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    Keep on heeling everybody !
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    Hello one and all. I am a new member and was introduced to the website by my current boyfriend. Who had recently came out to me about his fascination with heels. The news was not hard to accept, for my very own stepfather, has the same hobby. And made me realize that this is not a bad thing. But a new normal. That there are many men out there like themselves, who are struggling to find a healthy balance and not be judged or shamed. I admire him for his courage and honesty. The strength it took for him to tell another person, has made me respect him even more so. I accept him for who he is. Heels and all. And if this is what makes him happy and feel himself...I am 100% supportive. Our relationship has grown tremendously with our honesty. If there are other women or men out there who are like us. Please feel free to comment and give us your feedback, support and love. Thank you for your time...look forward to hearing from everyone.
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    GrlNxtDR... I have written about this elsewhere, but long ago I told my wife - girlfriend at the time - about my desire, inclination, fascination, whatever you call it, for gals shoes. Long story, she accepted me and the shoes and many years later we are still married and occasionally wear heels together!! We even have done our own "photo shoot" of us out in our heels. She's a great gal and it has been fun. I consider myself very blessed. Support each other... Take care.... sf PS I won't post our pictures here, don't want to steal your thunder - ha ha...
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    If you were a woman wearing very high heels they would probably have said the same thing, though. They undoubtedly think high heels are “stupid” shoes full stop.
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    Yes. Horror is the right word. Some people saw my heels as I left the plane. Looked at me as I was walking in front of us,trying to reach as fast as possible the passports control. Suddenly the noise of the breaking heel. 50 meters away was the first chair.Seems to be so far! I sat and opened my case to grab the sneakers I had inside it. As I was working on that change I clearly eared a couple saying " ah! The crazy guy with the stupid shoes finally had to make a change".My feeling wasn't: what a shame for me. No. But just : f..k you ! Now i have to learn from all these things. I won't give up. No worry. Pierre
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    So I put some more images from my Buffalo ankle Booties online. This is the style I go heeling the last time, those booties are very comfortable to wear. The first 10 seconds are always a high blood pressure situation, although I do this now over 12 or 13 years, but after the 10 sec. everything is fine and it feels just normal to wear High Heels. I think those block heels belongs to HighHeels, they are 12,5cm high with a 1,5cm Plat. So the next couple weeks and month I will bother you with those booties and with my 12cm Pumps from FUSS ( see attachment ) . Maybe I will check out some other Heels from my collection to wear outdoors. So happy heeling everybody, come on, show your outdoor pics !
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    What shoes do you wear to the mall? Or for that matter what clothes? Often contemplated should i wear something comfortable or stylish always dilema. https://youtu.be/zDpUEldHcBE We strive not to be trolled in the mall by silly immature people. Once we show we are comfortable what we wear people get use to to it after their initial giggling reactions. Had quick errand to run on Friday at the mall decided to wear my black heel bootie Rag & bone harrows and skinny AG distressed black faded jeans. Not my first time walking around in public or malls in them. So i was more anxious or in a hurry to leave quickly getting the errand done. Not many people at the mall around supper time. Those who i noticed me in the bootie heels were woman. Not that i was staring upon any particular woman but did notice few observation what i had on. First woman was at open Kiosk in the mall she looked over the counter as i approached passing by. She definitely glared surprised at my heel booties. Funny how females notice this quickly. Later as i was leaving i was approaching very attractive young female dressed similar to me. She was wearing tight medium wash jean leggings and dark tan block booties carrying shopping bag. She was approaching my direction as we were walking passing by. Didn't notice her at first as she came around the bend but did hear distinct click clack heel booties. Then i looked up distracted from looking upon myself, in the glass store window reflections, seen her my eyeballs bulging taking a big gulp, she definitely noticed me first, having that big sly smile on her beautiful face, as many guys on this forum can attest having similar experiences themselves when outfited in heels or feminine clothes out in public. While acting little shy, i stared ahead pretending not being fazed at her smart cute confident happy grin. Did like her outfit and pretty legs but observing myself in reflections and mirrors around the mall stores i had to have her beat, maybe she knew that don't know or my narcism. My booties were quite not a sound, leather soled suppose the quality of the booties makes them stealthy. Don't know why an attractive female seen passing by at the mall was so amused by my near perfect outfit, humbly stating a proud opinion of myself. Understanding the reactions from other females about shock, open mouth stare, or rolling eyes of disapproval snear about me in heel booties and leggings. I get it, woman disapprove of male wearing female shoes, skinny jeans they find it repulsive because of there binary taste, style of what i man should be wearing. Yet something about diva like females i see find me amusing that my outfit resembles hers, even appears better and modeled very well. My stride and walk was quick but flowed legs straight elongated firm and toned admired myself at any reflection i walked passed. Best advice is for woman that get amused by my outfits is. Let people do what they need to do that makes them happy. Mind your own business and do what you need to make you happy. Suppose that is why i walk passed many divas with stoic expression fully aware of there amusement of my appearance. Simply faking ignoring them haters not giving in to any interaction or possible bemused sarcastic comments. Such as you looking lovely they way your styled. The style is so grand if your a woman, giggle laughter.... Why bother opening up myself to backhanded compliment..
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    GrlNxtDr, I sure hope you two post some photos together as there is precious little of that anywhere. A few photos here and there but really a dearth of photos of couples wearing heels on the net generally. So, I do look forward to seeing what you two post here. Your runway is ready and waiting. So are the spectators! HappyinHeels
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    Hello everyone some news: I am on my way back. At present having a rest in the lounge.its really appreciated because the check in ,passeport control and security took me 1 hour. Standing and walking. As i am wearing the 5,5 spare shoes that were supposed to be worn only in the hotel,I admit it quite hard. After 11 hours in the plane I should have brand new feet for the arrival I hope so. Because I know the way is long in CDG 2E airport from the gate to the parking lot. And as the arrival time is around 6 pm,we could expect a long waiting time at the passeport control. French policemen are not really early birds keep you updated Pierre
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    Hi @HeelForMen this is my fave. What make and style are these ankle boots?
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    I totally agree. Brand is 'Whistles', style is 'Dee'. The heel is 4.5 inches high, no platform, very comfortable too.
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    They look great - especially with your skinny jeans! Enjoy!
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    I just got this pair from an online shop. Still in great condition. Christian louboutin in patent leopard print.
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    Thank you so much everyone for all the kind words. And encourage of my mates openness. I'll continue to be supportive of him. There is talk of a possible photo shoot. I'll have @Barr post when they are ready. Happy heeling everyone!!!
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    I like those alot. Classic pump style, black patent, and a nice heel height.

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