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  1. You should try a a pedicure with fire engine red nail polish and while french tips. I love it.
  2. I love your choice of sandals, however if you really want to improve the look with sandals i suggest a professional pedicure with fire engine red nail polish. You can never go wrong with red toenails and you will get a lot of compliments.
  3. I get a mani/pedi every two weeks in a local nail salon. I wear clear polish on my fingers but my toenails are always polished in a bright fire engine red. One of the girls that I work with jokingly say that I have "hooker red toenails". The pedicure foot massage is very relaxing and is a wonderful experience. I always wear open toe thong sandals that have no possibility of smudging my pretty toes. I also get eyebrow waxing and have become friends with the owner of the salon and some of the nail techs. They treat me just like another girl getting her nails done. It is such a relaxing experience and I really feel like a queen. After getting my toenails polished I go the nail dryer station and talk with the women drying their nails. The best part is leaving with ten perfectly polished red toenails that are so pretty in my sandals.
  4. Why not just buy women's boots and forget about men's?
  5. Do you ever feel feminine when wearing high heels? Looking down at my 3.5 inch wedge thong sandals and 10 professionally pedicured fire engine red toenails makes me feel feminine. I get a lot of compliments on my sandals and red toenails from women. It is really a good feeling. Most men will never understand what it is like to "feel pretty". Jamie
  6. Why not add some color? If you wear open-toe sandals, it is really necessary.
  7. Why not go as Wonder Woman and wear red high-heel boots?
  8. My toenails are always professionally pedicured and are always fire engine red. I get a lot of compliments on my pedicures and choice of color. One of the girls that I work with calls my toenail color "Hoochie Mama Red".
  9. I like the sandals, however if you want to really complete the look with a nice feminine touch, I suggest getting a professional pedicure with bright red nail polish. You can't go wrong with red toenails and you will get a lot of compliments.
  10. I only wear clear polish on my fingernails, but I get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks and my toenails are always polished bright fire engine red. I live in a warm climate so I can wear sandals all year round. Whenever I am not at work, my red toenails are always on display in women's sandals. I get a lot of compliments from women on my sandals and red pedicure.
  11. This article would have been even more interesting if the older son (12 or 13 years old) was into high heels and she was supportive of him wearing them. It is her 2.5 year old son that is into heels. This is considered quite normal for a 2.5 year old and it is normal for the mother to support him, so there is really nothing unusual here.
  12. Like many of you here, I have been wearing women's shoes publically for quite a few years. My friends and relatives and gotten used to seeing me in women's sandals of all types, both heeled and flat. It is just a part of who I am. I don't try to wear styles that have a masculine flare to them like a lot of members here on hhplace. Instead, I wear the sandals that I really like even if they are strappy. I do draw the line at hooker heels or extreme stillettos. I tend per perfer three to 4 inch wedge heels and am able to consistently find them at Payless and Nordstrom Rack. Most of my sandals would be considerd feminine to very feminine with beautiful colors and styles that you would neve find in men's shoes. When people see my sandals, without even seeing the heels, they immediately know that I'm wearing women's sandals because of the feminine style. Also, when they see that I have professionally pedicured fire engine red toenails like a woman, they will know immediately that I have a very strong feminine side and am not afraid to express it. I get compliments from women all of the time on my sandals and my red toenails. It is so wonderfully liberating to be able to express my internal femininity that males have been taught to suppress for many generations. It really makes me feel like a complete person and is so liberating. When people ask me why I wear women's sandals or have red toenails, I tell them that I have a strong feminine side and she needs to express herself. I am wondering how many people here really "own" their feminine side when wearing women's shoes rather than attempting to come up other reasons or to masculinize the fact that they wear women's shoes. After all, women are not afraid to express a masculine side and many women are ecourage to do it. A lot of women wear very masculine shoes like combat boots and other styles. In fact, all men's shoes styles are available for women. Women that express a masculine side are called Tomboys, but unfortunately there is no such work for a male that expresses a feminine side because males are strongly discouraged from doing this. I hope that more and more members of this site will own the fact that they wear feminine shoes and are expressing internal feminity when doing so, and will be honest in interactions with others.
  13. Why not change your mode of wearing high heels? What is the point of wearing high heels under pants? One of the purposes of high heels is so that other people can see them. After all, women wear men's shoes all of the time so there is no reason that a man can't wear women's shoes. It is really not a big deal. If you want to wear sandals, payless has a large selection especially online. If you wear sandals in the summer, I suggest a professional pedicure and bright red nail polish on your toenails. I always wear red polish on my toes with 3 inch wedge sandals and get a lot of compliments from women. You should always wear colored polish on your toenails if you wear any type of open toe sandal because it really enhances the look. Why not take a big step and just let everyone see that you wear high heels? If people ask you about the heels, just tell them that you like wearing heels. It is very liberating to wear heels and nail polish just like women do.
  14. Why would wearing heels be a bad example to students? It would teach students that we don't need to be confined to the gender specific boxes that society has created for us. Women wear masculine shoes all of time and it is not a big deal. I believe that we create a lot of these demons in our own minds. I don't see why a university professor couldn't wear heels as long as they are not outrages hooker heels or something equally impractical.
  15. Aly, Whenever I'm not at work I wear women's sandals (all heel heights) and professionally pedicures fire engine red toenails. In your reply you stated that you were wearing wedge sandals and red toenails to work and that you worked for a major semiconductor manufacturer. When wearing your sandals to work and when you were teaching classes, did you ever have any issues with management regarding your footwear/red toenails? Did coworkers or students ask you questions about your footwear/red toenails? What answer did you give them? Wearing feminine sandals and red toenails to work is my next step and I'm wondering what to expect.
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