some time, which is weird because, especially when I have money, I usually don't hesitate so much that I have to wonder if the pair is worth the price tag (which is 35$). It could be a combination of the price &, again, the fear of acceptance if I should wear them to work. I went to the store after work & turns out my work pants don't even come close to covering them as I had anticipated. I included the pair in question in the attachment.
  15. Bordello/pleaser Teeze-06W

    Any pics of them on? I'm growing quite curious of how they look, with prior knowledge and view of when I owned a pair (size 12s; they fit, but were rather tight, small fit as people stated but still wearable). I'm especially curious now because I feel as though I've seen a lady wearing them at, of all places (but on a Sunday), a Chuck E. Cheese today. Safe to say: curiosity spiked up!