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    The red pumps are my least favorite. To honest I hate them.I welcome any questions or comments. Happy Heeling.
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    They know the pressure is on now that there's competition.
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    Describing him seems you felt bit disgusted or pity of his appearance. Yet his simple snug reaction made you to ultra sensitive to your outfit. Not everyone can admire our appearance or boldness wearing it. Take on the positive that most people you seen surrounding you didn't react in smug manner as the ordinary pot belly greasy office worker. As you I often observe female proportions and style outfits. Making a judgement call which often leads to non verbal expression. Sometimes or often it's negative having a puzzled look on my face why they are wearing xyz. While I to am being observed noticing what unique outfits I wear walking down the street. In reality I don't care how someone attires themselves as long they don't point fingers upon me. Best reaction you can give is exactly what you've done. Often had same happen to me but had no means to flaunt myself as you done because of the oufit covered it up. Only in my mind I can say only if you seen my body revealed your laughter. Giggles would stop. Often is the case when people disagree what I wear but all notice my body is fit and in shape admiring it or desiring it.
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    It's good to have a shoe buddy !!!! I like the sandals too.... have fun, sf BTW Mlroseplant, I was driving thru Iowa last week - heading for MN from Council Bluffs - did not see you, but I was looking !!!!! ha ha take care..
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    Very nice collection. I have a the same pair of red/black heels. Love the colour shift.
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    You handled that reaction very well by not saying anything. Don't let it bug you. The pioneers are the ones with arrows in their backs. Just go out and have fun, like you did! Life is too short to worry about guys who are like that. Steve
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    i had to meet a friend yesterday afternoon, downtown, for a late lunch. the two of us go way back to those fun and sexy times when you're in your early 20's. good stuff. anyway: i knew she would love to see me as me so i wiggled into my "painted on jeans", a black t shirt, and my black Steve Madden Dejavu pumps. i had the butterflies over the whole thing so i wore a black suit jacket to cover up my back side and if need be, to cover up the super revealing front. i parked the car and started walking to the diner. i didn't button up my jacket and left it to hang open, so that anyone who cared to notice, would definitely see what i was made of. i walked up to an intersection and there was a bubble butt guy with a comb over, likely in his 40's, chubby, dressed like an office worker who hadn't done their laundry, standing, waiting for the light to change. he had his little brief case in his hand and his jacket over his shoulder, pot belly hanging out over his belt. as i was walking up behind him he heard my heels on the sidewalk and turned to look. as soon as he laid eyes on me and saw my black pumps he broke into a huge smile which i knew was: laughter. he was laughing at me and shoes. i knew i looked super sexy and i knew my gal pal at lunch was going to freak when she saw me. but somehow this fat slob rattled me. i'm not sure if i get tired of these kinds of reactions or what it is. but it bugged me. i made sure my jacket opened up wide and i saw his eyes go from my shoes to my jeans and i saw his laughing smile quickly disappear! i walked up and rounded the corner and kept going. i had a beautiful afternoon with my lunch date but at the end of the day i was thinking about that dork and him laughing at me. i guess that's just the way it is with this world: folks see someone doing something different and they have to react. at least he didn't shoot his mouth off at me. i think that huge package clearly visible in the front of my jeans may have shut him up! (the Dejavu pumps are murder to wear beyond 1 hour!!!)
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    Matt, here´s a link to Amazon´s German website; I couldn´t find the boots on Amazon´s U.S. site..... https://www.amazon.de/Onlymaker-Damenschuhe-Blockabsatz-Stiefeletten-Kunstleder/dp/B00OKAIUPS/ref=sr_1_31?ie=UTF8&qid=1494002667&sr=8-31&keywords=onlymaker+stiefeletten Tom
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    I've just ordered these. http://www.bananashoes.com/pleaser-domina-1023-sku1133.html
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    I like several stiletto pumps thigh high boots 5 and 6 inch single sole 6 and 7" with 1-2" platforms. My go to all time favs are Steve Madden Dejavu's in black and beige in the pics. I also just found a pair in leopard!! My Pleaser Devious Daggers are 6-1/4 single sole with ankle strap that I was in Chicago out and about for 7 hours. My usual time out in heels is 5-7 hours with no problem
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    I do agree with you guys.....I purchased two pairs of Onlymaker and I´m quite happy with the results....shipping time from China to Germany was fast and for the moderate price paid you get a reasonable quality. The fit is (at least in my case) true to size.
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    I played a gig last night at a Restaurant in Clifton Oh. (University of Cincinnati part of town). I wore a black turtleneck, white jeans, and black OTK boots with a 4" block heel. As we were hauling equipment in I got an "Ooh I like your boots" from a total stranger. I thanked her and kept going hauling the PA system. We got there at 6:00 and set up and started playing from 7:00-9:00 where we packed all the stuff up and headed back to out cars. On the way out I got an "I like your shoes" from an young lady. Again I thanked her and continued hauling stuff. For the most part I was standing from 6:00-9:00. The boots are "It's Ok" Maura in a size 12 and were surprisingly comfortable. In seeing the picture I am surprised at the contrast I presented to the rest of the group (the white jeans have a lot to do with that) and the additional 4" of height. The only problem was that there are holes in the floor under the carpet that are large enough to swallow a heel. Many in the audience were friends that have seen me in boots for years so no one was surprised. All in all I had a great time. _______________ For any audio folks - We used three condenser microphones with a BOSE PA in front of us, and did not plug in the acoustic guitars. Note the tilt of the mike on the right. It was intentional to balance the vocal and guitar. This is the first time we have tried this and it worked well. The real trick will be to do a show with only one mike and control the balance by moving in and out but there was too much room noise to have the mikes that sensitive. _______________ @jeremy1986 and @Gudulitooo - Thanks for the comments on the hair. I don't wear it all the time but it is getting easier. @HappyinHeels - Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure what your seeing is a transformation, rather than an evolution. I seem to have the same problem with wedges that I do with pumps, I flunk the full length mirror test. You know what they say about beauty and the eye of the beholder. I'm not suggesting that beauty is involved, but the principal is the same. As for the smooth legs, it is a natural feature. I don't do anything to them.
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    oh my goodness i had a nightmare that my long black hair was shaved off! whew... a nightmare indeed!
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    Got a second hand pair of golden spike Jeffery Campbell Lita boots today! They're really comply but the decorative spikes on the heel are bloody lethal. Could spin kick somebody and they would be more red than a tomato in a centrifuge.
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    I just saw these in the "new boots" thread - really fantastic pair! You're so lucky to have small(er) feet, as the pair I just bought are officially named"Lita man" as the design does differ a little to the original female style. Do you have any other Jeffrey Campbells?
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    Somebody who never wears heels. Like ever. Close friend of mine. Showed up in these at church today, with glowing reviews of comfort. I know, not much to tell, but I noticed right away, and she was surprised (I have no idea why), because she was going to show me if I didn't notice. Choir director was wearing kitten heels, but not a repeat, and not flats! And a short skirt, too!
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    ballet boots need a lot of time to walk in.. stretch a little at a time
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    I have no problems with 6" heels like Domina 1023, these are fine for me, I am able to walk in them without problems. Maybe I would be able to manage even a little bit higher, must try in the future.

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