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  1. very sexy!!!

  2. I know this thread is old - hopefully still viewed! I was a fan of the Teeze line when I first saw it, and have YET to get some, but still planning on it! My favorite is the "TEEZE-16" velvet oxford in either black OR red Does anyone have these and how do they look and fit? I also had an idea for a variation of the TEEZE platform... made into a knee boot. Look in my photo album for a mock-up I made. I sent it to Pleaser and suggested the design, but never heard back. What do you think?? (let me know if you cant find the pic)
  3. very nice pics.... nice collection!

  4. Hi Susie, Love your shoe pics and you look great laced up too!

  5. love your pics!!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my boots - I do love those boots, probably my favorite pair (right now anyway!) I bought them at the mall, and put them on in the car. Then I took that pic with my cell phone! Couldn't wait to get them on

  7. thanks for the pic comment. would love to chat sometime!

  8. Hi Busty, and welcome to the forum Would love to see some pics of your sexy Barbie feet, and some of your sexy heels too of course! Hope to see more of you soon!
  9. Hi Jonno - I think you are in the right place! Welcome to the forum (from another newbie) ((who also happens to be a platform heel lover - for a long time as well)) Enjoy!
  10. Guten tag Bootwalker! (aber mein deutsch ist nicht sehr gut!) Welcome to the forum - I am new too - I am from USA Have fun!!
  11. Hi Laurie, and hello to everyone else too:smile: I just signed up and am trying to make my rounds and meet some of you wonderful people here. Hope to hear back and am looking forward to getting to know everybody a little better.
  12. Hi everyone - just joined and wanted to say hello. looking forward to seeing what this forum brings!
  13. Hi Annie! I am new to the forum too - in fact this is my first post (hello everyone else too!) Always love a women in high heels - would love to see your pics. So welcome I guess and look forward to seeing your posts!
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