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  1. OPI Big Apple Red is my go to toenail color. Jamie
  2. A lot of women have complimented my pedicure. When they compliment my pedicure, I always ask them about the red color that I usually wear (OPI Big Apple Red). They all seem to love this color and many of them proceed to tell me that if you are going to have painted toenails, they should be "RED". They tell me that red goes with any color sandal and that it is a timeless classic color that can be worn with anything on any occasion. Also many of them tell me that you just can't go wrong with red toenails. All of these women can't be wrong. I have tried other colors in the past, but always go back to red. When I'm having a bad day, it really cheers me up to look down and see ten perfectly pedicured sassy red toenails shining in the sunlight. Here is an interesting article about red toenail polish that attempts to prove that is is the most popular toenail color. https://whyevolutionistrue.com/2016/07/02/why-is-red-nail-polish-so-popular/ Here is a YouTube video about men that getting an OPI manicure with colored polish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JssKGxhiR2c Jamie
  3. There is nothing more relaxing than visiting a nail salon for a manicure/pedicure. I go to nail salons at least once per month in my normal feminine male mode (Women's hair style, women's Yoga pants, women's purse, and women's low-heel thong sandals. It is so relaxing to get completely pampered for over an hourly. There are no expectations, you are just one of the girls getting your nails done. The foot massage is heavenly and the nail polish application is perfection. I feel like a queen when I leave the nail salon with my red toenails glistening in the sunlight. I always wear women's sandals to show off my pedicure and I get a lot of compliments on the choice of color; the most recent compliment from a woman while standing in the Costco checkout line. We compared pedicures and discussed local nail salons. I always wear red polish on my toes because it is classic and is beautiful with my pale skin. Women always tell me that you can never go wrong with bright red toenails. In addition, in the past few years nail polish of all different colors for males is going more mainstream. I was buying hair color at Sally's Beauty Supply yesterday and the girl working there told me that her father has been getting pedicures for the past two years and always wears colored polish on his toes. Several rappers and Machine Gun Kelly have nail polish lines for guy even though there is no difference between women's nail polish and guys nail polish. It's all in the marketing. Get other there and Here is a pic of me getting my latest pedicure.
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