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    I was out on another short business trip last week. A quick in and out with a lot of work with the customer. But I found some time to put my heels on and go take a walk. I posted the pictures of these boots way back on August 10, 2016 in this thread. Man, time is flying... The first night, I just went out to a restaurant near the hotel and then to the local Barnes and Noble. I had work to do back at the hotel for the next day. After that meeting, I drove back to Orlando to stay in a hotel near the airport. I was wondering where to eat, I check the restaurants at Downtown Disney. Or Disney Spring now or something. I check online and saw I could get a reservation. I sort of just dived in and left the hotel where the those boots again, leaving any other shoes in the hotel. Started getting the butterflies when I arrived because the place was packed. They have huge parking garages now and the first one was already full. Drove to the next one, farther away from the restaurant. Got out of the car, joined the crowds and headed to the restaurant. I probably stood out, but not for the heels. I’m wearing boot cut Levi’s, and most people were in shorts. At the restaurant, I was seated out in the middle of the restaurant near a busy walk way, everyone able to see my boots. Sitting down, my jeans rose up way above the heel. Maybe it was just me, but I was getting the idea a bunch of the workers were walking near the table and looking down. I was OK with it, had a great conversation with the waiter. Not about the shoes... Afterwards walked around Downtown Disney. Among litterly thousands and thousands of people. A few hours of walking. It felt great.
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    Yeah, I know spring will be here, soon I hope. Our Easter forecast is calling for some early morning snow, with temps in the mid 30's. Not my idea of sandal wearing weather. Tonight I went out wearing black knee boots, 3" block heels, black leggings, teal colored long fleece top and matching teal puffy down vest. I even went to church first, before shopping. No one paid me any attention to what I was wearing. Stopped at 3 stores to shop. Again no one paid me any attention. So bottom line, guys wear your leggings, your fears are only in your head! Happy Heeling, bluejay Wearing shorts over leggings, IMO, is a stupid look. I recently got a sale flyer from Penny's showing that look on a guy. They called them exercise tights. It's not a look for me. I wear my leggings with heels and flats too. That's a bit more feminine looking, but if you wear a long top you can pull the leggings look off, for a guy. BTW, I probably have 50 pair of leggings and I do wear the cropped, capri and shorts styles, too. (when it's warmer out) Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Just a quick update on this - last night the wife asked me to take the shoes I wanted to keep, so she can toss the others. She said it in a very "matter if fact" and nice way... So i guess it doesn't need to be clearer than that I chose a few pairs and put them with my other heels, and told her afterwards that I chose some, and she just said "ok, great". I think she will be keeping those 2 pairs of wedges (blue one appears above) for the kids to play in (though I would have kept them anyway for me! I tried to engage her a little more about the shoes, but I think she was tired, so she didn't take the bait. Its a good sign I guess that she's just happen to mention it and move on... and its not a big deal. I was happy to see that she still kept a couple of heels to wear, and she's not tossing them all out!
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    Congratulation, your heels didn't make that night's World News. The more you do it the more normal it becomes.
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    The original thought behind the question way back when was for me to come up with a good description that my wife can understand and accept. Putting better words in my mouth as it is. ;) I’ve had many discussions since then about this topic with my wife, and I’ve come to one conclusion. No matter how many ways I can describe why I love to wear high heels, there is no way for her to really understand it. I think of it like this now. I love cars as well, all kinds, especially the ones I have gotten to drive, whether they are mine or not. I’ll call out rare ones on the road and point them out to my son. My wife does not understand that as well. It just does not make sense to her. Hasn't for the last 20 years. For her, or anyone else with no love for heels, it is like a leap of faith to just come to an understanding and accept that I love to wear heels. When that happens, I have no clue.
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    I have less than 5 pairs of mens shoes and close to 100 pairs of womens
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    Come to think of it, I have very little idea of the different types of men's shoes because I don't wear men's shoes...but then I also don't work at a men's shoe store.
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    Good question. I probably only have 7 or so pairs left of men's shoes that I wear less and less, and at least 75 pairs from the better side of the store. Even my comfort, casual, athletic, and other flat shoes are not from the men's department anymore.
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    I always keep a pair of wedge sandals under my car seat for driving which can also work for stopping at gas stations or certain other stores. I have extra pairs in a box in the car's trunk which I change now and then. Weather and mood, sometimes woven together, may dictate a change. I have been an advocate of carrying a backup set of heels, like in a handbag but possibly also in the car, to cover different venues and situations. You can always wear wedges on the way to somewhere and will have no worries walking over the drawbridge. If you had chosen stiletto heels this bridge becomes quite another matter. It also helps in the situation if a heel breaks and you find yourself without functional footwear. A proper car kit should include a tire jack, road flares or safety triangles, first aid kit, flashlight, extra water especially in North and South America and in Australia, as well as an EXTRA SET OF HEELS. Don't leave home without them! I can attest that the shoe collection of Steve63130 is organized with military precision. Perhaps his heels were standing at attention when I visited. He really is an organized guy. My home with four people (26-57) living here looks more like a flea market in spots. I'm only missing price stickers and customers! HappyinHeels
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    Day off pics. I really like my bordellos! I've been having a difficult time trying to upload. Finger crossed. My girlfriend bought these for me as a gift.
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    TXGuy, You did all that stuff you were once afraid of and no bogeyman jumped out to get you. Congratulations on slaying the heretofore demons! Whether it's going through the TSA dragnet or walking through the mall the secret ingredient is confidence. It's that energy from within which tells the rest of the world you insist upon them meeting you on your terms. Confidence can be exuded by someone wearing a loafer or someone wearing a 5" heel. The eyes convey what the soul contains. Act like you belong in any given venue and the world will respond in kind. Many members here will tell you the same thing. HappyinHeels
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    Great post, TXGuy, and good progress. There are lots of women's shoes out there that are not very feminine and guys can wear them to experience heels without drawing attention. Boots like yours, even the 3" ones, are good examples. Many loafers, clogs, and sandals, especially if they have small platforms and block heels, are good examples, too, of women's shoes that guys can wear without being conspicuously feminine. And while I have pushed the envelope a little farther than you, I'm still fairly conservative, so I can relate to the rush you've experienced. And I assure you it gets easier every time. But it's the journey, not the destination, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing your post. Steve
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    You can see two other booties I still take with me on trips on the #3 "tab" of this topic. Can't take them all, I need some regular shoes for work. Yea, I'm not into the feminine look. Just the heels. I have a few sandals, mostly wedge, but I have not worn them out heeling. No pumps. When I'm out, I still like wearing Levis and I believe the booties look best.
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    Gotcha. always nice to see them on you... but for those who are interested, here are the links: https://www.amazon.com/Clarks-Womens-Gelata-Fresca-Boot/dp/B00U5T1VJA https://www.amazon.com/Clarks-Womens-Mission-Alfa-Ankle/dp/B0070TWX7C Both are cute - and are not overly feminine. a good choice to build confidence!
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    I don't know if slow and steady is the intended approach. My kids do not know, and with them home for the summer limits opportunities. Most of my heeling takes place when I am out of town for work. Which comes and goes. Lately, when I do go, it is LA, Denver, and Melbourne, FL. And the trips have been short, with not that much time for heeling, which is one of the reasons I expanded it to the travel part. if I ever know I'll have time, I shoot you a message to see what's possible.
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    I don't have any current pictures. But you can google either to see what they look like.
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    I agree, I was never really concerned with the Security Staff. They have been looking into my bags for years seeing a bunch of heels. Walking among other people, and sitting down with a stranger for a few hours adds another dimension to being out and about.

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