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  1. Just go for them. I have them in a rainbow of colors and I do wear them out and about. It's a lot of fun to wear my go-go boots. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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  2. Very kind and loving of your mother to allow you to experiment in heels. I too fancied a pair og go-go boots when I was a kid - white, in my case, an ambition that remains unfulfilled all these decades later. Someday...
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  3. I had always loved wearing women's shoes. When I was about 11 years old, I put on a pair of my mom's open toe wedge sandals (2.5 inch heel) and wore them occasionally around the house. Even though they were a little large, I loved the feeling of walking in them. I was eventually caught, and my mom told me that I could wear them and other shoes except for her best shoes which were off-limits. I started wearing my mom's nylon knee highs with the shoes that she allowed me to wear. Unfortunately, her bright red GoGo boots were off-limits, but when she was not home, I would secretly wear them. I loved the shiny patent red leather and the feel of the boots on my feet and legs made me feel like a queen.
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  4. Wow! Sweetie you are really a beautiful and sassy lady! You have beautiful legs and exquisite taste in heels. Love the pink and black pumps, so feminine!
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