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  1. To think positiv, she was walking in those 5" heels for hours and now she is done, which would be understandable. In any case we should think positive, even if she struggles with those shoes, she is wearing them. Maybe not long and maybe with pain after a short time, but still better then sneakers And mybe she get used to them by wearing them more often.... I wouldn't say that women wear heels only for special events. I think many of them like heels, but don't like the restraints. Yeah, with the after dinner walk it is a mess.... I wouldn't expect a woman to have a 5 mile after dinner walk, but walking a few hundret yards up to a mile, shouldn't be a problem!
  2. I like them, pointy toe box, with block heel and nice shape. Nice boots. But I like also your legs, looks very good in this shinny oantyhose and the miniskirt - stylish
  3. Nice pics. Do you have good experiences with Onlymaker? I bought one pair, but the heels wasn't stable and broke quite soon.
  4. User47

    Mr. X's travels

    I like that outfit, really tasteful
  5. @Stiletto15 Nice new shoes, I like this style
  6. Yeah, some people can even high and difficullt heels as if they are no challange to wear and walk in them. But I am pretty sure that for many people those heels are a challenge every time they wear them. What doesn't mean that they cannot walk in them and wear them a longer time, but I think they won't say "they are easy to walk" So lucky guy
  7. I can imagine. What do you mean by " they are a dream"?
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