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  1. I'm still alive! I just don't have much in the way to contribute these days as I never really get to go out in my heels or anything so I don't generally post! But I do have a big one for you.... Last weekend I wanted to go to Chadstone Shopping Centre with a friend to get her opinion on these black suede heels with a full shiny gold heel. But before we went to the store they were in, I always like to drop by David Jones Store and check out the Christian Louboutin section . As I was admiring the amazing shoes they had on display I picked a couple up and they happened to be my size so I thought i'd just quickly try them on (bad idea). I fell in love straight away all over again and now i'd completely forgotten about the original shoes i'd come to show my friend! A lovely young woman approached and asked if I needed any help, so I asked her for the other shoe in my size so I could try them both on, and in another pair they had out but not in my size. She brought both the pairs out, one was a classic patent black pump with a small platform (CL Bianca 150mm heel) and the other a nude small peeptoe pair (CL Highness 160mm heel). I loved the Bianca's, they were beautiful, but when I put on the Nude Highness heels they just felt absolutely amazing! seriously high!!! Anyway after staring at myself in them in the mirror for about 5minutes I asked if she could put them on hold for me for 1 hour while I decided, she said not a problem, asked my name and introduced herself as "Anna ". Me and my friend carried on looking around but the whole time I was in a battle in my own head between my love for the shoes VS the price! :/ I took her to see the ones I had originally intended on getting but they we're just far inferior now in my mind compared to the Louboutins! I decided to let my facebook friends decide wether I bought them or not, so I gave them half an hour, and out of around the 9 or so people that replied only 1 said no, so how could I not?! After having some lunch I dragged my friend back to David Jones as quickly as possible and Anna was there serving another customer, but greeted me by name and said she wouldn't be long! . Once she was done serving the other people I asked her if I could try on the Highness 1 more time, I did and I was staring in the mirror the whole time thinking to myself "My girlfriend is going to KILL me" but I bit the bullet and decided to take them! YAY! FINALLY! My first ever pair of Christian Louboutins! Anna packed them away for me and wished me a nice rest of the weekend! I got them home and took a few pictures in them, let me know what you think! They come with a beautiful red dustbag and even a miniture red dustbag for the spare heel tips! x
  2. Took a picture on Saturday out of pure boredem...
  3. Thankyou everybody for the kind words! I'll definitely try and get my hands on a copy of bardot's company newsletter IF I do make it in there and i'll post it up on here for you all to see!
  4. Wow, sorry for being MIA for a while guys and girls! It's been well over a month since I posted up my last 'happening'. I recently caught up with a friend of mine as we'd been planning to see each other for a few weeks but it got cancelled last minute due to weather and tiredness on both our parts. We decided to go for dinner at a very nice restaurant near both of us. I wore a plain black long sleeved top, tight khaki paints and my patent cherry red Tony Bianco's I got a few looks, the usual glance, but nothing said and I couldn't have cared less anyway as I was there to catch up with my friend, not worry about other people! It was nice and the food was excellent! I'll attatch a couple of pictures of what I had as it's bound to make your mouth water! <3 I decided to go shopping to a place i'd not been to before called Westfield Doncaster. It's a little far from me which is why I hadn't been there before, but wow! definitely worth the drive! I headed there knowing that there were some high top wedges at the Steve Madden store I wanted to buy. I went in and asked the lovely new assistant for my size in 2 different coloured pairs of these high top wedges. I tried them both on and couldn't decide between the 2, then she informed me that it was 25% off storewide, how could I pass up this opportunity and I bought both pairs! . While I was paying for them at the counter I noticed a glittery golden/black wedge heel with a peeptoe and strap across the foot, I had to try them on! She brought out my size once i'd paid for my other wedge high tops. I put them on and looked in the mirror and LOVED them! She then told me they were $110! I almost bought them but since I just bought 2 pairs of shoes I decided i'd restrain myself from getting them. I then headed to a shop called 'Bardot' as I'd seen earlier in the day a pair of gold jeans I wanted to try. The 2 female assistants helped me out with sizing and I took another pair of jeans into the change room with me, just a more normal lighter blue colour. I tried them on with my new high top wedges and they both complimented me on them and said they'd seen them and wanted to get them for themselves! They had a pair of black peeptoe heels just sitting outside my changing room and I asked what size they were and if I could try them with these jeans to see what they look like. They were both more than happy for me to try them on and said my calves looked amazing in them I must have spent 30-45mins in the changing room with them bringing me tops/blazers/belts/dresses to try on, I had such a good time with them and they even took a photo of my in an outfit consisting of a dress/belt/blazer I ended up buying for them to send to head office to put in their monthly store newsletter! Here's a selection of pictures to sum up this post! Hope you enjoyed reading
  5. Who apart from my Girlfriend knows...? hmmm... EVERYBODY!
  6. Thanks heely1! I LOVE the heels in your avatar! are they yours??? They're gorgeous!
  7. Thanks again everyone! I can't wait to be out with friends again in my heels! For all the ups and downs lately, when i'm around my friends being who I am, I think to myself.. wow, this was all so worth it! it's an amazing feeling!
  8. Thanks again everybody for your response's! Last night I was invited over to a friend's place that I hadn't seen for a while for a BBQ, I was tossing up in my head all day long whether to go in heels or be boring and normal. At the last minute I messaged my friend who invited me and asked her if she was wearing heels and she said she wasn't but that if I wanted to then it wouldn't be a problem and I had nothing to worry about So as I got dressed I put on my skinny blue jeans, threw on a grey hoody because it was pretty cold last night! and to match it up a little bit I wore my grey heels. My friends only live around the corner from me so it took literally 2 minutes to drive there, but when I got there, there were 2 guys there who I'd never met before, but I was introduced and they all welcomed me and shook my hand like normal. About an hour later 3 more people i'd never met showed up, 2 guys 1 girl, all introduced like before and nothing was said and I was spoken to just like normal. It felt so good after everything that's happened in the past month, to finally be out, enjoying the company of friends, being open about who I am and wearing what I wanted just like normal It was actually a completely uneventful night, just one I really enjoyed as I got to wear heels. I like to think I even made new friends, and still having the ability to do that whilst being upfront about who I am is really a great feeling! For anyone who's interested here's a pic of the outfit I wore, it's very tame, but perfect I felt as it wasn't dressy at all and the weather was pretty chilly
  9. Thankyou to everyone that took the time out to read my post, it's been a crazy month and things are still settling down. Thanks Steve, I understand completely what you mean about baby steps easing the shock. That might have been better for him, but for me, this is how I wanted to go about it, and at the end of the day it wasn't his decision to make, it was mine and it would always have been mine. That probably sounds extremely selfish, but if you can't make yourself happy then nobody can and you'll be no good to help make other people happy either, and isn't that a major aspect of living life? being happy? Thanks Kneehighs, I don't expect him to ever understand, I think now this has all happened, time is all that will make things easier Thanks Shafted, I hope nobody has to have any family drama's to do with anything, just be prepared to be strong enough if it ever does happen Thanks SleekHeels, I love coming here and letting you all know how things are going with me as I feel it's a place where I dont get judged and I can be open about it all. Plus knowing that somebody here might read this and take even the slightest bit of inspiration from it is something I get a big kick out of Thanks skirtedvik!
  10. I've been off here for a little while now. Big changes have happened in my life and it's been a very emotional month. My dad quit his job with a certain German automotive company that he's been with for over 30 years to come and join us doing timber flooring with the intention of me and him starting out on our own doing floors once he has gained enough experience. We'd been put together to only do jobs for the one company but through the company we work for, so we were together all day everyday. Anyway one day driving home from work in the van 'Dude looks like a lady' comes on the radio and he looks at me and starts laughing in a jokey way, which I didn't mind, to me it showed that he's gotten more used to my creativity and has acknowledged me for it. That night I was in high spirits about my situation and I decided "To hell with it! I'm not hiding it from anybody, anymore!". So I posted a full length picture of me (which you will see at the bottom of this post) up on Facebook for the world and his mate to see. Straight away I was getting lots and lots of positive feedback with alot of my friends saying how proud of me they are for being so open and comfortable about it and that yea it's a shock but they're proud and accepting none the less, alot of these are also male friends saying this by the way! I was feeling so incredibly happy and on a high! Now you should also know that due to happenings around a month before this, I deleted my dad and his fiance off of my facebook friends list so they could no longer see my posts. I walked into the living room and I asked my dad if he got the picture I sent to him (i'd sent him another random picture not in any way related to the one I posted on FB). He looked at me and said "I'm more concerned about the picture you've put on FB". I looked at him with a confused face and said "Why? :S" to which he simply replied "Oh fuck off, it's fucking disgusting". The moment those words came out of his mouth I just forgot everything I was doing and decided that this is it, i'm leaving the house. So I grabbed my 2 suitcases, packed them absolutely crammed full with everything I could, and I stuffed literally everything I own into my tiny little 2 door coupe and made the 10 hour drive all the way from my house in Melbourne to my Girlfriend's place in Sydney (this was at around 11.30pm at night, i'd been up since 6am and worked until 5pm that day also). I was such a mess, I was in tears that this could have even happened, I went from everybody around me being so kind and accepting and proud of me for who I was, to one of the closest people to me telling me i'm disgusting and completely hating me for who I am. All this happening just day's away from my 22nd Birthday too. I arrived in Sydney on the morning of Wednesday 4th July at my Girlfriend's place. Booked the hotel that I always stay in (her mother didn't even know about what I wear and still didn't let me stay at their house for some BS reason) and spent the rest of the week and weekend there, 'celebrating' my birthday on the Sunday there with her and her family. My Girl actually bought me a gorgeous pair of pink high heels for my birthday but unfortunately they didn't fit so she exchanged them for a pair of black glittery peep toes which she still has and i'll get them off her when I see her next . I received a text during those few days from my dad apologising for everything and asking me to go back when I was ready. I decided that i'd go back on the Monday, not because I was ready, but because I knew I'd run out of money sometime and would eventually have to go back, so I brought my Girlfriend back with me and we spent the week together down here in Melbourne. Once back in Melbourne, absolutely nothing was said about what happened between either me and my dad or his fiance. Needless to say the tension in the house was sky high but nobody was game enough to say anything :/ My girlfriend flew home to Sydney last Sunday, and it was only last night that me and my dad finally had a talk about what happened. He said that he still disagreed with me for putting it on facebook, but I simply told him that it wasn't his choice to make, it's mine. I also made a point that telling people individually would make it more of an issue than it really needs to be. I asked him who it was that informed him of me putting the picture up but he would not say, and I asked him if that person also showed him the comments people were leaving and he said that they didn't. So I showed him a few of the comments that people he knows had left, all of them along the lines of "Well done! Fair play! Good on you!" etc.. all he said was "oh okay". I told him that I really couldn't care less what anybody thinks of me, but that I care what he thinks and I ended up in tears again! (what a wuss! ) but it was good, we ended up hugging it out The tension has now lessened in the house a whole lot after we had that talk last night about it, I think he thinks it's all gone and sorted now, but I can't help still feel a little uneasy, I guess in time i'll get over that though. My dad also said that there is 1 good thing that's come out of this and that it's good that everybody now knows, so he won't be questioned about it for much longer as time goes on, that was the main thing he hated was people asking him about it and he didn't know what to say, but i'd told him time and time again to just be straight with them and even just tell them to come directly to me! but people are snoops and bitches and won't come directly to the source when it's a subject like this I guess... Anyway that's been my life in heels up until today! Hope everybody else is doing well! To conclude my feelings on this all, I guess all I can say is that IF you are considering being open about who you are and what you wear, make sure you're prepared to go on an emotional roller-coaster and possibly even lose the people you least expect to lose over those you would usually assume would be the ones to say goodbye! Thanks for reading, Heelguy Dress - Cooper St Shoes - Tony Bianco
  11. So there's been a huge change in my life and heels. I am now completely open about it with anyone and everyone, it's there for everybody to see and it feels amazing! read my post about it here in the "heels and parents" thread: http://www.hhplace.org/topic/19614-heels-and-parents/page__st__20#entry291973
  12. Well just an update on my previous post in this thread. I was chatting with my dad the other day and he came out with "I know you have your issues, but I still love you" to which I replied... "I don't have issues, YOU have issues with me" I've taken a massive stand in sticking 1 big finger up to everyone who doesn't like me for who I am, and i'm opening my arms up wide to everybody who does! After a complete admission openly on Facebook about who I am, I have had many people message me saying how inspiring they think I am and how proud of me they are. And so far, nobody has said a bad thing to me about it Seriously guys come on, be yourselves! stop caring about others and live your life the way makes you happy! Also if you want acceptance in your heels then you're going to have to show people you don't care what they think of you in them!
  13. they're pretty average....
  14. Here's a pic of my car for anybody interested It's only a 2000 Mitsubishi CE Lancer Coupe I've modified a little bit
  15. How dare you say CL shoes are overrated and over priced?!?!?!?! They are heaven!
  16. Steve, although my father knows about the way I like to dress, he hasn't even actually yet seen me wearing any of it. He just requested that I stop my facebook activity to do with it, and said people were questioning him about it. When I asked who it was that was questioning him that he wasn't comfortable with answering, he mentioned 2 people that I already know FOR A FACT that they know all about me, because they've been straight up told by his fiance and by me personally and have known for quite a while now. So he was basically saying that he feels embarrassed when he see's me liking stuff on there. I solved that problem for him by deleting him as one of my friends I'm pretty much at the stage now where i'm saying "okay, this is me, have your laughs, have your jokes, have your chats and conversations, but if you really can't handle it, see you later! This is me " Telling my parents I think definitely helped me get to this stage instead of hiding my personality away like a dirty secret
  17. What an absolutely pointless topic. Were you just typing out loud?
  18. My parents both know, my mother is accepting of it and so is her husband and both applaud me for being true to myself and others. My father on the other hand although says he still accepts me for it, I feel that he is embarrassed that he has a son who wears girls shoes and clothes. That's my situation!
  19. my name is not comfy loafer, it's heelguy... "newbie"
  20. I guess i'm lucky that im not in that larger size category, i would cry if i wasn't able to buy off the shelf! Soo much more variety and choice!
  21. Absolutely disgusting. Bravo to Allyson for keeping her cool! if it was me there is no way I could've sat there and let somebody diagnose me with having a mental disorder for not feeling right in my body. This is the exact kind of redneck-hillbilly mentality that keeps other countries believing that the majority of Americans are fat, stupid hicks still living in the stone age.
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  23. I'm still desperate for a pair of these shoes! I wouldn't even consider knock-off's. Personally I can tell the difference straight away. CL's are absolutely perfect!
  24. try reading his thread about it....
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    To me, the topic of you wearing high heels is far out-weighed by this statement. What the hell is your gf doing going through your phone while you are sleeping? Does she have major trust issues?
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