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  1. Honestly nearly 30% would is a pretty good number. Of the 70% that wouldn't I'll bet a large portion of them don't wear heels either except when the occasion dictates it.
  2. Her "unisex" is a one way street. Men's wear for women. Where are the guys in heels or femme skirts?
  3. Love the black stilettos, don't look too new though, very nice.
  4. Like the shoes on top, not so much the wedge sneaker like things.
  5. Shame that you can't yet walk in them. What is the size if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Is it me or is there really nothing attractive about these images.
  7. It's a tough situation but consider your real odds of actually finding yourself in such a situation. Your odds of being hit by a bus are higher than being killed by a terrorist. In the case of ft.Lauderdale there was no terrorism. As mentioned above the real goal of terrorism is to strike fear (terror) into the masses making the targeted society alter its normal ways. Next time, wear your boots or ankle straps with confidence, otherwise you already lost.
  8. So true, embrace it now. Life is short and you have the heel virus. It does not go away.
  9. Sounds like she's into I little link. You may have discovered a side of her you didn't know was there. If you enjoy the submissive roll you may be in for some more treats. Your shoes made become more provocative over time too.
  10. Funny. Of course the shoes were to small for him and he's a beginner having no experience. I always get a bit of a laugh that women think they are doing something special and difficult in wearing heels only to be reinforced by inexperienced guys trying on heels that don't fit. In reality guys, if anything once accustomed to heels, are actually better at wearing them because we have stronger muscles. There are plenty of women with great muscles but on average men are generally more athletic simply because how the two sexes are raised.
  11. Welcome, your album is fantastic. Over time your inhibition about wearing them will drop.
  12. Me too, full but trimmed beard and heels. I don't crossdress so I don't see mutual exclusion for my desire and wearing of heels.
  13. Even Amanda has to admit few women have legs as nice as you. I wear my stilettos publicly often and more than not i know i walk better than most women I've seen. If men finally adopt heels in mass like women all of 5% of us would actually wear them, about the same percentage as women based on the 5 different regions of the US I have lived in. Heels are not mainstream for either sex.
  14. Very nice. I almost always find single soles easier to walk in and far better to look at.