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  1. Nice pics. Do you have good experiences with Onlymaker? I bought one pair, but the heels wasn't stable and broke quite soon.
  2. User47

    Mr. X's travels

    I like that outfit, really tasteful
  3. @Stiletto15 Nice new shoes, I like this style
  4. Yeah, some people can even high and difficullt heels as if they are no challange to wear and walk in them. But I am pretty sure that for many people those heels are a challenge every time they wear them. What doesn't mean that they cannot walk in them and wear them a longer time, but I think they won't say "they are easy to walk" So lucky guy
  5. I can imagine. What do you mean by " they are a dream"?
  6. Great experience. I hope you are still together with this woman
  7. I like the pointy shoes and the toe cleavage
  8. They look amazing. How easy/ hard is it to walk in them?
  9. From which brand are they? I am still looking for some very high wedges like your two pics, but maybe in a different style
  10. I think the answer is not that easy. The outfit looks fine for me, BUT I think this is related to a leggings and heels. A leggings is not a sport outfit only, it became to a normal outfit, which women can wear even as business dress with heels. Think about a man who wears a leggings with buiness leather flats. I don't think that this would look nice.
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