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  1. I was in Buenos Aires recently for a few days.There were a lot of women wearing very chunky platform sandals, often with minimal rise at the heel (flatforms) though with some up to 5" heel. 2" platforms were commonplace with some up to 3". Shoe shops were full of similar footwear. Very few stilettos or other more elegant high heels except for the dancers at a tango show. Since the temperature was 25 to 30 degrees celsius, sometimes even higher and mostly very humid, it's hardly surprising there were no boots to be seen. Didn't see any men in heels except for some 2" heel cowboy style footwear in a tango show.
  2. Assuming you paid by credit card and the transaction is within the EU (which is appears to be, even though the compnay itself is in China) the card company is jointly and severally liable, hence you can get a refund from them. Technically this is only valid for purchases over £100 but in practice the card companies will often pay up for smaller amounts. As will banks for debit cards: If you paid by Paypal their dispute procedure should cover you. If you paid by bank transfer or Western Union then tough. The alarm bells should have rung very loudly. They were ringing pretty loudly anyway, the place is obviously a fraud as I noted in an earlier post.
  3. Absolutely the right thng to use on suede. Both footwear and clothing. I have one a bit like this: Readily available, Here's a UK example: Plenty more if you google brass suede brush.
  4. I think somebody has failed to spot the joke. We'll even include some tea in the deal
  5. This reminds me of the Gog-Magog Mountain Rescue Society which a friend told me existed man years ago. For those unaware of the joke, the Gog-Magog hills are a range of VERY low (under 300 feet) hills near Cambridge, England which is in a very flat part of the country. I suspect it was a Cambridge University drinking society.
  6. Since Dutch men and women are some of the tallest on the planet (on average) perhaps they also have bigger feet than average. Hence the abundance of women's shoes in larger sizes.
  7. The ones I tried and regret not buying... Knee high 5" heel lace up boots from Little Shoe Box when they were still in business. At the time, many years ago, they were the highest heels I had ever tried. I could stand in them without falling over and took a few steps. I tried them on in LSB's Holloway Road shop and dithered. Some platform ankle boots from Terry de Havilland when he had a shop in Covent Garden. They were lovely and fitted perfectly but again I dithered. I would love these Louboutins but unlikely to be available in UK9/EU43 and would be an extortionate price even if they were. In my eyes these are perfection in the bootmaker's craft. Seamless upper and back zip.
  8. As I commented on a previous thread, there's something a bit odd about this website. Despite domain name there's some evidence that the company is actually in China. Look at the CN that appears in the registration details here: If you look at their shiiping and tracking page, it suggests they aren't in the UK. if you decide to order from them please let us know how you get on.
  9. They're a bit coy about who they are and where they are. The Distance Selling Regulations require businesses to give their address and other contact details. I wonder if they really are in the UK. WHOIS search on the domain gives: jaffari hussain Registrant type: Unknown 36 springwell rd, hounslow, middlesex tw5 9ej
  10. Rather pessimistic article about heels from the BBC website:
  11. @ET88 Judging by the smiley in his post (and having met him in person) I'm sure Puffer was joking about 355mm.
  12. The UK footwear industry was traditionally centred around the Midlands town of Northampton. The firm that switched from traditional footwear to kinky boots was in that town. There is now very little footwear made there.There is a museum. Here's a bit of trivia about the movie "Kinky Boots":
  13. I saw the original documentary a few years ago on TV. Haven't seen the movie. Plan to see the musical in London sometime. Discount tickets seem to be available from TKTS on most days.
  14. So was I:-) Apart from my last statement which is just a self evident truth.
  15. There's a minor problem in Syria. And I've heard there's an election due across The Pond. Drumpf in heels would not be a pretty sight.