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    Got a pair of 100mm boots I think I could live in. Walked around Disney springs for two hours and am not sore today
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    So I figured since I had a day off and I havent actually photographed all my boots in quite a while, I figured I'd share with the class. Dont mind the cardboard showing in some of them, it's a pair of cardbaord wrapped foam inserts that came in a pair of Nine West boots and are perfect for making the boots stand up on their own. In order of appearance... Nine West Fairvinda in dark brown. By far one of my favorite pairs of boots, soooo comfortable with their 3.5" heel Pleaser Vanity 2013 in White Leather. My 2nd favorite pair of boots. Also quite comfortable despite a 4" heel Unknown Brand, bought on Amazon for less than $30. Hard to see in a picture, but they almost have a shimmer to them. Super soft almost like microfiber. Pleaser Legend 8899. Another go to pair for me. 5" heels on these and still easy to wear. Jennifer Lopez ankle boots. Wife surprised me with these after a clearance sale at Kohls. They are a size too small and dont really fit. Clearance + open box = no returns... oh well. Pleaser Vanity 2013 in Red Leather... same as above, however, the leather on these is much stiffer. Not as pleased with these. G by Guess - Drea. I like the style of these with the faux zipper on the outside. The heels have some flex though and make an annoying scrape/pop noise with every step. Makes them sound cheap. Madden Girl Zilch... sorry they arent really high heels, but they are still nice to wear and part of the collection at hand. Absolute nightmare to take off and put on though, needs some zippers. Another flat pair... last ones I promise. Wife surprised me with these too from Payless. Nice comfy boots to lounge around in. Saw a woman at the grocery store in the same pair but in brown, couldnt help but stare. Pleaser Seduce 3010. Classic black PVC with a 5" heel.. what else to say? Pleaser Dagger... 6.5" heel is difficult to walk in, but add in they are two sizes too big and they are nearly impossible! They are for sale to anyone who wants them. And last but not least... Pleaser Medic. These dont quite fit right in the foot area, which was a big disappointment. Over the top of the foot is really tight, even with the laces loose. And the storage area... nice to have enough rack space to hang up the boots.
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    So very true. When I am out in Chicago on display in front of a million people shopping and dinning with them on Michigan Ave hardly anyone notices. I stayed at a hotel a couple of weeks ago with my GF for a weekend getaway wore leggings and boots or this outfit right out of the hotel to shop and dinner, the few that noticed said I looked awesome or fantastic outfit.
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    Glad to hear you are getting out in heels it it is funny how we start off trying to find places with less people, when that allows you to stand out. Crowded areas actually tend to be better as people are too busy doing whatever they are doing to do anything if they see someone that stands out.
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    I was never a boot guy ( especially block heels) but because of the people on this forum I have become appreciative of boots. So here some photos of my first pair.
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    Thank you for sharing your collection !
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    Whether you pro or anti bitcoin, one thing cannot be denied: they are an ecological horror story. The energy cost of mining bitcoin is high. https://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/policy/the-ridiculous-amount-of-energy-it-takes-to-run-bitcoin There are possible fixes for this but the energy cost of mining needs to come down for bitcoin to play a major role as a currency. I think that Etherium has fixed this problem so it might be that in the medium term bitcoin will be an "also ran" in crypto currencies. Much as bebo and others lost to facebook and many early online retailers lost out to Amazon. Fiat currencies have energy costs too. In minting coins, printing notes, distributing credit cards etc but I think these are relatively small compared to face value. Though when the scrap value of pennies (US or UK) became higher than the face value the composition was changed from bronze to plated steel.
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    Oh, Im not worried about wearing my flat boots. It was more the theme of this whole forum is high heels, so they dont quite fit into that theme so to speak. I guess the only pair of true flats are the Payless pair. The Madden Girl's have a very short wedge type heel (and are SUPER loud when walking)
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    They are high but quite stabil. Quiet also so even though I had them fully exposed they didn’t seem to draw attention.
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    Actually they're River Island. Total non-event wearing them. No comment from wife's friend although I know she was looking at them, and she was wearing plimsolls... Most disappointing on both counts. Yes, the zip is on the outside
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    Some lovely boots there, never worry about wearing flats, they're practical for long days on your feet and still look great if worn with the right outfit, I love my flat boots just as much as my heeled ones
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    I try to keep it diversified. I will need to find a good replacement for the JS Yana's as I wont have a tan knee high boot, and I still dont have any black knee high boots yet.
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    I would love to get a compliment like that!
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    I've read elsewhere that some investors are using bitcoin as a safe harbor investment as an alternative to Gold. Seems there are some jitters in the markets. As for myself, I'm still a bit skeptical of it's theoretical value, and I don't see a feasible use for it. It's not like I can go to my local ""small bank"" and buy any.
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    Here are a few pictures of the the outfit i wore out. Jeans and black tshirt I might get out again this evening
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    I would love to have the option to wear leggings and yoga pants to work. Here's the bottom half of what I wore to work on Halloween.
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    Great to hear that your first public walk in heels! It's cool taking that first walk in public.I was just like you the first time, was so nervous that someone would call me out on wearing heels. Now wearing heels in public is an almost daily wearing of heels in public. The only time I don't wear heels is at work. But when I shop at stores like Wal-Mart, Kohls or other places, I wear heels. And my heels are not low heels. My heels are between 4 to 5 inches for normal wear. Women are most responsive to them, some are complimentary on my heels or simply smile. Older women might just look and look away. Guys tend to be oblivious to the heels or just don't say anything. Good luck on your continued forays in public wearing your heels. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't wear heels. Wear them proudly and confidently.
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    Oh, the girl who knows about my heels and why I wear them is coming to lunch tomorrow. She's a friend of my wife's. Perhaps I should wear something more daring while she's there. I have some 4 inch wedge boots with heels not much wider than stilettos, and almost as loud.
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