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  1. I am leaving this site, never to return, all because the "moderator", Tech, decided that professionalism does not belong in Private Messages. Please do not make an assumption about a person from just looking at their profile, or by a simple mistake. I am Sicilian. NOT American. I hold citizenship, but I am not American. I am also not the simpleton that Tech seems to think I am. This site needs help. IF there is a "Girls only" forum, then block it from the guys. There, problem eliminated. Same for the "Guys only" forum; block it from the girls. Again, Problem eliminated. I have sent another private message to Tech, telling him to delete my profile. Thank you very much for all of your kind words over the few years I was here, and for all the support of the wonderful people who occupy this forum on a daily basis, minus Tech. May you all be successful in everything you attempt, and may you all be blessed in everything you do.
  2. So... the other day, I was browsing the forums here at HHPlace. I wandered into the "For Girls Only" forum, and noticed that one post was asking for help about sizing a pair of heels. Pleaser heels to be more accurate. I replied to her post with helpful information, from experience, as I own many many pairs of Pleaser heels. This is what I posted: I have purchased pleaser shoes in the past. This is what I have noticed about Pleaser. If you are getting the Seduce Pumps, sizing also depends on the heel height. The 4 inch pumps I got ran about a half size small, where the 6 inch Scream pumps were about a full size too big. Both shoes were ordered in a US 11. The 5 inch heels fit almost perfectly, but they were a little narrow, so if you are going with anything Pleaser, MAKE SURE you figure out the width of your feet. If you go too narrow, you will be hurting after a little bit of time, whereas too wide and you will have more blisters than you could imagine. Also, pay close attention to the price of the shoes wherever you are buying them. Some retailers buy in bulk at a cheap price, but seem to be lacking in the QA department. I have had to return three pair of Pleaser shoes, that I bought from discount stores online (my fault), because of poor construction. You also want to do the stand up test with all pleaser shoes with a narrow heel. If he shoe stands up by itself, the heel is centered correctly and will be much more comfortable than if it falls over. Hope this info helps you out a bit. This is what I see in my personal inbox today! You have received an infraction at High Heel Place. Reason: Guy Posting in the girls forum ------- Guy Posting in the girls forum ------- This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. Original Post: http://www.hhplace.org/girls/16336-p...tml#post236425 All the best, High Heel Place __________________ Heels 4 Men - Guys in heels, as guys! - Download our free HHPlace toolbar This is my reply: So you are telling me that JUST because I am a guy that I cannot offer help to a girl who was asking for help? That is retarded. I know that that forum is for girls only. I know that there is a guys only forum. I simply read the post, noticed that the GIRL who posted the post was asking for help on a pair of HIGH HEEL SHOES, which is what this site is all about, right? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don't care about getting the infraction. You can give me another one if you want. There was a question asked out there and I had an answer so I answered the question. If this is how you feel about someone helping someone else, please feel free to let me know. If this BS is how you run your site, please feel free to start banning a lot of your users, because I am sure they feel the same way. Does anyone else feel the same way I do, that just because it is the "for girls only" forum, that guys with experience and answers to questions shouldn't post them in this forum? I feel the same way about the "for guys only" forum. What kind of sexist crap is this anyway, when the site is about HIGH HEELS and we still have to buy into the media's segregation of men / women in heels? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully before the admins remove this post and ban my account for life.
  3. Thank you for that inf. I didn't know that something this extreme would have been tolerated in any market back in the 30's. That is really great info. If you happen to run into any place that even has pictures, could you please let me know? I would be greatful.
  4. I just bought two pair of new heels. I bought a pair of Ellie 5" classic pumps with an ankle strap in black patent, and a pair of Devious Scream-12 6" pumps with no platform and a steel heel. Still trying to perfect walking in the Screams, but standing is not anywhere as big an issue as my ballet boots. The Ellie's are very comfy and I have little to no difficulty wearing them.
  5. I have spent the better part of three months searching for someone who can either sell or make a type of fetish shoe that I saw a very very long time ago. They were essentially ballet boots with ah heel that was anywhere from 2 to 6 inches longer than they needed to be. As a better visual, try to imagine a normal ballet boot. Now think of the boot with a heel that touches the ground 2 - 6 inches below the toe, with no platform. Basically it is completely impossible for the toe to touch the ground. You would be standing on nothing be the heel. Obviously these are in no way shape of form going to be used for any type of walking or standing activity heh heh. If there is anyone out there that could help, please, please let me know. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you. I have added more to my facebook and Myspace recently, but I am not sure if they are more recent than your message. www.facebook.com/mckailah.autumn and www.myspace.com/mckailah_autumn If you send me a message or friend request to the facebook or Myspace, I will respond and add you as soon as I get the chance. McKailah

  7. I would have to say that being in the military we do 12.6 mile Ruck Marches twice per year. Doing 12.6 miles in combat boots, with a 50 lb. ruck sack is extremely challenging. I could only imagine doing a 26 mile walk in heels. I would absolutely love to attempt it, but I don't see that happening in the near future. I voted for the Dolly 50, but the Betty 1 or Divine 440 should be suitable, a long as you make sure to use gel insoles and give the shoes at least a month of steady wear for breaking in. Also, if you are to do this marathon, be sure to use microfiber walking socks. They are two layered socks that runners use because all of the friction on the heel is absorbed in the two layers rubbing together. You could also try a well fitted pair of microfiber tights with a pair of microfiber knee highs under them, but that would also generate a lot of heat and keeping cool, along with proper hydration, are essential for doing any type of walking over 5 miles.
  8. Great collection of heels..

  9. It seems as if you may have poor circulation in your feet, or either they are just really cold at about 2 o'clock. However, you stated that they hurt when you bend them. This could be caused by a bunch of different things, but I will post here about themost prevalent three. 1. Poor circulation. Standing in the altered position of high heels, you are placing more of your weight on the balls of your feet, thereby causing the larger blood vessels in your feet to become constricted. You can usually help to aleviate this by adding a gell insert into your heels. They give the foot a softer place to lie than the sole of the shoe, and also help to relieve strain placed on the ball of your feet. 2. Cold. Simply put, get a thick pair of hose or something to cover your feet while wearing your heels at 2 o'clock. 3. a tendon issue. You could have a stretched, perforated, torn, microtorn, inflammed, or overcontracted tendon. All of these conditions should be checked out by a doctor. You should try different stretching exercises for your feet if you have been determined to have one or more of these issues. Have a wonderful day. McKailah
  10. I can suggest two things to help compensate for the way you walk when walking flat. Dr Scholls has a heel pad that corrects the alignment of your heel to arch that simply sits in the heel section of your shoe. When you wear flats or any other flat soled shoe, place a pair of these in your shoe. It will correct the alignment of your foot when walking flat. There is also another heel insert that is made for high heel shoes. You could try those out as well. You will probably notice a good bit of pain relief, as these inserts realign your foot, thereby realigning every joint up to your lower back. The other thing I can offer is that before walking around flat, sit in the pike position (on the floor with your legs outstretched and together, flat on the floor), take a towel or belt and place it around the balls of your feet, then grasping both ends of the towel or belt gently pull towards your torso stretching your feet, arches, ankles, and calves. Hold this GENTLE stretch until you feel the tightening of your calf muscles start to subside, the rest for about 30 seconds and repeat two or three times. Over the course of about a month, you should be able to wear flats or heels without a lot of difficulty. This stretch is used by many people in the dance profession so that they can easily transition between heels and flats. Remember though, I am not a doctor, so practice this at your own discresion.
  11. Me and my wife both play Guild Wars. She also plays a lot of other PC games, like Icewind Vale and a lot of the other lower end games. My Guild Wars name is Chief Wannaslapaho. I have a few other characters, and a lot has changed since my return home. Look me up if anyone is ever online with Guild Wars. Also look for www.myspace.xcom/chiefwannaslapaho.
  12. I finally made it home safely from my deployment and almost killed myself the other night trying to walk in my ballet boots. I can stand in them but cannot walk in them yet. I am practicing in them a lot and wear them to bed at night to help with the stretching and aclimatizing myself to them, and will have some pictures soon. Right now, the only pictures I have are of my wife sitting on the bed modeling them for me while I was in Iraq, but soon enough there will be more pic tures and I will post them.
  13. No. The shoes were the focal point of my avatar, my wife put them on and took some pictures for me, but sadly, it is not me. I do have a picture of myself on my profile though in 3 inch block heel go go boots.
  14. I drive a 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXi. My wife drives a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe sitting on 36 inch tires.
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