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  3. It might be time to learn how to do your own nails.
  4. Hope the laser treatment works for you. I've read a lot about it and it seems like it's still not foolproof. And the continued aftercare sounds tedious as well. I was going to try the laser treatments before my other health issues popped up. Now it seems kind of senseless for me.
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  6. Hey, I've been away a while, from this site, and from LA. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in early March, so I came to St. Louis to care for her. Unfortunately, she passed away May 5th, and I am still in StL managing her estate and selling off her property. I miss my shoes, I miss my friends, and I miss normalcy. It seems, especially after last week in Minneapolis, that 2020 is truly a cursed year, and as things fell apart here at home, they fell apart out there with commensurate rapidity. Currently taking care of business, and I have family to help me through this, but just thought I'd say that I miss you all, and I can't wait for peace.
  7. I just did a 8 week laser program on a few nails that killed my fungus, I'm just waiting for the nails to grow out. I couldn't take the smell of the tea tree method and didn't want to take a drug internally either. Gel nail polish is stronger than the regular nail polish and will last for weeks. Regular nail polish chips too frequently and needs to be fixed or changed more frequently. I work with my hands and they are always on display, so using regular nail polish would be very time consuming; beside there is already a gel polish layer over my acrylics as part of the acrylic process.
  8. Thanks Jeff, hope you stay safe too. So sad to see the burning of center city Philly. My heart truly goes out to all who suffered needless injuries, small business owners who watched their property get destroyed without justice. And to think just last week the world was debating whether it's safe to get a cup of coffee in public. How quickly things accelerate....
  9. Height is out of my range, but they look nice! With stores finally open, I was able to pick these up Friday. Apple by b.o.c., size 11, 4" wedge heel. Got them on sale at DSW for $19.99. I've never really been a big wedge fan, but I tried these on last fall and liked the way the felt and walked in the store. Nicely padded in the ball of foot which helps with my medication related foot issues. Didn't buy them at the time as they wanted $50 and it was going into winter with no real chance to wear them. Looked again back in February but they were still $40 then and still being winter, again, I wouldn't be able to wear them. Took the chance that they might still be on the sale rack, but then the lockdown came along. Had looked online and saw price was down but I couldn't do a store pickup, which I needed to do, so I let them slide again. Finally, store open, lucky to still find them on the sale rack in my size, and at the right price! Wore them for a while Saturday. Will need to get the front straps to loosen up a bit but seemed pretty comfortable, though the heel height feels higher than I remembered in the store. This is the shoe, but mine are brown.
  10. I'm with you sir! I could see typical nail polish removed with a simple wipe off with polish remover such as my wife does. But once you get into tools and chemical wraps you lose me... Of course for me, toe wise, I could not do any kind of polish as I contracted that damn nail fungus crap about 25 years ago.
  11. Was out ealier in the sun, with my Aldo handbag ,skinny jeans and the ted bakers sandals in the pic. Just before i arrived home i was caught by one of my female neghbours and been showing my toes public for the last few days. Cant wait to get them done professionally and a manicure too. I was ,"caught" by one of the security guys on my estate in skirt , fishnet tights and flats 2 days ago in the evening lol, after a brief outing to the shops which was a first in a skirt. I have carefully tried to avoid my neighbours and other people on my estate for the last 2 month I've been wearing female footwear, but im caring less and less now. But still a little carefull though. My outings are mostly daytime now, I'm hooked and enjoying pushing the boundaries more than ever. For me its about the general experience and I'm now more patient about heels before they are a regular part of my outings.
  12. I suspect that NYC opening back up probably took a major league hit after yesterday's madness. The Philadelphia region was scheduled to come out of lockdown on June 5th, but downtown literally went to hell last night, so who knows what might happen in terms of new cases spiking. Stay safe!
  13. Fair question, no worries. I had a long-running issue with ingrown nails on both big toes. The podiatrist who dealt with the issue told me that I would loose the toenail on that foot, and sure enough... Incidentally, that same podiatrist, a middle-aged woman, offered the notion that men were getting color on nails, particularly feet. I was already getting manis and pedis (nail issues sort of run in the family) and on my next visit I asked her, she replied enthusiastically, and my “new fashion” was off and running.
  14. awesome adventure in these super sexy shoes! i'm still at the address and leaving soon. when i get back to my own city i'll share what i can about some weekend amusements!
  15. my new sandals, the girliest ... until the next
  16. New heels coming from shoefreaks. Of course they are my favorite style....high and platforms, and a little on the edgy side lol. And will make my legs look miles long.:happy:


    1. heellover00


      Can't wait to see you wear them.:happy:

    2. bailey


      I will make sure I post them as soon as I get them. Supposed to be delivered Wednesday...can't wait!:clap:

  17. Ain't none of my business, of course, but the one thing I don't quite understand is why you have an artificial toenail in the first place. Do you have damage to your natural nail in the same way that Cali has damage to a couple of his fingernails?
  18. so beautiful, powerful, and alluring
  19. Nice boots, but be careful with those stilettos and the gaps in the deck.
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