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  1. She did a big challange. If she was not used to those high heels, it was realy hard. But great that she managed it and perhaps she will get used to them!
  2. What is about day time? Only this heels?
  3. Very very nice heels, good shoot
  4. I like number 5
  5. Crazy that she can walk in them.
  6. You must be very happy. Great woman wearing very sexy shoes.
  7. Very nice wife! Great shoesand my respect that she worn them so long time.
  8. I think 2,5 inch is not a very high heel. I think if she has problem with this it will be hard to change
  9. Sexy shoes. I believe your wife was the best heeld wife
  10. Hi all, I am from Germany, male, and like heels.