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  2. Jeff i agree with you and completely understand. You say, 1 hour to get things prepared? If you have more to choose from may take longer as with me. Finally picking outfit that works sometimes is exhausting. Often with me i find i need to buy more only finding the other stuff is too boring or dated. Sometimes when i choose the right outfit i get bored of it after short few minutes wearing it. Usually that happens when i choose colours that are subtle understated. Before i was loud even clowness appearing wanting the obvious attention that my clothes made. Now i got to be little subtle yet feel restless in them feeling i'm invisible amongst everyone.
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  4. Your so right..Lol. No seriously, went to outlet store today found some suede Sam Edelman pump stilettos like these. Yes to my amazement a size 12 US which has to fit me, i was about to grab them only to back off, saying to myself those heels ain't high enough. Something about these heels or height i see some women wear doesn't do it for me. Maybe W6ish does know higher heels looks better, i don't know if your 7.5" platform your video shows are for me but i understand wearing them better now. This would be more like my style CL.. Do know W6ish might like these Daffodile better might be to high for me though. For $150 quite a bargain.
  5. Well said JeffB. I too take a lot of prep time to plan what I'm going to wear out and if I don't like what I see in the mirror, I change it out. I want to look my very best too. I do get the compliments on my appearance, from the ladies and that encourages me even more to carefully plan what I going to wear out. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  6. Jeff, i agree with you 100 percent. Even if you ask my girlfriend she will say when it comes to the clothes and the shoes I am "more of a chick then she is ". The outfit needs to be well put together so you get a compliment and not a laugh. She says she I get dressed I have a smile and a look on my face that only happens when I'm dressed up in a pair of heels and a skirt. I tell her no that's not true but I will admit her that I know it is!!! I think I look better in a skirt then a pair of men's dress pants. Just my opinion.
  7. Well said! I agree with many of your sentiments. My prep time as definitely increased over the years. Like you, I started out with just the shoes. But now I defenitely present more complete images when i go out.
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  9. Changed into boots when I got of the train then called into the supermarket on the way home. Did some grocery shopping. The heel noise inside the shop made a lovely noise.
  10. we had some beautifully mild and sunny weather over the weekend in Toronto, Canada. i went for a long walk and sat in the park, soaking in the the blaze of sunshine, and even though we are a very long way from the summer months, i closed my eyes and imagined these legs of mine: imagined them tanned and ready for those double buckle beauties i'm wearing here or any of my other super high heels. please be an early spring!!!
  11. I may be interested in some of the US 10, can you provide which ones in the pictures are?
  12. Cadibarrawirracanna
  13. Love these, and they do them in my size!. Better get saving!!!
  14. Back in the old days when all I wore were the shoes, in the beginning, it didn't much matter what I wore, I won't deny that. However, as I began integrating women's clothes into the equation, beginning with skirts, then tops, then hosiery, and finally dresses, it occurred to me early on that it was important for me to look my very best if I was going to wear women's clothes in public as a man, and that meant doing prep work before each and every outing I undertake. Because of the incredible (some might say mindblowing) variety when it comes to women's clothes, it was crucial for me to take as much time as I needed to properly pair tops, skirts, hosiery, shoes, outerwear, even handbags in order to assemble just the right outfit for a jaunt. And I take that prep time SERIOUSLY as it's not uncommon for me to spend upwards of an hour or more putting together an outfit, taking into account the surroundings I'll be in for the day, plus the season and the weather on a given day, to that end, I have separate tops and skirts for both spring/summer and fall/winter. I take all those factors into consideration when I select what I wear, because appearance is EVERYTHING to me because I don't want to be seen as a freak show because I'm a man wearing women's clothes in public AS A MAN. And I'm not afraid to say I'm rather anal, if not obsessed with presenting the best possible image for my outings. If I don't like what I see in the mirror, I don't leave the house. Period. Full stop. End of story. Some might think that makes prep time a bore. Far from it, that time is fun for me because I get to wear women's clothes which I absolutely LOVE. When I stare at myself in the mirror when garbed in a nice top, a sharp skirt and a pair of heels, I can't help but smile because of how good I look. On occasion, I lose track of time while trying on clothes, but I see that as time well spent since I'm working towards my goal of putting together an ensemble I like for an outing, and like I said, appearance is vital to me, especially when I'm accepted, even complimented for my public presentation by the populace. Here's something else when it comes to the topic of prep time, I often find myself thinking about the next outfit to wear while driving home from an outing I had been on, putting the wheels in motion in advance. Prep time is valuable to me, and for anyone who follows in my footsteps as a fashion freestyler, it should matter a lot to you as well.
  15. Hmm! Good question!
  16. Hmm! It's kinda funny that even though I wear skirts full time on my outings, I still have a wee bit of a hangup about wearing pink. I find that rather funny. And yes, TBG! I will see about breaking out the thigh boots for a future outing.
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