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    Just taken delivery of some Onlymaker 5" nude heels from Amazon. Size 9, heel measures 13cm.
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    Thats impressive how well you pass! Btw you have a very good taste in term of clothes! I’m not into very fem look but I must admit that you may enjoy to sometimes go out fully dressed!
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    Thanks for the compliments everyone. Did not expect that the looks would pass as woman. It was only an experiment and was nervous the moment I walk out of my car and start walking. I think im going to do this again sometime because i like it. Love how it feels. @MackyHeels i really appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you. I just put together the womens clothes that I have but unfortunately i dont have any blouse in the closet. My nails are polished with plain nude color on it. Tried before putting eyelashes and eyeliner but never got it right and too much of a hassle. My brows are fairly shaped so im good with that. Btw the hair is only wig.
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    You look great.. Easily passable.. Well done you..!!
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    Oh yeah, that looks amazing, really feminine
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    I think the same. Classic high stiletto. Nice Looks like you like the very high ones
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    you look phenomenal, truly amazing.
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    So is the home office. Although I always give thought to what I am wearing when I am working, and make a point to look presentable.
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    The around the house/apartment zone is the "do whatever the hell you want zone" so mixing and matching has no consequence. HinH
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    Looks pretty well put together! Awesome!!!
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    Nice presentation! Love your look. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Around the house I mix athletic and heels all the time, but not outside.
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    Well done on finding a style that you’re comfortable with, would be great to see some pictures, you don’t have to include your head, and if you’ve passed the test of the public I’m sure they’ll be accepted on here
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    Probably when kicking some ass in a dark alley? Seriously, these are not new--my elder son had a pair for a while, minus the heel, but he's somewhat obsessed with all things Japanese. I really don't every expect to run into a pair of these on the streets of Iowa, or even Chicago anytime soon. Well, ever.
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    Bonjour Pierre1961, Et voici la nouvelle mode! And so is born a new look! It is compelling for sure so keep going. Bien faite. HinH
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    I agree with pebbles.
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    I don't disagree with anything you've said at all, but the history of this particular website is a bit less simple. You know, there used to be women on hhplace and its predecessors who actually wrote about high heels and fashion on a regular basis. Those days, for one reason or another, are evidently over. HHPlace has essentially become a men's forum, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. History has brought us to the place we are today, and I believe we are a unique community--a place where men can come together and discuss fashion and beauty without much judgment. I won't say there is NO judgment, but very little compared with the outside world. Furthermore, although everyone here will admit to having a bit of a fetish about one thing or other below the knees, we largely police ourselves so that it doesn't become the main object of the discussion. This is a FASHION website first and foremost, and I am proud to be a member and contributor here for that reason. I like to think of us as the most normal screwed up people you'll ever meet! At least, that's what I keep telling my wife. . .

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