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  1. The problem I see is in the last. The slope from the heel to the soles will not support anything and in a normal heel that portion is not flexible for a reason.
  2. Always wear personal protection when working with a stripper.
  3. Your confidence seems to be growing.
  4. Like the boots but please tell me you took the sticker off the soles, nothing worse than shoes worn with labels still in place. It's a sign of laziness.
  5. My white sidewalk. Actually nice in North Carolina now.
  6. Just had a nice little comment from a young female clerk at the local grocery store on the shoes pictured. She said "your walking around in heels even I can't walk in". I told it's because I like them. She had a very warm smile on her face. Just prior at a gas station several Latino men in a van took in the image in a different manner, but they kept their comments to themselves, I just smiled back at them. A span of 15 minutes, two polar opposite reactions, but that's OK because I enjoy myself in my heels.
  7. Great shoes and look. Can't agree more as I always wear heels while in otherwise "male" mode.
  8. Man those look comfortable. I have to admit I prefer my heels well broken in and I'm sure you have no issues with pinched toes in these anymore. Are the heels still sturdy?
  9. Join the club. Many times to concerts in heels. So many people makes individuals like us vanish in the wash.
  10. Good advice except nearly impossible for novices to follow. I'm sure most of if not all of us were apprehensive early on. Good luck, only time and experience will get you to the, I didn't even know I had heels on stage.
  11. Great shot, weather looks nice if not a bit windy. Also, hope your not too casual for heels as seem to usuallybe.
  12. The rise seems low making them comfortable. What's the thickness of the platform? They have the appearance of 4" heels with no platform in my size 11 which are easy all day heels.
  13. Two things. The majority of the people who did vote for him actually voted against the status quo in Washington. He is really not a Republican but rather a true outsider. He has a lot of liberal views, but for the most part he is all about himself. 2nd, he did lose the popular vote so people didn't suddenly change. I agree some more vocal people. Over Halloween I was at a party with my wife in very aggressive two toned black and white spectator heels. Most of the people there were big trump supporters and very vocal about him turning Washington upside down, yet all saw my heels and none cared less. I voted for her, and she's the worst person I have ever voted for, but she wasn't him. All said, don't worry about your shoes, people really don't care.
  14. The boots are pretty worn and typical casual for me. I wear heels in a general non formal way. No different than women in jeans either.
  15. 32 years