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  2. Well done on those outfits! I think the first one is best. Personally I find that high heels are always best with more tailored outfits - or more fitted and fluted styles - and for me that means a fitter top half to make the body look lean - and also always fitted from the knee down to accentuate the shoe... Mind you it depends on why you are wearing high heels - I love how they make me feel confident and I prefer the posture and I find the comfortable so its a win win. I am happy to show my heels and am no longer bothered about my heels being obvious etc - I was nervous once upon a time but now its empowering, not nerve racking to wear high heels. I also love that you're interested in colour - because thats the point of neat shoe choices - wearing red is a bold colour choice - and the nude you chose is also an excellent practical shoe. Your choice of pumps are in my opinion the most versatile of shoes as the can work with anything from jeans to shorts, skirts and dresses. It all works with a pump. Anyway - I wish you good fortune and enjoy your heels! NZFreestyler aka Craig
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  4. Well, I hope you enjoy your outings, and feel comfortable and confident that you look great...
  5. Thanks for your response and kind words. I still don't go out very often. It's very daunting. The handful of times I have been out nobody has said a word to me, and that's how I like it. My goal is to fit in, not stand out. Although compliments are nice I don't really like the attention.
  6. Bought these inexpensive Zodiac booties off ebay, size 10. I really like the look of the heel and color, even though the toes are more rounded than I prefer. I bought these partially because the short shafts fit in my bag easier, but also to wear instead of my stiletto boots that are getting torn up on rough surfaces/roads/sidewalks. While these booties look good, they are really not designed very well in terms of walkability....I realize that Zodiac is probably a lower cost product, but I wish they the heels/soles were designed a bit better for ease of walking. The underslung heels tend to buckle a bit making me feel a bit uneasy, perhaps losing a few pounds might help! These booties seem to be more for "show" than "go", but I didn't pay much for them so can't complain.
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    G by Guess has been pushing these styles over the last few years. I have two different pairs, neither of which we have posted. Maybe I'll get a picture for you. I'd have to think they will have a new style out this year too. They seem to sell well as they run out toward Christmas.
  8. Your outfits are a homerun for sure buddy....The first outfit is my favorite, love the way the simple v neck t shirt shows off your long lean physique, as do the jeans...I like the jacket in the last photo also. I've got to agree with you about Sam Edelman shoes/boots, I love the classic design along with the well engineered soles/heels that you can actually comfortably walk in for distances. Those heels look a bit higher than 3.75" inches though. My Sam Edelman Olencia boots have the same classic design, quality leather, and well engineered heels/soles. My boots are so easy to walk in, I'm just trying not to wear out the stiletto heels. I keep looking for another pair in black leather, but seem to only be able to find suede. Will keep looking and snap them up when I finally find another pair. These boots were a bargain at $125.00.... You look great, and I like your theme of combining clothing from the men's side with classic pumps, really looks great. It is obvious you have worked hard to maintain your long lean physique, enjoy the benefits of your efforts. You must get many compliments....
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  10. Anyone have Mudd or Candies Heels?
  11. Like I've mentioned in previous posts of mine, I've always struggled with finding good casual outfits to wear my heels with. A nice pair of leather pumps have the tendency to scream "formal" or "dressy". It's not particularly challenging to dress down pumps, but I'm very particular about how I want my entire silhouette to look. I'm also very particular about wanting the majority of my clothes to come from the men's department. I've kind of made it my hobby to find stylish and casual outfits that not only look good, but also come mostly from the men's department. There's still a stigma that men's clothes are boring and that you have to venture outside the men's department to find stylish clothes that compliment your high heels. Even though I find this statement to be mostly true, you can find nice clothes if you look hard enough. Please don't misinterpret this as me thinking that men should only wear "men's clothes", that's far from the truth. I'm not comfortable in women's clothes, my body proportions don't fit into them in a way that makes me feel like the clothes actually fit me. Anyway, I hope that the pictures I've been sharing demonstrate that all hope isn't lost when it comes to men's clothes. On to today's outfit. I took four different pictures to show that each layer can have its own look, and that you can layer up or down to add complexity or simplicity. I've added the brand/title you can search on Amazon to find the exact item: The Jacket: (Chouyatou Men's Casual Long Sleeve Full Zip Jacket with Shoulder Straps) Just a generic black bomber jacket I found on amazon for around $40. It's a Chinese brand I believe, but the quality was actually really good. I think it looks stylish and it has enough thickness to keep me warm during the upcoming fall months. I also really love the lining, it adds an extra little bit of detail that can be a lot of fun. The Shirt: (NankeyStar Ripped Denim Shirt for Men Short Sleeve Button Down Plaid Shirt Slim Fit) This is just a simple plaid short sleeve button up shirt. It's made of denim. It's a little too distressed for my taste, but in the end I love the way it looks and it's cut nearly perfect for my body type. You can layer different color shirts underneath to get a little pop of color through the holes on the shoulder. I even think it would be kinda fun to find some interesting patches to sew on to add a little punk rock flair to it. It's a really simple shirt with lots of potential. The Undershirt: Not much to say about this. Just a plain black v-neck t-shirt. The brand is Gildan. I prefer a v-neck to a crew neck. Not for any reason, I just like the lines of the "V". The Jeans: (Bullhead Dillon Skinny Jeans) These jeans are probably going to be impossible to find anymore. I bought them from PacSun about 6 years ago. I just checked their website and I'm not sure they even carry them anymore. Not a big deal though since men's skinny jeans are available from nearly every major clothing brand you can think of. H&M sells some really great jeans in various levels of tightness. All the way from the "spray painted on" look of super skinny jeans to a more relaxed skinny jean, they're all easy to find. The Shoes: (Sam Edelman Hazel in Spiced Mahogany Size 11) I cannot say how much I love these shoes. They're the most comfortable pumps I have ever worn. Pumps are notorious for being uncomfortable, but I think I could probably wear these shoes for an entire day and not be limping by the end of it. There's really no point of friction where blisters will happen and the leather is extremely soft. These shoes fit perfectly right out of the box. Another thing I appreciate about Sam Edelman is that they're a mainstream designer with shoe sizes all the way up to size 14 and they offer narrow and wide width shoes! This is literally the perfect pump. The only gripe I have is that they're going to set you back about $120. If you're in the market for a really nice pump you absolutely have to give these shoes a try. These shoes also come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. I bought mine from Zappos. For me the 3 3/4 inch heel is the perfect height. If you prefer something a little bit higher Sam Edelman also has the "Danna Pump". It's basically the same concept as the Hazel Pump but with a 4 1/4 inch heel. Looking on Zappos these only go up to a size 11. I think the Hazel Pump is the bread and butter of their shoe line though. Anyway, I'm really proud of this outfit. If you guys are enjoying these posts I'll keep experimenting with different styles and outfits and share them. My quest for casual is finally yielding some great results I think. When someone sees me in public and does a double take, as they inevitably will, I don't want them to think "oh look there's a guy in high heels!" I want them to think "Wow! I had no idea heels could look so normal on a guy!" Sorry I cropped out my face. My hair was kind of a mess...
  12. This was not the style of boot I was fascinated. These were taller and formed to the leg. The ones I remember were mid calf with a fit similar to a cowboy boot. Similar to below but with a bit higher heel.
  13. Just tried this on in phase 8 and although i don’t usually do dresses, i am quite tempted, thought it might go pretty well with the afore mentioned boots, just need to find a pair of them now
  14. I know its only a moment but it speaks volumes... there is a great advertisement piece currently playing here in Australia. Tara Moss is driving a long straight road, the male voice over talking about matters of a classic car. When Tara has her say about all the fuss, she then puts her foot down. A sensational woman, making a point, in heels. Volumes ! *** please note: I do not endorse the product or driving in heels, however I can not endorse the idea of not endorsing it. Dilemmas. *** search... tara moss mustang commercial
  15. I dated a girl some years ago who had these boots by Calvin Klein called Riana. The front of the shaft was a smooth leather and the back was textured. They weren’t the highest of heels but to me they were wonderful. She happened to be the same size as me, and there were quite a few times that I would secretly try them on when she wasn’t around. I’d still love to have a pair to this day.
  16. I just like these three pictures. No other reason. Sort of shows a bit of enjoying ones time ! js
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    No sorries!!!! All good. Order on line and pick up in the store. I will do that with the same boots in black as they did not have an 11 in stock in the store
  18. That’s half tempting, just for old time’s sake... I suspect price was low and quality average on the originals way back when, when my red haired friend was wearing hers to school
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