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  1. @mlck50 Think you are looking for what is often called ballet splints, know that www.churchofsinvention.com have them.
  2. Not sure I know the site you refer to, I have seen the picture uploaded on fetliffe inside the last couple of days.
  3. Am I so lucky that you have a link to the shoes, my search foo seems to fail on the YSL web site
  4. Know who makes these block heel pumps ?
  5. The boots in the lower is Even&Odd ankle boots found at zalando, there is no name on the box I have.
  6. My latest pairs of boots
  7. Thanks, that is quite understandable.
  8. @XtremeHeels Can I ask which seller/shop on aliexpress ? They are very nice
  9. @Sydheel The brown boots are from Sopily on Amazon
  10. Price was 280USD including shipping, plus some tax and import fee. Think he is good, my biggest problem was to get hold of him this time around. Which might be a problem with my provider or his rather than him. Would send him a description/drawing and ask.
  11. @XtremeHeels just called them threded sole oxfords when I ordered them. Seems tbat imakebootsnglves works of photos rather than have style names. At least my two orders has been done based on photos
  12. @aristoc yes the new ones is slightly steeper/higher than old ones.
  13. @AlexC94 the oxfords are from www.imakebootsngloves.com
  14. The old and new oxfords
  15. Not something I had noticed, but their arch is slightly higher than the previous oxfords so they are little more demanding.