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    Since the Forum Re-Vamp i've been slightly turned off visiting here that much as i find it alot harder to navigate and difficult to use, the old site IMO was alot more user friendly. Anyway to keep you all up to date with what's been going on in my life lately, here's a quick run down... As many of you Facebook users will know, you have the ability to "like" certain things such as pictures, status's, comments etc etc.. I spend most of my time on Facebook liking 'womens' fashion items including high heels that catch my eye. As 90% of people on my friends list do not know about what i wear, some have started to question my reasons for liking such things. A couple of main incidents lately have been that I posted up a pair of my high heels for sale on there and an uncle of mine who lives back in the UK saw them and must have said something to my mum. I spoke to her on the phone and she mentioned about it, long story short i told her that yea they're mine, i bought them for me, i like to wear that kind of stuff. She was fine, it didn't seem to bother her at all, infact i sent her that picture of me before i went out the other night in my Steve Madden heels, suit styled skirt and purple singlet top and all she said was "jeez you've got good legs!" and "is that your natural hair colour?" (Bare in mind i haven't seen my mum in 4 years as i moved to live here in Australia and she lives in The UK). I spoke to her again last night and she said that apparently my uncle is obsessed with Facebook and keeps going on about my high heels, but she didn't tell him what i told her incase i didnt want her to, but i just said to her "nah it's fine you can tell him, it doesn't bother me and maybe he'll shut his mouth about it" (he's abit of a smartarse joker) Also my mum told me that she'd told her husband and that his she was quite shocked by his reaction. To understand this i'll give you as much brief information as possible. He's very typically male in the fact that he's right into his soccer, he spent years in the RAF blah blah blah you know the type.... ANYWAY his reaction to my mum telling him about the way i dress was "Good on him(me) for it" Apparently he said that he knew there was something about me when i was growing up and he was trying to mould me into what he wanted me to be with the football and sports and stuff but i was never having any of it and showed no interest at all, he knew that i was my own person and that i was always keen on my appearance. He also said that it's great that i can accept myself for who i am and not try to deny or hide away from it, there is nothing worse than somebody who lies to themselves and others about who they are, for example a man gets married and has children and then years later comes out of the closet about being gay. It breaks up relationships and can ruin lives, so it's good that i'm open about who i am and he understands that i am infact straight, not gay, and that that was just an example. My mum and her husband are planning on coming out to Australia to see me sometime next year and he said he was have no problem being around me and me dressing the way i wanted. The next thing that happened was that my best mate came over to my house the other day, we were just chatting away about cars and stuff like we usually do. He mentioned that a he was talking to a mutual friend of ours quite a few months ago now and that this mutual friend had asked him why i always "like" and post up things on facebook about high heels and stuff. Nothing else was said about this while we were together that day as i didn't really say much about it and neither did he after that. But later in the day i was thinking more about it so i text my friend and asked him what he replied to that question with. He said that he didn't reply at all and that it wasn't any of his business. So i asked him if he knows why i "like" and post about that stuff on facebook and wether he was curious about it or not. He said he just assumed it was to do with my girlfriend and that he is curious but again it's none of his business so he doesn't ask. I said to him "wow, if it was any of you guys i'd definitely be too curious and would have to ask" so he said "okay why do you "like" and post about that stuff on Facebook?" my reply to him was that picture of me that i mentioned before, i figured a picture speaks a thousand words and can explain it better than i could word it! haha He was completely fine with it, he said he wasn't sure wether to believe it but i think that was more the shock of it, he also asked howcome i hadn't told him sooner and i said that it's not exactly something you just come out with, and that he's my best mate and i didn't wanna risk losing him over the way i dress. He said that i should know him better and that stuff like that doesnt bother him, he said that i could've told him the day i met him and it wouldn't have made a difference. So that's a couple of the things that have been happening in my life! definitely alot more people finding out about the real me! It feels good knowing that i still have these people in my life knowing who i really am On a lighter note, i bought myself some Tony Bianco Leopard print flat's from ebay for $79! They're cute as! XD
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    Though quite a long ways in advance, is there interest to hold a Worldwide Heel Meet in London, UK the weekend Nov 30/Dec 2, 2012? To indicate you may be interested complete the poll. David
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    Looks like it could be a big one then!
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    Okay, these are the last ones for a bit (need to part with some older stuff, now): From DSW's clearance rack: G by Guess Verna Color Block pump in size 11. It took me a few minutes to warm up to these. Very comfortable despite the heel height. Round toe permits your toes to move somewhat freely.
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    I've been craving attending another meet in London and just even mentioned the idea to crotchhiboots the other day over the phone. For Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st I'm right now 60% sure I could go, pending I didn't have professional obligations that surface at the last minute. This meeting could rightfully be titled the 10 year anniversary meet
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    JeffB makes a good point about "tolerance" but, since the thread has tolerance in its title, it is understood that's what we're talking about. I thought about exactly what word would capture that which we seek. Indifference would fit the bill if one wants to dress the way they wish. Whether it was women fighting for the right to vote all over the world, blacks fighting for the right to use the same bathrooms as whites, or the brown man fighting for the right to stay out past the wail of the curfew siren I believe the common denominator in all these fights was the desire to be able to get out into the world and do seemingly normal things and have NOTHING happen, no spectacle, no nonsense, no drama. Just their yearning to live and enjoy life as all human beings want to do. It is not that these people were looking for tolerance or indifference rather they were looking for no obstructions in their paths. It would be easy to interpret this as "tolerance" when what they were are all looking for was the ability to coexist. HappyinHeels
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    I also see using the word " tollerence" as wrong word in this instance. I agree with Jeff that "indifference" better describes general public's attitude at seeing a man wearing woman's shoes. 15 years ago, everyone noticing a man in heels would have had a visable reaction. As is said by most public heelers today, visible reaction is becoming more rare with passing months. I also attribute this more to todys recognition and acceptance of alternative life styles. Society is constantly evolving. Evolution toward full indifference to men in heels is slowly happening. And, just might get there in the next decade.
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    Words can indeed hurt, but you can't let public conceptions (or misconceptions) keep you from going public and wearing the shoes you love. And if people were to shun you for no other reason than shoes, then perhaps those people aren't worth associating with in the first place. Like everyone else here, we also had to deal with thos very same anxieties, but once we hit the road, those fears wound up being all bark and no bite. Bottom line: You can't grow as a person by staying in the dark, just take a chance and do it.
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    Got the brown version of my Cole Haan boots. Tried them with my skinny jeans.. but.. well, not sure if I like the look without the jacket. I do have another pair of "slim straight" levis that fit well and look like they were made to conceal the boots. Not much help for the cause but much easier to wear then spikes in certain situations. Same park, but a different location I got some pics of the Vera Wang boots I got recently also. These have around a 4" heel, and are quite comfortable for walking. These are also quite stealthy in the right jeans and I suspect they will get alot of wear. No zippers, and while they are easy to put on they can be a pain to take off. Oh darn, might have to leave em on then
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    I hadn't been out in my heels and dressed up for SOOOO long and I decided that last night I would go out with one of my gay friends to a place called BAR362 in St Kilda. I hadn't been there before so was quite excited to be finally going out again and going somewhere new I wore my purple Steve Madden heels with the sparkly bow on the back, a short almost suit-like skirt from Supre, a purple singlet from Witchery and a gold bangle also from Supre. My girlfriend helped me choose this outfit too! I made the drive into St Kilda which is around 40 minutes from my house as I live out in the Suburbs. I parked my car around the corner and met my friend out the front. There was a small crowd of maybe 10-15 people outside the club also, and the whole 50 yard walk up to the club I think every single one of them was staring at me! LOL it was quite nerve racking, but once I got up to the group and went over to my friend and said hello, alot of the people came over to talk to me and were very inquisitive, but very friendly also. We stood outside talking for around 10-15mins and then went inside. As more people saw me, more people would come over and ask about me, it was quite funny to see the confusion of telling a group of gay guys that even dressed the way I was, I am a straight male haha, my friend was loving seeing people baffled by me, but they were all extremely polite and nice That's pretty much how the rest of the night went too, I spoke with a few of the Drag performers that were on that night and they all said I looked amazing and were very nice which was good! We left at 1am as that's what time the place closed as it's Easter. All in all I very much enjoyed my night there and hope to be out and about in my heels alot more often than I have been (here's to hoping anyway!) A picture for you all to see what I was wearing... Heelguy

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