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  1. This afternoon, while reviewing some videos posted on YouTube, I happened upon one of a busker playing his guitar on Oxford Street in London. The performance was magnificent. But, what really caught my attention was the people in the background that you could see walking around behind him. An excellent cross section view of everyday footwear worn by average men and women in London. Men wearing sneakers and work shoes. Women wearing sneakers and other flat shoes. Occasionally you would catch a glimpse of a girl wearing a pair of ankle boots with low heels. But no high heels. Disappointing.If you stood on a corner here in my city you would see about the same pattern. Except there would be more Crocks and sandal because of our warmer weather. The video alone is worth watching. The person performing, Miguel Montalbon, is playing his interpretation of “The Sultans of Swing.” I’ve been wearing 5” heels for years. As is normal for anyone learning to wear heels, it takes practice. My system for learning to wear shoes with higher heels is to put them on, stand up and take 50 steps before sitting down. And, after resting for a while, doing another session increasing the number of steps. Important: Stop when you are tired. Began again the next day and increase the number of steps each session.
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  2. I want to wear them more publicly, but lack the confidence, skills to rock those heels properly. I'm getting to the point where I have the confidence to rock red boots in most public settings, but my skills just won't allow it. I just can't seem to break the 5" heel barrier. I have no problems with my 4.5" nine west black stiletto booties though...
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  3. Not to change the subject but at 08:45, a few minutes ago, there were 325 visitors listed as browsing this site. Looking at the “activity” section, I found only one person has posted a comment since 11 P.M. last night. What a shame! So much interest and so little comment.
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  4. Ah MDW - my old neighborhood - off the NE corner of the runways! Boots - Inferno from Raye (top)/Sorbern (bottom w/black & white skirt). Thanks for the vote! Gorgeous outfit - I guess I am going to have to step up my game! 😁❤️
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