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    Hello one and all. I am a new member and was introduced to the website by my current boyfriend. Who had recently came out to me about his fascination with heels. The news was not hard to accept, for my very own stepfather, has the same hobby. And made me realize that this is not a bad thing. But a new normal. That there are many men out there like themselves, who are struggling to find a healthy balance and not be judged or shamed. I admire him for his courage and honesty. The strength it took for him to tell another person, has made me respect him even more so. I accept him for who he is. Heels and all. And if this is what makes him happy and feel himself...I am 100% supportive. Our relationship has grown tremendously with our honesty. If there are other women or men out there who are like us. Please feel free to comment and give us your feedback, support and love. Thank you for your time...look forward to hearing from everyone.
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    I’m afraid I missed it since my Easter Sunday tradition is to watch The Ten Commandments (the 1956 version, the ONLY version that matters). I’ll wait for the inevitable DVD release.
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    One more from me. This one also goes into the "Seniors" category, and obviously, also the "tattooed" category :-)
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    I' not trying to be mean by the way, just constructive.
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    Some new pics for the best looking legs and hees competition

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