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    Had a nice day out today at Meadowhall shopping centre, walked around for about 5 hours in my new look knee high boots over my skinny jeans and tried loads of gorgeous boots, had plenty of interaction with staff and all in all had a brilliant time these were tried on in Moda in Pella Dune Kurt Geiger
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    Reiss Reiss again and the dreaded pull ons, hence the reason I’ve only got 1 on michael Korrs There were loads more pairs tried on that i didn’t take pictures of, was in my element really and also found time for a cheeky little latte in Costa whilst wearing my boots, think I need a week off more often
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    Cali, Go for the leggings, if not for work, just wear them out and about. I do. Wearing leggings is so very comfortable and I wear them out a lot. Being so comfy that's why women all love wearing leggings. Tonight I ran some shopping errands in a pair of orange stripe/ black leggings, with a black top, orange puffy down vest with my Aerosoles, "Tall Grass" mid calf booties, with 3-1/2" chunky heels. I carried my black cross body bag.(A must when you wear leggings) This ensemble was for early Halloween look. On Thursday, I will be wearing my Halloween patterned leggings in black with orange pumpkins , white ghosts and candy corn , among other prints. Gonna pair them with a black henley shirt with an orange tee over the top with a big jack-o-lantern print on the front. Add my orange puffy down vest. I'll add my black, Aerosoles booties and I'll be all set to celebrate Halloween. BTW, my wife will be wearing a matching pair of leggings to our family Halloween party. Happy Halloween and Heeling, bluejay
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    Hey everyone! I got interested in heels quite a while ago and i never had a chance to take them out. I only wore them inside when nobody was there to see me. Last year I have travelled to England to study there but after a year I have returned to take a break from studying. Back on topic tho. I did wear heels there but I never had the confidence to take them to school or anything along those lines. This year I finally forced myself to change that. I went out on saturday to work in heels (seen below) and stayed in them the entire day. To be honest it was only for 3 hours and I was alone there (working at a shoe shop) so it wasn't that scary but I was so excited that I walked in them all the way to work and back. I have to say that I always said to myself that people do not care but you never actually believe it untill you go out. Nobody noticed who cared enough to say something and people that did notice did not say anything. I am so happy that through this I gained the courage to go out in them. I will keep you updated at what is happening but it will not be too often. (have only 1 from 3 saturdays in a row).
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    Yeah i did to be fair, one jealous young girl who tried on the same boots as me and couldn’t zip them up, that made me feel good to be honest
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    Here's the outfit I put together, inspired by a photo in another thread. I went both shopping for a new TV and also went to the mall, shopping for clothes and for lunch in the food court. I felt it looked good and was confident. No one seemed to take any notice, despite the obvious display.
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    Yeah i think I’m going to have to look into skirts and tights because it can be quite difficult over jeans, even the Moda in pella thigh boots was a bit of a challenge
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    Video of me spinning a girl on my back, while wearing heels. Most girls squeal. She was a bit unemotional.
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    It does beat 2004, I too was around then as well and remember both TheFashionSpot.com and the Elle thread you started.
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    Agreed, they don't suit me either. But who am I to judge. BEATS 2004, when we had to crusade for awareness (Arctic, JeffB, Bubba and a few others were around then). Back then style.com was the "online home of Vogue, W" and was the single most powerful site in the fashion industry. TheFashionSpot.com was the other, but that was a message board. Style.com (the modern Vogue) deleted my heels for men thread. Now they are supportive of men in heels. *off topic...me thinks my belief in Bitcoin will enjoy the same justice with time.
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    Most of the time I have people sitting in front of me with their eyes waist high, so I have to be concern with modesty I just got faux leather pants last month, they are great. I recently expand the stores I shop at and pushing the limits of what a man looks like and wears.
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    Cali, As far as longer tops, I do buy the tall sizes in tops both men's and women's. They do provide that extra 2-3" of coverage but I'm not really concerned that much about coverage, as JeffB points out. I really love wearing leggings. I probably have over 80 pairs including regular length and capri length. Light weight styles for summer wear, regular weight for fall and spring and heavy weight fleece lined leggings for winter wear. Every time I see some new leggings , I just have to buy them whether they are solid colors or pattern. I have them for all the holiday, too. You can never have too many pairs of leggings! Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    I can fit into a size 10 sometimes, depending on the fit. I would especially make the effort if the boots looked like the ones you posted! They look great, hope you can find the size you need!
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    And yet another pro men in heels article from US Vogue. Again written by Christian Allaire. He does a great job keeping up to date on which male celebs are wearing heels. https://www.vogue.com/vogueworld/article/marc-jacobs-hiking-shoes-rick-owens-heels
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    I did a trial run on my Halloween costume over the weekend and found out that the skirt was rolling over. So I went back to the store to find out if a smaller skirt would stopped it. So I need a size 10. I went to the large mall and on the way to Express you pass by a Forever 21. Since I have seen heels that looked fun on their website, I decided to go in and look at what they sold. So glad I did. I found some great high heeled boots with full zippers. They are cheap (under $50) Made in China boots. They had several knee high boots with 5+ inch heels AND full zippers. Two had pointed toes and two rounded toes. I found a size 10 in block heel version and they were comfortable. But I wanted the stiletto version first but they did not have size 10 in that store. They looked thru their stock. They have they on-line, but I going to try another store first before ordering on-line. These are out of reach for most of you since they only stock and carry up to size 10. Lucky I'm a size 10. Has anybody bought shoes from Forever 21?
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    Thanks Jeff. Worth 2 pairs. Really, I've worn my pants tucked into these boots in soo many contexts: Toastmasters (public speaking), business meetings (not corporate. entrepreneurial), dates, out with friends (male and female)...too many to write down. It's such a non-event it becomes laborious to document it. Not just in NYC either--all over the world.
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    Yes. Very impressive! which brand ?
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    You must tell me your secret! That’s one part of my body that my wife wishes I had! She says it’s too much of a typical guy’s behind, ha!
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    They look very good from here, @KneeBooted. And instead of the sock, you could try the very thin kind, or even short hosiery socks - might give a better fit?
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    Well the new-to-me boots arrived on Friday, and with the in-laws having departed my Saturday morning, I decided to try them on. Whenever you purchase something second-hand AND you don’t get to see them in person, pictures always try to tell the best story. Unfortunately, these beauties aren’t in perfect shape. I had asked the seller if there were any defects/spots/wear to which they said no, but that was not the case. However, my wife and I both looked at them and decided that they look good enough, and were cheap enough, that they’re worth keeping. I got them from the Poshmark app for $26 plus shipping and tax, which came out to about $35. These are $130 when new from Aldo! The fit is fairly decent. With my usual socks, my right big toe felt a little squished but not so bad that I needed to take them off. Can’t wait for the cooler weather to rock these beauties!
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    Chesterx and others who are hesitant to wear heels in public. One thing that I did early on (I have been wearing heels publicly for 20+ years), was to force myself - for lack of a better term - to get over my perceived shyness about being in public, was to take a trip somewhere and only bring gals shoes. No male backup shoes, none. But I would bring one pair of gals sandals that did have a bit of a unisex look - for the high heel in public phobia panic attack! Yes that does happen when you start, but you will get over it wth time. It was nerve wracking at first but with time I relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling of being in public in high heels. Another advantage was that being away from home, there was less likely a chance that I would run into someone I knew. As has been mentioned by others here, to my surprise, not many folks notice, and even fewer comment. As a matter of fact it has been at least 3 years or more since anyone has mentioned my heels, and I wear heels out quite often. By getting out away from home, I felt less venerable, was able to practice wearing high heels (yes it does take some - not much, but some - practice) and build my confidence. Another suggestion, have a story ready in case someone asks why the heck are you wearing high heels? The (very) few times I have been asked, I tell them that I got the heels to wear to a charity event (true), and enjoyed wearing the shoes, now why let then moulder away in a closet somewhere when they can be used for a good purpose and I mention the name of the charity as well. I leave out the part about how I have been attracted to gals shoes since I was a kid, a conversation for another time. ha ha... Anyway, my "free" advice, for what it's worth.... Don't hide them heels !!!! Have fun.... sf
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    Right on, right on, right on...... Discussion of, and wearing of high heels is so much more pleasurable, and tolerant.... As a matter of fact, today is a beautiful day in SoCal, so I will be going out soon to run some errands in my Nine West "Fields" ankle strap sandals. Sandals that are very enjoyable and fun to wear..... Have fun.... sf
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    Hello Today I decided to push the look a little further ( see pic) I wore these clothes and shoes for going to a self storage where I keep some not really useful things, including some pairs of shoes I had to wait for the elevator with 3 other people. They looked at me and started giggling.One guy,( the other were a man and a woman) pretend he has to go urgently to the bathroom.The reason was he wasn’t able to refrain laughing because of me Don’t even think I have been affected with that behavior. The question is:what is your opinion.I usually wear real typical men clothes plus shoes with Cuban or block heels.In general visible.But nothing more extreme or could have anyLGTB connotation So today was a test and I am just wondering if In your opinion anything is wrong Any comment will be appreciated Pierre

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