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  1. I've just taken delivery of these 5" heeled sandals from Amazon. They're really easy to wear and I'm a little bit in love with them :)
  2. I took delivery of these yesterday from Amazon. 5" heel and 1" platform. Super comfy!
  3. I have two pairs like this and think they're superb quality. Very comfortable and sturdy.
  4. I've just took delivery of some new Only Maker 5" heels. They're so nice for the money
  5. Quality is good, and they were far better than I expected them to be. Reviews said they come up large, but I'm a size 9 and they are spot on!
  6. Just taken delivery of some Onlymaker 5" nude heels from Amazon. Size 9, heel measures 13cm.
  7. Amazing, would you be able to share a link?
  8. Yes it's me, thanks for the compliment
  9. Wow, may I ask where they're from?
  10. Congrats Aristoc! At least it means I can stop crossing my fingers now
  11. Some top quality entries here for sure. Well done everyone
  12. Yes, I'm a guy. I didn't realise my profile was set to that, I will change
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