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  1. I wear heels and my wife has been dating me for many years !!!!! sf
  2. Your comments brought back some memories. Way back in 1996, I visited Argentina for 5 weeks on business. It was that trip that, for lack of a better term, got me "hooked" on high heels. In Buenos Aires and the rest of the country there were women all over wearing really stylish and beautiful heels - mostly sandals. The women I was traveling with took note of the local gals heels and were always making comments about the shoes and heels that the Argentine women were wearing. Some of the gals I was with even bought shoes and showed them off to the rest of the group. I don't know it it was the "grass is greener" syndrome, but I really had not noticed high heels - particularly sandals - that much here in the United States. When I returned to the U. S. I was out shoe shopping one day - for flats, as usual - when I came upon a nice looking pair of thong heels in my size. I tried them on, they fit, felt and looked really nice. I bought them, and that began my heeling "life." Fortunately the wife was OK with me heels, I have since worn heeled sandals often and now have quite a collection. I blame it all on Argentina - ha ha..... Thanks for the memory..... Take care.... sf
  3. Cool video..... I made my comments..... sf
  4. I am always aware of my surroundings, all the time. Doesn't matter if I am in heels or not. 99.9% of the folks out there are really nice, it's the few fools that ya have to keep an eye out for. Sad but very true. Be safe, have fun.... sf
  5. Yes, my avatar is me, and it is time for a new picture. These sandals are from Payless, I have had then for a few years. The are a simple slip on slide, size 11, with a 2 1/2 inch heel. They are quite comfortable and easy to wear. Good for slipping on when going out to run errands. Here are a few higher res pics.... Happy New Year all.... sf
  6. Bambam.... I don't live in LA but I get there a lot, I have family there. I wear heels in the LA area quite often when shopping, dining and just running around. You just have to get out and do it. Enjoy yourself and have fun.... sf
  7. Mlroseplant..... Uhhhh, leme try - the high heels??? Nice looking shoes, but way to high for me. Cool that you can wear them.... Take care, Merry Christmas to you and your family..... sf
  8. I am nearby and interested if I can make it work, busy time of year for me. Would be fun to meet with some other guys who also are "into" heeling. Send me a PM and maybe we can get something set up. Merry Christmas... sf
  9. A very attractive, classy, intelligent lady..... FOX is the best.....
  10. OK Happy, you threw down the gauntlet - ha ha, so here goes. Some color. You are correct, the polish thing is more better. I started out years ago with clear coats and have slowly worked up to more obvious colors. Polished nails do look nice, plus if you (me) are going to wear sandals, you feet should look nice. Take care all... sf And... here's a pic with some color !!!!
  11. I wouldn't wear the anklet you pictured from the web, to "fancy" a style for me. I do wear "simple" chain anklets (and toe rings) regularly. Anklets look very stylish - ha ha, if I were a gal I would have written "feminine." I really enjoy my anklets and toe rings. Here is a picture of "me" wearing "my" anklet, in heels of course. Have fun all... sf
  12. I enjoy wearing gals shoes.... Depending on the situation, event, where I am going, etc., determines what style shoe and how high a heel I will be wearing. Since I am on the tall side already, I don't go for heels much higher that 3 inches, most all my shoes / sandals are less than that. In fact I just bought for myself (and early Christmas present - I've been good) a pair of ankle strap sandals from Nine West with a 2 inch "kitten" heel. Can't wait to get out in them, they really look stylish - pic attached. I do enjoy the look and feel and confident feeling when wearing heels, but sometimes lower or a flat shoe is appropriate - but still a woman's style. Gals shoes just look nicer. Take care all.... sf
  13. no, please..... not flats.... ha ha... take care all.... sf
  14. good riddance... the old murdering commie, may he burn in hell with his pal che.....
  15. Here's a link, from Salt Lake City USA - The Crossroads of the West - The Mormon Tabernacle Orchestra performing. Quite nice... www.youtube.com:watch?v=G-MVReDrRwo.webloc