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  1. From which brand are they? I am still looking for some very high wedges like your two pics, but maybe in a different style
  2. I think the answer is not that easy. The outfit looks fine for me, BUT I think this is related to a leggings and heels. A leggings is not a sport outfit only, it became to a normal outfit, which women can wear even as business dress with heels. Think about a man who wears a leggings with buiness leather flats. I don't think that this would look nice.
  3. Those look very good. Maybe some more pics from them?
  4. That's an amzing collection. Standing 12 hours in those shoes, incredible. Normaly I don't like wedges, but those cork wedges with the handbag look great. I saw those abllett trainers already, and somewhere I saw a DIY to save money
  5. Great dress, would like to see how it looks on you
  6. @balletboot Sounds good to hear that you two had discussions. I think that is the way, to talk to each other and to find a way.
  7. Looks quite good. Nice hose and fitting shoes
  8. Oh yeah, that looks amazing, really feminine
  9. I think the same. Classic high stiletto. Nice Looks like you like the very high ones
  10. Nice bbots, like them under the jeans. Nice bbots, pointy and nice heel.
  11. I think you found exact the explanation for what kanye is looking. The first one "only" bends the foot at the toes and not at the arch. The second one bends the foot at two points, the toes and the rach. Also you confirmed what I thought. I think a shoes which is bend at the arch is very hard to walk with. The only thing is to bend the shoe/ feet a bit at the arch and the rest is the optical impression, because the bend at the arch has to be 90 degree, so that the leg is in a line with the heel.
  12. I like toe cleavage. Not always, but if the toe box is short and the toes look sexy, yes
  13. How did she react and can she walk in them?
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