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  2. I started from 95 kg, and changed only two things : no sugar in my coffee (at 5 per day it made a difference) and no snacks in the evening when I clear the table and kitchen after the kid is leeping (the hardest). Unfortunately during this period I was hardly able to have a physical activity (working at a desk 9:00 to 20:00, no stairs, no public transport, only reachable by car) and ankle problem. The result is I lost fat, a lot of muscle, Now at 79 kg, the love handles are the only thing that did not disappear. Forget about them.
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  4. Some small heels today!
  5. Second week. Another 1 kg lost, waist reduced by yet another 2 cm. Many gives up after 3 weeks. I wont do that. @Micce thats a impressing journey you have done. Kudos!!!
  6. Awesome boots !!!
  7. I met my postman at his truck and he gave me a big box that contained two pair of boots! Both pair were from and were shipped for free. They are both Chelsea Moreland "Gorgeous" OTK boots size 12 with a 4" block heel for about $30, one pair in gray and the other in red. I'm going to have to really give some thought into how to wear the red pair as they are "attention getters". I'll probably pair them with my new red leather short jacket. The go with the taupe pair I purchased a few weeks ago.
  8. I wear heels and my wife has been dating me for many years !!!!! sf
  9. Great looking boots. Good luck in your search.
  10. This is another nice pair I found and would be happy to have one day:
  11. Nice look Henri1942. BTW,you have nice looking legs too! Thanks for the pics. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  12. Thank you so much for the suggestion. Lovely boots indeed, although not quite what I'm after at the moment. Appears to be mostly thigh boots, and I will keep them in mind for my next OTK purchase. Thanks!
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