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    Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. It was so close to home that it really jolted me. But I agree 100% that I have to live life to the fullest and do what I want to do. Anything could happen - lightning, fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc., etc. But you all helped me put it in perspective and I'm wearing my stiletto boots to work today .
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    I am still careful about where I go wearing heels. There are still some places I won't go, but thinking about it I probably wouldn't go there even if I wasn't wearing heels. I don't think I'll bother considering if I will be in a mass shooting when it comes to deciding what my footwear I will be. Jkrenzer said it correctly, "wear your boots or ankle straps with confidence" and it goes without saying never go out in shoes/boots in which you can't walk. I still remember being out wearing thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels and having a $20 bill blow out of my hand. I surprised myself how on well I could run in those heels.
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    I did change the 5" stilettos for 4" stilettos and headed out to two thrift stores, Sam's Club, Kroger super store (grocery) and Walmart. I starteded out wearing the black long coat pictures, above but in the first thrift store I found a short red leather jacket and decided to wear it instead. (I keep telling @JeffB there are short coats out there.) This is a picture in Walmart's parking lot. The knit dress is sleeveless so I added a pair of long gloves (actually shoulder length) that made trying on a different coat in the store an "interesting show". (Shoulder length opera gloves is just a little over dressed for a thrift store. ) This outing turned into over two hours of walking, as I took my time in all the stores I visited, and I found out I could still move quickly in 4" heels when a gust of wind made hat chasing a running event. I think I can safely say I can spend the whole day in 4" heels, so at age 70, if all I have to give up is 1" of stiletto heel height I think I'm doing Ok. Maybe a better way of stating it is I'm lucky that is the only concession I have to make. Getting old is not not the faint of heart, but it isn't too bad when you can do it in heels.
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    These have been my favourite pair for a long time, even though I still can't manage to walk in them.
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    It's been a while since I posted an update. My left ankle is much improved but still not back to it original condition. It may never get there so to compensate I have bought several pair of OTH boots with 4" block heels and I find I can wear them with no ankle problems at all. Just to see how well thing were doing, I went out this morning wearing my thigh boots with 5" stilettos with my ankle brace and things went well. My short outing was to the post office and required about a half a block of walking to and from my car. Toward the end of the outing my left ankle was feeling Ok but was saying, "I thought I told you not to do this". I'll keep working on strengthening the ankle but my 5" stilettos may be relegated to special occasions (which will be one of the disappointments of getting old ). I have to go to Sam's Club in a little while but I think I'll change to boots with a 4" stiletto for that extended walking exercise.
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    It's a tough situation but consider your real odds of actually finding yourself in such a situation. Your odds of being hit by a bus are higher than being killed by a terrorist. In the case of ft.Lauderdale there was no terrorism. As mentioned above the real goal of terrorism is to strike fear (terror) into the masses making the targeted society alter its normal ways. Next time, wear your boots or ankle straps with confidence, otherwise you already lost.
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    they look great on you , love that heel on them
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    As you know I have been a high heel wearer my whole life. I have become quite adapt at moving across all types of terrain. But there is something I've unfortunately been thinking about. Many times before I get dressed to go out in public be it a mall, movie theater, airport, or restaurant I consider my shoes in a different light - especially if they have ankle straps and are hard to take off. It's a sad state of affairs, but with all of these mass shootings out there, I worry about having to get away by running, climbing, jumping to escape some crazed person. Would I have time to get my heels off especially with ankle straps? It's horrible to even give that consideration but the world is a rapidly changing place. I live in Florida, so the Ft. Lauderdale airport incident with people sprinting across the runways gave me a scare - being so close to home. Plus the Pulse Night Club in Orlando last year. I will admit that on Saturday I went out to dinner with all intention of wearing my 5 inch stiletto boots, but after the previous day's incident I decided to wear my slides which I can kick off in a second. Does anyone else ever consider this? Sorry if this post is a downer.
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    I know quite a few gay guys. Not a one of them, to my knowledge, owns or wears heels.
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    @XtremeHeels just called them threded sole oxfords when I ordered them. Seems tbat imakebootsnglves works of photos rather than have style names. At least my two orders has been done based on photos
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    Well in the last years, gay guys did not wear heels. It was reserved to straight crossdressers or straight freestylers. So I see it as a progress
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    I live in the U.K., travel all the time, am in and out of airports constantly and in lots of curious places around the world. I do not give terrorism a thought. I am not travelling in heels, but if I were, or wanted to be, I would not let fear of terrorism or being caught up in some mass shooting interfere with what I wanted to do. Not in the least. Anyway, you have a higher chance of being struck by lightning. Live your life. There are no certainties about anything.
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    Great discussion. But one thing I have learned from this group is that if they are on my feet, they are men's shoes. @subtle I agree just because there is a heel does not make it a heel. Needs to have some clear definition. But, we all have different tastes. Guess that's why shoe stores are so big.
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    Hi HeelsWearer, I have not thought of it those terms, you have brought that to light for sure. But I have thought about vehicles coming at me in a crosswalk or a fire, even an issue with Earthquakes. But not regarding a shooting..new consideration. I recall when the Earthquake hit Christchurch a couple of years ago and one of the users here on HHPlace told of the scene where he had to escape through rubble and junk in heels to get to a safe area. But as much as these things are now everywhere, hard to prepare for every potential out there, before a person gives up and just goes ahead with life. Heels were not made for dramatic escapes but certainly food for thought, I wear boots most of the time, no getting out of those in a hurry. Good thoughts!
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    I need to get myself a pair of those!!! I know you got them from imakebootsandgloves but is there a style name for them? They look fantastic on you too!
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    great heels and jeans combination
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    @AlexC94 the oxfords are from www.imakebootsngloves.com
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    I am definitely an addict. At 4'10" I wouldn't consider putting anything else on my feet. I do feel sexy in them but I don't feel sexual if that makes any sense. In other words, I feel feminine and sexy while teeter-tottering around in them, but I am not "turned on" by doing so.
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    The old and new oxfords
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    Been done. I went to Everest Base Camp in heels (the evidence is somewhere on this site) and Shyheels went to Antarctica, I think it was. It's a pretty rugged trip to EBC, and I wouldn't want to risk going further, but I was glad I did it.
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    Bambam.... I don't live in LA but I get there a lot, I have family there. I wear heels in the LA area quite often when shopping, dining and just running around. You just have to get out and do it. Enjoy yourself and have fun.... sf
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    BamBam, Welcome to the site. I'm sure you noticed there are many guys here with great advice on heel wearing. I learned from many of them, and their words have helped me become more confident in wearing heels in public. I hope you find as much wisdom in their words as I have. HH_PE
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    Pointer7, Take baby steps that you're comfortable with, but don't stop pushing the envelope. I have been doing this for the past 7 or 8 years and I am amazed at what I've accomplished and how far I've come! I'm not trans, I am happy as a male, but I do wear heels, hosiery, women's jeans, women's tops, carry a purse, and wear nail polish. I do it openly and confidently, and people around me seem to be fine with it. I'm well accepted in the retirement community we live in, and life is good with the freedom I have. If you're worried about getting fired for wearing heels, and the urge to wear is strong, open up your own business, be your own boss, and make up your own dress code. I did that, and I've never regretted it. Look around. There must be a business you can start or buy. Google could be your friend. Steve
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    I like to wear wedge heels. Round toe and peep toe are my preferences.
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    Fun wear: Birthday dinner with husband Mundane wear: grocery shopping
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    Cant say it too many times. I love these otk cowboy boots. Gains me more and more confidence everytime i wear them Feels like them breathing a bit masculinity. However. Need to soak the vamps in expand spray as they still tend to be narrow.
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    Here are some more img's with better clothes on. Should I complete with flannel shirt and cowboy hat?
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    @Thighmax - Thanks for the concern. Walking poorly in heels hasn't stopped me from walking in heels, I just have to be more careful. Besides the best exercise to strengthen your ankle is walking in high heels so I'm keeping up my strength training. By the way I wear heels when I visit my chiropractor. I was expecting her to tell me they were bad for me but she has only said that she only wears then to fancy outings and she is glad to take them off at the end of the evening. I have gotten two "nice boots" comments from her though. I told her if I was wearing heels, my leg was doing better so now she checks how high my heels are and if there block or stiletto. The time I went in wearing flats she knew I was in trouble.
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    Why the hell do you guys feel the need to ask store staff what they think of your shoes? That really is soooo creepy. They see a guy come into their store, they WILL notice what you are wearing, but then you go and ask them what they think of your heels!!! Seriously.. That is the point where it turns weird.. If they ask you, happily/playfully etc then sure, go for it, but to put it on them is just going to creep them out. (IMHO) I say that based on the amount of guys that have ZERO dress sense and just look a mess when they wear heels. This "and when asked,were of the opinion that it was not their place to comment on me wearing them" screams of akward and "I'd rather not be honest".. If somebody looks great, nobody is going to say, when asked, "its not my place to comment"... Its a polite way of telling somebody you look like crap, but your spending money in our store and I have bills to pay.. Jeeze...
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    Good for you!!!! Awesome look!