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  1. Basic question. For the male that just likes to wear heels. Are they considered to be included in the LGBTQ definition? How do those that are fully embraced by those letters consider a male who just likes to wear high heels? Came up in a discussion after the SCotUS opinion a few weeks back. Those that are going all the way with women’s clothing may be self explanatory. Although in some cases it seems experimentation and they may not consider themselves as the T part of LGBTQ yet.
  2. We saw it at home. My Wife is great at getting the latest releases from the library. But, now I’m wondering if it should be on Netflix soon...
  3. We watched the movie: Welcome to Marwen last night. Although they did not show it in the previews, the story is about a person who was severely beaten because he admitted to wearing high heels It was a pretty good movie in the end. It failed pretty bad at the box office. A pity though, if it had done really well, a lot of people would have seen a positive look at a man who like to wear high heel shoes…
  4. You know, I thought about messaging you to see if you would be in town. The issue with my travels is that they are at the mercy of the customer to a certain extent and I can’t plan to much. If my time at the customer had run to 6PM on Thursday, I would have gotten to the hotel later (working 2 hrs outside Orlando...) and probably would have just gotten some take out. Probably should have. The fridge in the room went bonkers a little after midnight, wasted an hour dealing with that. An employee and I took it out to the hallway. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep worrying about getting up at 4:30
  5. Yea, this trip was short, not much time to stop and take pictures. Get to the hotel, see if there was an opening to eat, immediately leave for Downtown Disney. Back, sleep. From the time the alarm went off at 4:00 AM, it was get going to the airport... Man, close to $300 for 10 hours in a hotel... Anyway, same shoes as in previous pictures above.
  6. Pushed myself a bit farther on the trip home. I’ve been wearing Clarks light brown leather booties on the plane lately. I guess they can go both ways, they have a 1.5 inch heel. Anyone who would look would know they are women’s. After my trip out last night, I was feeling a bit more daring. I was thinking over night to wear my Clark’s Mission Alfa booties on the plane ride back. Technically, they are supposed to be 2.5 inches, but my ruler measures 3. I never thought I would wear heels that high on a plane ride, go through security, sit next to people for 3 hours. But this morning I just thoug
  7. I was out again at probably my favorite place to go walking around. Quick business trip to Orlando. Quick trip for dinner to Downtown Disney, which may be Disney Springs now. Thousands of people. Hard to find parking in their huge parking garages...Food was pretty good at Maria & Enzo's. Easy to get a table when there is only one. Most people wanting reservations are in family groups of 3 or more. Wearing the same heels as last visit. There is a market there, but not much in the terms of high heels. Disappointing in that regard..
  8. I do agree that we’ll made shoes, those that use better materials, etc, will seem more solid. But as an engineer, I don’t believe there is any metal known to man that is the size of a stilleto that will not flex a little under a load. And I doubt shoe companies use titanium in their heels...
  9. I have experienced what PleaserFan is describing. At 180lbs, the heels I was wearing did this and how noticeable it was determined by how fast I walked so that the heel was put under tension in that it was slightly closer to the front of the shoe until Intook my weight of. It may that some are better at heel toe in which the heel tip doesn’t flex. I’m not sure if it is the heel that actually bends, or the heel “rotates” toward the front of the shoe at the point the heel connects to the shoe body. The particular heels I’m referring to still look solid in the heel, but they do seem to flex. I’m
  10. I believe it is due to how you put your foot down, at least in terms of heel first when walking. As you put more of your weight on the shoe, and prior to the front part of the shoe taking any of the weight, the heel is bending a bit toward the front of the shoe. Assuming the heel is out in front of with the heel at an angle to the ground as you put weight on it. As you have all your weight on both front and heel, the heel remains slightly flexed. As you walk forward, as weight is removed from the heel, and the point friction/weight is less than the flex/spring force, the bottom of the heel sl
  11. TXGuy

    Nine West

    $1B??? I’m not a fan of Private Equity firms. They are the ones that probably loaded NW up with the loans in the first place and leaves them in horrendous shape with no room to maneuver in a downturn...
  12. I was out on another short business trip last week. A quick in and out with a lot of work with the customer. But I found some time to put my heels on and go take a walk. I posted the pictures of these boots way back on August 10, 2016 in this thread. Man, time is flying... The first night, I just went out to a restaurant near the hotel and then to the local Barnes and Noble. I had work to do back at the hotel for the next day. After that meeting, I drove back to Orlando to stay in a hotel near the airport. I was wondering where to eat, I check the restaurants at Downtown Disney. Or Disney Spri
  13. The original thought behind the question way back when was for me to come up with a good description that my wife can understand and accept. Putting better words in my mouth as it is. ;) I’ve had many discussions since then about this topic with my wife, and I’ve come to one conclusion. No matter how many ways I can describe why I love to wear high heels, there is no way for her to really understand it. I think of it like this now. I love cars as well, all kinds, especially the ones I have gotten to drive, whether they are mine or not. I’ll call out rare ones on the road and point them out t
  14. She is my Life Partner. Making her good with the situation is just as important... I've been thinking on this while reading the posts. That I'm looking at it as really 2 questions, 1-Why do I love High Heels, 2-Why do I want to wear High Heels. I believe the second is easier to explain to someone else. The first I'm thinking not so much if they do not have the same feeling already. For example, I love cars, I've owned many over the years. My wife just can't see a car that way no matter how much I describe why I love cars. This being the first case. She likes shoes a little, but not enough
  15. Why do you wear high heels? I’m trying to find better words for why I love to wear high heels. My wife has known about this for years, but has never been comfortable with the idea. I’m wondering if my reasons can be better. Or, is there a better way/better words of/for describing why I want to wear high heels. I put it here in the everyone branch because I think everyone’s opinion is relevant. First, I have a thing for high heels, fetish, attraction, thrill, (lack of better words at the moment) for seeing them, and the experience of wearing them makes it first person vs just seeing with n
  16. You can see two other booties I still take with me on trips on the #3 "tab" of this topic. Can't take them all, I need some regular shoes for work. Yea, I'm not into the feminine look. Just the heels. I have a few sandals, mostly wedge, but I have not worn them out heeling. No pumps. When I'm out, I still like wearing Levis and I believe the booties look best.
  17. I don't know if slow and steady is the intended approach. My kids do not know, and with them home for the summer limits opportunities. Most of my heeling takes place when I am out of town for work. Which comes and goes. Lately, when I do go, it is LA, Denver, and Melbourne, FL. And the trips have been short, with not that much time for heeling, which is one of the reasons I expanded it to the travel part. if I ever know I'll have time, I shoot you a message to see what's possible.
  18. I don't have any current pictures. But you can google either to see what they look like.
  19. I agree, I was never really concerned with the Security Staff. They have been looking into my bags for years seeing a bunch of heels. Walking among other people, and sitting down with a stranger for a few hours adds another dimension to being out and about.
  20. I wanted to stretch myself a bit further, put myself in public areas with no chance of backing out. But OK, not with really tall heels, wearing my Clarks Gelata Fresca Boot. Only a 2 inch heel, but still a woman’s boot. I had to travel for work this week, both directions with one stop to change planes. Outbound trip, I wore the boots from home, with customer facing work cloths, kakis and company shirt. The kakis pretty much covering the heel. Parked in the offsite parking, jumped on the bus with just a few other people, the heels in plain sight. Checked my baggage. This is one pa
  21. Sorry, Melbourne, FL. While I would jump at the chance, my company will not be sending me to Australia any time soon. But I have heard great things from friends that live there.
  22. What airline? Most of my travel is on SW. Miami and DFW are not one of my typical destinations. Melbourne, LA, Denver. I'm still not that confident. I'm choosing malls to walk to get the experience of walking around crowds of other people. Shoe stores and restaurants because I'll be there for a bit and people who see me will be there for a bit. If that makes any sense. Still working up to being totally out in the open. I don't believe I'll ever get as far as shorts and heeled sandals though. I do wear sandals at home.
  23. Yes, it is hot. Down here in FL. Heading out today. On the way to the airport, stopped of at a newer, larger mall near the airport. I was wearing my regular Levis, not the boot it, so there was a good two inches of heel showing. No hiding them now. It was lunch time and was it busy. Not Christmas time busy, but the parking lots looked pretty full and people going in and out. It was just about 12 noon/lunchtime. I hesitated a bit, but finally put my heeled boots on and got out of the car. Walked in with others. I did the same as the last two days, except the shoe departments all had at lea
  24. I just had a great past two evenings. I brought a pair of brown Clarks Lida Sayer high heel ankle boots on my trip. First night, Tuesday after work, got back to the hotel to change my shoes for the evening. I walked out the front door of the hotel, during a busy part of the day where other people are also coming back for the evening. A lot of other people here on business. I wore only my boots and brought no other shoes so I cannot chicken out last minute. First stop was something to eat. If I want to eat, I have to walk in no matter how crowded a restaurant may be. I went to a local
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