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  1. Not just a shame they're no longer made, but a CRIME
  2. Love these shoes, they have to be one of the sexiest shoes I've seen for ages.
  3. Right, let's accept as fact that it feels so good to wear high heels. I'm guessing everyone else loves them as much as I do. Pushing this question to the next stage, is there anything that would convince any of the members to stop wearing them?
  4. If this query is directed to alphax, then I can tell you that both of the pictured shoes are from Italian Heels, and as far as I am aware, they are still both available.
  5. So, Donald Trump has decided that there will not be any Transgender people in the armed forces in any way, shape or form. It makes me wonder how long it will be before he decides that it will be illegal for men to wear heels, and as such, will ban the manufacture of heels in "mens" sizes. Thank goodness for Fuss, and Italian Heels.
  6. I've always had a thing for oxfords, I think it might have something to do with the way they totally enclose the foot and won't slip off. These shoes have done nothing to stop me liking oxfords at all. Lovely shoes. I have two pairs of oxfords myself.
  7. Not yet, but I'm determined so there will be lots of practice. No pain, no gain.
  8. Love how they feel, but wow the heels are so high.
  9. Guess what arrived today, less than three weeks from ordering. My new shoes from Italian Heels, and they are as terrific as I had hoped they would be. They are very high, but I shall persevere with them.
  10. Just received an email informing me they are on their way. Won't be too long now.
  11. You said you have been wanting to try walking in 6" heels for a while. That suggests you haven't worn heels that high before. What is the highest single sole shoes you have worn? By far the better looking are the strappy sandals, but then I have always preferred single soles over platforms I hope you have the success you desire when you get them on your feet. Good luck.
  12. That makes me even more eager for them to arrive. I am a little ambitious having ordered the 150mm. I shall persevere with them though when they arrive.
  13. I said in the "Wished you owned" thread that these get my juices flowing. They have proved too much to resist so I ordered and paid for them this morning. Just hoping they don't take too long to arrive now.
  14. I have to be honest, shoes with high heels have always been my faves. Italian Heels have some real beauties, and currently have loads that I would love to own. Shoes like these get my juices flowing. They must be awesome to wear.
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